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I need to get to level 4 with this account it's still the same me. I just felt like talking, I don't really care about who listens to me talking about how girls are bitches sometimes. There is one thing I don't understand, why do girls exist that get angry over girls being called bitches like they think a girl is this precious metal that drops out of a mother that never depreciates in value, they will judge anyone that thinks otherwise.

My argument is this, that since girls are girls they don't fully and couldn't not rather cannot understand all there is to know about girls, even girls being girls, it's like how you ask does a fish know that it's in water because it's a fish?

But, men, we know because this is what only men would know, bitches do exist. The funny thing is that, not because bitches exist but because you don't have to be a man in order to know that bitches exist.

What is a bitch, I'll tell you what it is, a bitch is something that is, it cannot be reasoned with, there is no point in trying to understand what one is because they exist whether you like it or not and even if they themselves could comprehend this, it doesn't change anything, because that's what a bitch is. That's why it is you don't have to be a man to know that a bitch really does exist.

Not all girls are bitches, but I guarantee you that if you ever found a real bitch that wasn't or i shall say isn't a girl, then i would pay you a lot of money to see that bitch. Why are girls like this, you could say for a lot of reasons, just like for a lot of reasons you might be right, but bitches don't need a reason either because they either are a bitch or they are not, it just so happens that if you can understand that there really are people out there that want to but would like to take you down for any reason that you're imagining that a person would or could ever for sure want to just because it be that you give them that reason no matter what it is or if you are right even, and that it could be a girl that does it, and then, there are real girls that are real girls, then you can't just say that you don't understand what a bitch is, I'm not saying that the girl is a bitch because she's a girl, but if a girl is like that and then she knows it and you know it, then yeah that girl is a bitch, because that's just a Jaclyn Glenn, I mean bitch, yeah.

There is a major difference between being a bitch and being called a bitch, alright? If you're not a girl that knows this, no then you won't be able to understand, and you're probably a bitch too just because of that alone.

You don't need any more understanding of what a bitch is. Believe me, whether you are a bitch yourself or not, you're gonna know, because bitches exist God damn it, fucking shit.

If you don't like the idea of that there are really girls out there like this like that, then don't be a bitch dude, seriously, because that's all you need to do, you can be a girl and not be a bitch for the same reason that you don't have to be a girl and be a bitch, like if boobs were brains girls, then why don't you put those fantasticalls breasticals to good use, because guess what honey you can still be a total bitch and be a real girl too!

You think, that what I have a problem in this world is that bitches exist, well yeah that is probably is why I'm such a sexist toxic fucker but it's not my God damn problem because you're a fucking bitch, bitches, take it.

You like the idea to think don't you, being a bitch, while you know being a girl that at the very worst that the girl you are to me is, is just a bitch and nothing more, believe me you've won, you don't need to convince me this man anymore, oh I believe it, you better believe it, because I think I know you better than you, I've met a lot of fucked up bitches in this world but I've never met a girl like you if you don't, since all you are that you could ever be to be if you don't know that is just a bitch, my mother was a bitch and she was a real woman, so if you're not a bitch and you're trying to tell me that bitches don't exist, then I don't know who the fuck you are, leans to look of camera, "usually both," and I don't want to know because you're a bitch, and that's all that you will ever be to me if you don't understand that even now.

I have no problems, none, with bitches being bitches, stop trying to make yourself sound like you know what a girl that is you being a bitch, acting like you don't know like a bitch, that you know you more being a girl being a girl because you don't think, like you don't think that men know better, that you're just a bitch and being something else than what you care to know, bitch.

Because, ya don't know, yo sexist ass, bitch. Yah.

God damn, I need a cigarette.

Oh. I wrote this to prove a point, but not to an, of you bitches, like I would care what you think you know bitches, who I am you have no idea.

I wish, oh God can you imagine what, what it would have been like for the best first time that it was ever apparent that some just a bitch ever came up to me and said some bitch thing you're a bad guy, and all i could have said was this right here, nothing more and nothing less just this, like i cared what a bitch like you thought. If I just had that one time machine with the fuel for that one trip.

