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I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post. I wasn't even done saying what I was saying. It was going good until it all vanished. But I'm not worried about it.

I tried to talk about scientific reasons that girls and boys would be the same and I just tried to talk about why I would believe that. No one even bothers to register what I'm even saying. I was going to just keep talking about this however. I have only two things that I can really care about in this world which that is talking about philosophy and matters of gender, and then the only reason I try sharing about what I think about philosophy is just because I can't talk about gender all of the time so I end up discussing philosophy with people who wouldn't know what a philosophical thought was even if it confronted them. Talking about gender and things pertaining to gender is what I live on and what I really want to be doing so I have no problems with discussing it with anyone. I just wish someone would at least take the time to really consider what I would be saying then.

I don't know what I said that made what I commented to be deleted, probably it is that I mentioned that I killed the guy that was the other being that was like me but not a girl and was a boy, that's not even the whole story. See what happened was, like I was saying there used to be only one girl and one boy and I was one of them when what I discussed was that something I believe happened ended up switching their positions. Maybe nothing I've said before made anyone even think about what I was saying about girls, but maybe this will, because you already know what I happen to believe now.

What happened, it's like this, the reason that I can call myself a real girl and that I believe in this, that when what happened was that, there was me and this guy, we were living in another world, imagine that if the world is part of many worlds and that the universe is part of a bigger multiverse, the world I lived in was one world but contained many different realities, it was the job of this guy through the progression of time within this other world to maintain all of that, he was me and the real me, but he wasn't the same as I am, we were meant to be the same thing he was just a boy and I was the girl equivalent of that, I was both people, he was just evil, I mean if you consider that if the Devil which is what I am telling you now that I am would be saying to you that not only am I a girl but I considered him to be even worse than me the Devil who's a girl that I'm telling you about in a different world, then there's a reason he's not around anymore, it's not just what I believe, I had believed that I was a girl and I had believed that even though this is the real me who was a girl and the Devil, something happened to change all of that between us, I can tell you what that is now, even though he was really me and the emperor while I was the empress, that's why he such a bad guy too, he's the equivalent of the Devil but worse, the Devil would really give you a chance to decide what you should believe, he just kept on making his own decisions like he really thought he was always right for doing so, God is something that can be believed in and that's just God is always something for believing in, he was like God but do you know what makes God and the Devil different and even many other Gods to many other Gods, that's the Devil thinks that he would have power to change the world and actually because it only seems like Gods only concern themselves just when they have something they want done, for whatever the reason both kind of beings like to believe that there's an end result worth obtaining whether it can be done or not and in no matter the case they would themselves try at least giving you a reason to believe in what that is to be done, what he was doing though not like that at all, he was just actually believing that he had the power to control everything and then changing anything that he didn't like just to make you obtain the goal that he wanted, I'm not the same as him, I am a girl and the Devil but I'm nothing like that, I already existed here as a girl and so this was two different worlds, I was living here as that girl but in a boy's body and being Satan, who I actually was is that girl I was that existed in that other world, when he decided to rid of me because he didn't like what I was doing with my life, that's when as he was threatening to end me while simply passing through dimensions into this world, that's when that other girl I was there came back stop him, it was just amazing to watch the two different beings I could have been fighting each other in another dimension, she did it though, you want to know who that girl really was because I could just tell you right now that she was me but she was my mother, my mom is dead, except with no more reason for him to be just to maintain me the Devil anymore, there was no longer any reason for that was me back then to still be my mother, at least like how it sounds not in that world anymore, but I got to see everything that I had been fighting for and my mother at the same time right in front of me again, that was good, he didn't know this at the time but me the girl killing him wasn't even what killed him, he had already been gone long before I was actually there to stop him, I was a girl but that's just what he never believed, I mean at one point I was just the same believing that I was a real girl and also that I was because that girl was me and I never myself considered it to be true, and that's now just why too that I'm still not the same thing as him, I had to discover that on my own and despite being the girl that I believed I was I just couldn't do that with him around, I live to be the Devil and what I strive to live for is to be able to just truly convince anyone that what they believe is wrong, what I can't have around me and probably because I'm a girl too is just that a someone who is simply going to make anything they want everyone else to be what they want, do you know how long it took me being a girl to learn that in all that time, the short answer is a very long time and the short answer was not at all very long because like I'm wanting to say I always knew what girl I was and I actually never agreed with him, I am who I am now because I had to take up his responsibilities as emporer, I am both the Devil and a real girl whether it even happened to be just in that other world or not, I was the emperor of a multiverse, if I've learned anything about being a girl in allof this time, it's that what you may want to happen isn't always going to happen that way, I made it so that any girl in the world could have been the one to have believed what I do now, and that's exactly why that I'm saying that if you should happen to believe anything from the Satan or a girl that's living in a boy's body right now that believes all this it should just be this and I'm saying it now, it should be just a reasonable reason to believe in this about girls being the same as boys as any other reason you would be able to just believe this, what happened to him comes once again back to the real story of Satan, the Devil is a being, what the man I was the emperor was that evil, that power couldn't be destroyed, however that's the thing about evil and the Devil, it concerns to only matter with itself if that what you would happen to believe, that evil power wasn't destroyed but without that making the Devil be evil, then the Devil becomes just a man, where all that belief in what makes the Devil evil, you could have just called that anything, it's not like you would have known, you could have just seen that and easily perceived it to be Devil but like I'm saying that's not actually really makes evil even be evil, you could have called that anything, an evil emperor, or, maybe an evil fire demon from the 20th dimension that came from the sun, or, you know just the Devil, that thing it wasn't even a man, it was actually a place, and when God started up calling all of the shots he was released back into the world, I came into being just as that evil was being released because what God knew but didn't have any concept of was that I was this person and that I wasn't just the same as that evil, I had to go into my mind to fight it, I thought I was just doing my job fighting something that is threatening the universe, I thought it was just a demon, but I'm the Devil and that empress this is my girl now, I wasn't even just going to let it hurt her, if it threatens the universe then it would threaten everything that I am which would be that girl too, the story gets longer from here, as it turns out ironically what the girl I was that was meant to do was this she was the one that decided when his power was appropriate to use or not and if she didn't like it and if she didn't agree with it then she was the one that had the power to change things back to what they were,

