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Earlier you asked why so many LGBT have been leaving the left and turning to conservatives. I had a realization while thinking about this. It snuck up on many of us and it all started when SJW started routinely attacking LGB, based on our sexual orientation, women on gender: I remember a tweet saying "STF and get out of here. You can't talk about womanhood or if trans women are women (Which is weird because I followed that woman and she never said trans women were men or that trans women were not women. She didn't even misgender.) it was because she was talking about breast feeding in public. Breast feeding was considered triggering for trans women. The rhetoric had been slowly happening since maybe 2006-2010 like I said we ignored the SJW and cancel culture had not become that crazy.

Then Caitlyn Jenner came out in 2015 and trans issues became on the forefront of LGBT issues. the public was flooded with trans awareness. Then something else happened the LGBTQIAA++ ultra Queer SJWs lost their shit because Caitlyn Jenner was the wrong kind of trans a Republican trans woman. They did not want a conservative trans woman to be the face of the trans community (in full disclosure Caitlyn didn't want that either.)

From April 2015 lesbians became enemies of the LGBTQIAA++ Authority... even lesbians like you who had the most inclusive YouTube Channel that platformed trans people. The vilifying and no platforming has become more and more extreme as the far left has become more and more sexist, homophobic, and transsexual phobic. It has become more and more crazy over the years. I watched the left routinely attack you for 5 years because you had an honest conversation with a bi woman, and a straight woman. It isn't like we had a collective exodus it was more like we were exiled due to our sex, sexual orientation and gender.Many LGB were bullied out of the left. Our organizations erased us from acceptable LGBTQIAA++ language.

Over the years conservatives have become more accepting of LGBT (Not perfect but better) and many conservatives embraced LGBT... I am still Democrat.... in a few years a new moderate party will form and I might change to that party... but a ton of my friend are going Libertarian and Republican because they were exiled as TERFS, Cisbians and Cis Gays.

EarthBear66 5 Oct 18
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"Breast feeding was considered triggering for trans women." I don't think I can roll my eyes any further back in my head. Yup. You said it "April 2015 lesbians became enemies of the LGBTQIAA++ Authority... even lesbians like you who had the most inclusive YouTube Channel that platformed trans people."

I have the MOST inclusive page and I get the MOST shit.

I get it from both political ideological sides - because we both tend to think for ourselves and not adhere to some demand for conformity from EITHER side...

You do have the most inclusive group.

In 2012 La Leche came under attack and La Leche then included a trans man in leadership to make La Leche more inclusive. then there was the public breast feeding debate about 5 or 6 years ago and activists complained it triggered dysphoria.

"“Coupling nature with motherhood, however, can inadvertently support biologically deterministic arguments about the roles of men and women in the family (for example, that women should be the primary caretakers of children). Referencing the “natural” in breastfeeding promotion, then, may inadvertently endorse a controversial set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate.” [Emphasis added.]"

Honestly 30 years ago I would have thought most of what has happened is fiction.

What has evolved overtime is the far left has bullied LGB and women. Everything went crazy in 2015 and LGB her do not follow the dogma have been exiled.... in the UK they were literally exiled out of the exiled. i.e. Miranda Yardley was kicked out of the Labour Party.

From La Leche in regards to breastfeeding []


It's because lesbians were told that if you won't accept a penis then you are transphobic if they identify as a "woman" and I think gay men, while slower to catch on, were like "Woah! What if we have to have sex with a vagina or be kicked out of our peer groups?"

What they have done is no different than repairative therapy only without the cookies, camp songs, and Jesus.

They successfully erased homosexuality and same sex attraction from organizations like HRC, Stonewall UK, and NCLR and then centered everything on gender identity. Organizations that are supposed to advocate for us but now they have deleted us.

Planned Parenthood has issues too.

We are heading for darker days.


For decades, liberal activists have attacked groups with less than significant influence in the culture or government on behalf of large minority groups. It has ALWAYS been an attack against classical liberalism - until the last several years when the situation has flipped - attacking a large segment of society on behalf of one of the smallest minority groups in the country. Using many of the same tactics, demonizing.

Women have been marginalized and in particular lesbians dismissed. It has always been, first they came for the....

