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Hey! Im really happy you've created this space!
I'm a 29 year old transman, started HRT under the table at 21, no regrets, very happy with my life, etc. But wow is the community I'm in nuts! I started making YouTube videos in early 2010 like every other trans person and made alot of friends that way, many im still in contact with. Once I'd been on T awhile and had top surgery, i didnt really feel i had much to say, left youtube and settled into my life. I'm not sure what happened to everyone after that, but a sea of new trans/nb/genderfluid peeps emerged that were just psychotic. They came in, co-opted everything, flipped definitions, distorted the meaning of my own identity. (Trans can mean absolutely anything now) and any of us who questioned it were labeled "truscum". I cannot stand what has happened. I miss the days we all somewhat got along. I was an out lesbian prior to transition, and that identity meant something to me, and in a ways i still carry it with me, my attraction to same sex individuals is unchanged (not same gender). But in this new "queer utopia" if i was to turn down a transwoman id be labled transphobic. Haha! Are you kidding me? Give it a few years and the queer community will literally be exclusively bisexual, and eventually heterosexual when they consider that as radical one day. Whats wrong with gay men and lesbians? Having exclusive attractions? How does transgender not mean someone looking to transition now? Ive meant people with absolutely no intentions of physically transitioning or even socially transitioning. Just women wearing womens clothing demanding they be let into the mens restroom. You know im not a conservative but i damn sure have a hard time identifying as a liberal if this is the trash im being lumped in with. Thanks for having the courge to push back against this. I know youre being eaten alive for it. Ive shown your video's to family and close friends and we all agree with you. Im also happy a lesbian is on the forefront of this. The Lesbian community has taken such a massive hit the last decade. All i ever see now are gay and queer spaces, bars, clubs, etc. Women say theyre lesbians and are almost always bisexual. Im not sure what happened but hopefully this free for all hype dies down soon.

Boxer690 3 May 9
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It's insane how so many conflicting and inconsistent ideologies are forced under the same banner. I watched everyone come for Jeff Goldblum for asking a drag queen of Persian descent why he wore a hajib as his patriotism runway wear. I felt it was a valid concern. Women in Iran have no choice but to wear it and a man dressed as a woman wearing it is not brave but completely out of touch with the lives of women overseas. Not only that but as a gay man in Iran he could be hung. Yet Jeff Goldblum was some kind of phobic for pointing that out. The modern left is nuts.

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Posted by fthemediaI noticed with people who want to be the opposite sex as a trend or way of escape are mostly young girls aged 13-16, gay women with internalized homophobia, gay men with internalized homophobia, ...

Posted by fthemediaIs is horrible and sad that we live in a day and age where mental disorders are trendy and being a majority is demonized by the far left.

Posted by fthemediaThis 100% many don't and just want to share there story

Posted by fthemediaIt's like we are living in a irl cringe comp.

Posted by fthemediaWelcome to incel central. Free ignorance!

Posted by TheHerrDarkThat sounds about right

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by NaomiShould there be legal restrictions on trans athletes competing in schools?

Posted by Naomi"Super Bi", “Super Gay”, “Super Lesbian”... So, is there anything wrong with "Super Straight"? Are you offended by the term?

Posted by ariellescarcellaHow do we feel about this? "Men and the rest" Why do men get the "safe space" toilet when they are not the ones who generally at risk?

Posted by AtitayaWoah. This is beyond madness. 😂😂 “There’s a lot to unpack here.”

Posted by TheHerrDarkSince you are an expert, Doesn't this ad look like a woman taking her top off? Did the Oculus design and marketing team really go there?

Posted by TheHerrDarkRemember when the leftist said Trump would shake Hitler's hand?

Posted by ariellescarcellaMen in dresses. Good, bad? Who cares?

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