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I have been watching a lot of your videos on and gender.. and i have a boyfriend whos an extreme leftist. Hes really sweet and hes a great boyfriend.. we just don't agree with each other. One of the things he said was thats sexuality and gender are fluid. I sorta want to focus on sexuality part because.. if your sexuality is fluid then doesnt that completely invalidate people saying that they were born that way? If sexuality is fluid for everyone as he says. Then wouldnt that mean that even a gay person can be straight if they wanted to because "theirs sexuality and their preferences" is fluid? And vise versa. I don't understand at all to be honest. And whenever I try to talk to him as to why i don't believe sexuality and gender aren't fluid he just calls me a bigot. Im just super confused on this whole topic.

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sexuality is fluid, sexual orientation is NOT. big difference in the defintions of those words.


I do think that sexuality can be fluid for some people. I also believe sexual orientation can sometimes take a shift in life. I also believe the MAJORITY of people are born whatever way they are born and will not "shift." I think that all of these things are involuntary. You cannot choose to change your sexual orientation.

It seems illogical to me to take part for the whole, no matter which way you go. If some people have fluid sexuality, that doesn't mean all people do. If most people are solid in sexuality, that doesn't mean all people are. That's just how I think of it. That's my opinion on gender as well.

Very well put. I don’t know what has come over people in the online lgbtq+ community especially who rigidly insist others adopt their personal outlooks on gender, biological sex vs orientation or sexual orientation. can we not have different outlooks?

There is something dogmatic about identity politics that sometimes reminds me of the dogmatism of organized religion, specifically christianity/ There is pressure and expectation to conform, adopt the doctrine, virtue signal. repent, recite ideas in dogmatic ways and talk about those who don’t agree.

Anyone telling me that my sexuality is fluid is an oppressor. It’s irritating to hear and upsets me greatly to come from my own community. Identity politics can give us the language to articulate and escape opression, but it can also lead us down a path of oversimplification and division.

If anyone is negatively impacted by people who insist their identity doesn’t exist or is different than it is, this is toxic and walk away. Surely, some acceptance of difference in how others see the world vs our own perception is rational and healthy.


There is plenty of science to dispute your boyfriend’s belief but the problem if he is an extreme leftist is, on the whole, their take on just about everything is fluid and the truth is subjective. That’s why it is impossible to argue with them even though you may have the facts in hand. The truth is though, there is objective reality and objective truths. I wish you luck.

I dunno if i agree. I am on the left, but i see the left as being about human rights and achieving a balance between free market capitalism and some philosophies of socialism. america is always viewing them as super opposition instead of comovement art. I see the right more about rugged individualism and right to personal profit

This notion that right wing = racist, ableist, mysogenist is unfair and not helping. That said, if you have a non-racist, non-homophobe, non-racist person, chances are they are on the left. The right has been more tolerant of these things because of a respect for individualism at the cost of the community.

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