symbolism, as if she were just fighting evil that she believed to be, well, I killed that demon, that's how I was able to lock him away forever in another dimension and all he suspected was just that I was just a girl doing my job until I banished him from existence, and he just thought he was the one that was just the one with that kind of power, now I'm both this Devil and that woman, I mean it was meant to be like that it was supposed to happen that way, like there had to have been a reason that I was a girl created by him even though coincidentally there's also a real girl that's here in this world right now that was also meant to be me as well too just to replace him having to be a girl in this world too along side the girl I am already existing just to be different than him,.

I could talk about that girl that I am all day, but, it really doesn't matter what I want you to believe, because I am just a girl that would happen to be the same as a real girl and the Devil too. That's exactly what I am.

You can't talk about accepting transgender people, until you can talk about a girl being the Devil and also a transgender inhuman person. If you can imagine that the Devil although a being would be a girl but is still evil, and you can imagine why people say could be bad is being transgender, then you can just imagine what the Devil would be telling you right now about why he's the devil and transgender, and that's because, girls are the same as boys.

This isn't even about transgender right now. There actually was a real girl that did really happen to be a boy on the outside without even having to try to change herself, me, the Devil. I am Selena Gomez right now and that's the girl I am, and the girl I was that still would have just been the same as the Devil is this girl, I'll even show you a picture. I had always known and believed I was Selena Gomez, but I didn't know I was really a real girl and that either that I was Satan until this was the girl I was when it was revealed to me. And if this girl I'm going to show you is supposed to be like what you probably believe right now anyway that she's just a girl to be a girl and it was just only going to be because of the difference between gender and sex, then I'd like to see you try to explain to people other than her that the only reason you're wrong about gender and sex is because she's just that girl going to tell you that if you were wrong expecting her to tell you the reason you are wrong. I am that girl and believe me not, no matter what you say to me right now, that's exactly what I'm saying right now too. I am this, that very girl. You can believe what you want to, but if you're really wanting to actually see what a real trans so to speak girl that could actually be a boy, I'll show you one, you're looking at it.

You know who she is so, now go listen to all of her music videos and then you can come back to tell me that I'm wrong. I wasn't the only one talking about this while it was happening. She's a Romanian singer called INNA, I could even tell you why she's named that, because that's my wife and I was the one that created this thing despite what you happen to believe about gender and sex. I think all of you here greatly underestimate what I truly represent. This, this right here.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Apr 27
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And seriously, just go listen to her music, you'll see what I'm talking about.


What transgender and what matters of being Male or female can't just be turned right on or off, it's not just something that you believe that you can just decide to believe, so I'm here right now, this isn't an argument, I'm telling you what you should have the ability to believe and I'm telling you why.

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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