The mistake has not been to attack lesbians in particular and women in general, the mistake has been to show a large segment of society their methods and disdain for anyone that doesn't adhere to their agenda regardless of the damage it causes.

People are waking up to the wokeness and realizing there is no justice involved, only tyranny.

May I suggest ignoring the political parties and focus on your political beliefs - find those that share them and work to advance them.

And I do recommend classical liberalism - it truly is ideal we all (or the majority of all of us) believe in.

Within the LGBT Community the "L"esbian came into being back in 60s and 70s as a separate distinction due to sexism in the Gay Community. Many of the gay male activists were sexist and separatists. TBH gay men connected more with transsexual women than they did with lesbians. Mostly due to the fact that early trans women in the community came from the gay mens community... in other words separatists considered trans women to be one of us.

Gay men for many years were oblivious to all the sexism or other problems in the community. Even when it came to activism like marches and protests organized and most of that gay men at those protests and marches were there for the cruising and the party. "Fundraiser" became a title in gay activism and their roll was to organize a party or event to raise money, that involved to looking at corporations during the AIDs epidemic. Still gay men were there for the cruising and the party. Still obliviously separatist... not even noticing they were separatists. I have known gay men who will claim to be feminists or supporting women... but didn't associate with any women ... including straight women. They would hang out with a coworker by day... but that was about it. I had a dear friend that had a female friend who he apparently adored and revered... but he only saw her once a year for exactly two hours during Christmas... and she never mingled with the rest of us, she didn't even come to family Christmas dinner and celebration. He also mocked me for having lesbian friends who I treated just like all my gay male friends. We all had trans women as friends even the gay male separatists... and the majority of us would talk to trans women like they were a gay man and not a woman. We gay men compartmentalize our relationships and we would never talk to a woman like we would a trans woman. Trans men were invisible until Buck Angel and then he was the only trans man gay men could name... even when they knew trans men who lived stealth in the gay mens community. I knew two, 1 I met in kindergarten and he was my best lesbian friend before transition, they othe was a lesbian friend I met in art school when he was a model and I never would out them. I also dated two other trans men that I never outed because they lived stealth and had hideous dysphoria.

None of this was on purpose or deliberate... oblivious is the best way to describe it. Very few gay men and lesbians actually talked to each other. I think Arielle did a video with Mike MGTV, Joey Gentile and Ben Butler about how rare it is for bi men, gay men and lesbians to sit down and hang out. That video was made a year ago... not that long ago

all those guys didn't know about it even though Arielle had been dealing with it for much longer. Honestly, gay men still do not know it happens.

In 2 years gay men have slowly started noticing... mostly because the woke targeted them or someone they know for an innocent comment. I actually know some gay men who are starting to notice trans activists make videos that kicks a lesbian or gay man under the bus. When they look into the reason why? it get confusing for them because it seems petty or a bold faced lie.

Those of us who are leaving or disagreeing with the far left are not walking away as much as we are politically exiled because we do not believe in their dogma. Myself and some other gay men who know gay history know what we are witnessing coming from the left is a sign of a cultural collapse. This has happened before and it is not a good sign for LGBT. It is a sign that the dark days are coming.

@EarthBear66 Ok...personally: I have a couple of gay guys I am friends with - but for the most part we don't socialize together (one is a god-parent to my daughter). As a general rule, gay guys treat me like a woman, in other words, not their 'type'.

Lesbian women on the other hand HATED me...I seemed to evoke this intense anger from them but I learned it was a 'man' thing that they grouped me in and eventually learned it was the few 'activist/purist' types rather than the group. (I had the same issue with black women for at all)

I think, and this is terribly unfortunately, gay men and lesbians are very insular. Their sexuality rules their relationships - regardless of the depth of it. I am making a broad distinction, not very much different than yours, recognizing that there are LOTS of exceptions to it.

I don't think it is all on them either, straight people seem to have a hard time figuring out how to relate to gays and vice versa but when both groups STOP relating to each other sexually, they find they have lots of other ways to participate with each other. Politics has increasingly become one of those places that opens the door to friendships.

Activists of EVERY stripe are burning bridges and building walls they want to control (who's in, who's out). It is very destructive to our society as a whole.

I can and do get along with people of all types, political, religious, sexuality, race, nationality. Identity is NOT my criteria - wanting to be part of the WHOLE human race is.

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