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Arielle, Biden and the Democrats has screwed up the left's narrative on women more than they realize. Maybe even more than you know. This is possibly why:
Biden already made that determination and had it confirmed. Biden wanted a black "woman" as scotus, w he wanted a black "woman" for his VP.
So how did they verify this?
They are not biologist, but it looks like they already know the answer to What is a woman?

HerrDarkAgain 7 Mar 23
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What is a man? You, me, others, will probably say the mature version of a biological male.

And that, of course, eliminates the entirety of transsexuals who while born one natal, live and experience the maturity of the other.

It is an attempt to consider transsexuals mental defectives, people who need sympathy and psychological help to accept their natal biology as definitive. It is not. Because you can not accept any alternatives, and because the road to understanding the biological basis for transsexuals is in it's infancy - like much of our understanding about the EXPERIENCE of the human brain via it's structures and functions.

Because we are so few, less than 1/2 a percent of the population. Something between 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 35,000. We can't fight against the weight of the other 99.5%. I agree that the Left's use of transgender to wage war against biological sex is harmful and damaging, to US, as much as it is to the general society. But you need to understand, we can't return to a place where it is ok to destroy kids to make them conform to some sets of behavior dictated by the majority. You are killing the baby while tossing out the bathwater.

A woman is someone with the hormonal, psychological, emotional maturity of females. She may be infertile (as many natal women are), she may not have the reproductive organs (as many natal women lack), and she may have not have the genetic foundation - but short of actually genetically testing EVERY woman you meet, maybe you should just accept someone making every effort to and BEING a woman as such.

Because unless you want to make the Left's case for them that 'gender is a social construct', you better be able to define a woman as more than just a mature natal female.

You forgot something
A woman is someone with the natural occuring hormonal, psychological, emotional development, and personal & social experiences of human females.
There you go.

@HerrDarkAgain Your use of the term natural, precludes any possibility of transwoman, but my definition includes both. I get you WANT (?) to exclude transwomen...

@tracycoyle trans women will never have that experience of a natural born woman, just like a trans man will never have the experience of a natural born male.
Trans people can live their life as they need to, 99%+ want to live their life. Being trans is nothing special it is what it is, and that is all it is.

@HerrDarkAgain define that experience. Both ways. Define what experiences a man has that a transman doesn't. Define what experiences a woman has that a transwoman doesn't.

make sure to account for infertility.

I am not going to dispute that there are things that a natal woman experienced that I did not because one of us had the correct natal childhood - I want you to define it in a way that society needs to behave differently towards us because of those differences.

@tracycoyle here's some experiences a woman has that a trans woman doesn't. A trans woman never had to worry about getting a period and ruining an outfit. Or being in high school and wondering if her blood was seeping through or even smelling. They were never laughed at when it did happen. They never had the scare of not getting a period and fearing they were pregnant. Then taking several urine tests that said negative only to find a blood test said they were positive. A trans woman never had to make a decision to have an abortion or the stress and anxiety, fear and embarrassment of having one. Dealing with the regret of having one. They never had their legs spread eagle with a room full of doctors and nurses watching as a new baby was pushed out their genitals. They never suckled a baby only to have the breasts get abscessed and infected They weren't compared unfairly to models and stars to the point they were pushed into anorexia and bulimia for not being good enough. They didn't go through monthly hormonal changes that changed the scent of their vaginal excretions making them self conscious when intimate with a partner. They weren't laughed at in 5th grade for having larger breasts than their mothers and needing their school uniforms altered to fit their budding breasts. They never had to worry about tumors and cysts on their ovaries. Or whether polycystic fibrosis would prevent them from getting pregnant. They never had a human life kicking inside of them and after it died, having to deliver a dead baby. They never had to worry about taking antibiotics which could cause yeast infections and override birth control pills. They never had a punctured uterus due to an IUD. They never were pregnant and left by the father of the baby having to support themselves and the child.

These are just some experiences of a woman vs transwoman. I would never dare to say I can understand or have experienced what a transwoman has gone through and it is insulting and arrogant for a transwoman to claim we have the same experiences. Why not just embrace your experiences as your own instead of trying to push into the natural woman's space. With products like "Secret for women", Always and Tampax now removing the word "woman" and the Venus symbols, they are erasing gender altogether. "Feminine hygiene" products are now being called "intimate care products". Give me a freaking break.

The real difference between the gay movement and the trans is that the gay community just wanted to be equal and assimilate into society. The trans wants to tear it apart and it alters from day to day. We can't keep up with the constant verbage being added. Not to mention they want to force people to use terminology that keeps changing. And.... They come with their own prejudices. I am a truck driver. The majority of truckers are conservative men. I was told by feminists I was entering a sexist industry. They were wrong. I have had trans people tell me "I can't believe the conservative men here aren't bothering me. I feel accepted.". However it was both the feminists and the trans that had preconceived notions they would be rejected. THEY were prejudiced. Not the truckers. Most conservatives don't give a damn who you want to call yourself... We just don't want to pay for it and don't want to be forced to do anything. I would call you Zhey if you want... But when you tell me I have to or I could be jailed (some people want jail time for misgendering, accidental or not) ... Screw you. That's Un America. And it sets the trans movement back years

@Kearsey while there are BIOLOGICAL differences, the experiences you list (almost all) can be said to be not experienced by ALL biological/chromosomal women. Some of those experiences, were never experienced by biological women because they 'behaved' differently.

What is going on with the 'trans' ie transgender community is DESTROYING the transsexual community and destroying the lives of teens. I purposefully sought to be 'stealth', ie live a 'normal woman's life'. Not intrude or to destroy women. To BE what every fiber of my being said I was. That you want to leave me marked forever, branded as 'lesser', considered a 'second class woman', is probably comforting to your sense of .....superiority? better?

Sorry I can't join your 'club', the guys kicked my ass for 7 years to get me out of theirs...


To them, a woman is anyone or anything that claims to be awoman.

sqeptiq Level 9 Mar 23, 2022

That's why I'm chasing all these cute goats and sheep around😳😬😯😏

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