Because that's all I, would have to say to a bitch like you know. I'm fortunate for bitches, my mom was one, and she taught me just how pointless it is to try arguing with a bitch and to love one too, and believe me it just wasn't because she was a bitch either. Bitches just need to learn, not twiddling they thumbs like bitches that don't learn, that, that is a bitch.

Go on and call me what you want. But, I don't think you even understand that I don't need to call you a bitch if you're being one right, I don't though, to call you a bitch, if, you can't prove to me, that you are even a real girl that can tell me that there is a better girl out there than that bitch, because I won't believe you.

I'm a man, I don't need to argue with you. You either prove me right or wrong, don't try calling me a bad guy, because that just makes you a bitch, it really does. Because like, you think bitches don't exist, and that you could prove me wrong like you don't know, just like a bitch.

I've known girls that were bitches and bitches that were real girls, but I don't think that I need any arguement for a girl like you to know what a man like me even thinks about you, you think that you know better than me right, right, then I don't need one, because girls, you will either be a bitch or not be a bitch to me, bitch. That's the point. You would think that I would care, not because I'm a man but because you're a woman.

What is really puzzling me is not bitches, like why do girls get mad over other girls being called bitches, I don't like to think that I know that answer, that is why only a true can tell me that I am wrong, because I think, I know, all you girls think that you're right about other girls, just like you're all bitches to me.

I can't understand why you would think that a man that thinks of calling girls is bad, when you don't even know can't even understand how much you are bitch to men, ha, let, alone other, women, Jesus Christ, jerks dude, what about bitches man, give me a break. Fucking bitches dude. Oh my God.

If you think that this is what is the problem with men, and like you don't want to be a bitch then right, then don't be a freaken girl. Because, I know I don't need a reason to call you a bitch if you're being one too, and you know what you skimpy little disgusting bitch, not only do you sicken me to think that you might are actually a for real bitch just for thinking it, is, I blame you, don't act like this is only what men think about women, men are like bitches, but the difference is we don't have to be bitches in order to be men, fucking bitches. That's exactly, because of bitches like you, don't even know how much of a bitch you are.

It's like all of the bitch planets aligned to fulfill the bitch prophecy, on mount bitch, and then, a thousand years later once all of the bitch follows came together to proclaim your birth, a bitch was born that was to ruin the lives of everyone around her by being a bitch ruler, because you were such a total bitch.

I have only one, point, be that man that loves that bitch, you can tell me that no girl bitch such exists all you want, even that you're not her, but I know this, I'm not a bitch, perhaps not but still not a bitch, you can tell me how fucked up and wrong I am, because, I know that if it's not going to be any of you girls here, then one girl I know is going to be that bitch, so tell me I'm wrong, I just know that, it doesn't mean it has to be one of you girls, because you're still all girls that are bitches, all of you girls, to me, because I am a man. Deal, with it bitch. I love bitches, you talking about girl?

Caseyxsharp2 6 Jan 18
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That was a little too stream of consciousness for me, or maybe it was scream of consciousness. I have the ability to make some really awful decisions about women I find interesting/attractive, but the reality is that for myself and I think most people, our choices of partners can reflect our own nature. That includes our flaws. Looking back after a decade or more at some of my previous partners, I have to say I pretty much got what I deserved. Life is a constant learning experience.

This isn't entirely in my realm of expertise. I like your thought of the idea of about that though, so it's not my place to sound like I'm criticizing it. I just have some things to say in throwing in that direction for the fun of it however.

Yeah, I think the same thing too, about how it can take into consideration about who we are, depending on who so ever we intend to partner up with, I like it a lot actually, I don't know you got the meaning of what I'm saying, but it's that right there, a lot, I like it a Lot, I don't think that me thinking that girls can be bitches, has any indication to me whatsoever entirely on whether I just happen to think that a girl can be a good girl for me or not, that's the point of what that I'm saying trying to right here, as a matter of fact, I do it in my mind thinking that girls can be bitches, just out of, respect for all girls, because I know they can be, and there is nothing wrong with that, except for when there are people that happen to think that only a man is a bad man or that girls like that don't exist when they do, I also know that it's not right for me to be calling girls bitches, but that's because, there's no reason why that they can't be and still be good girls, even if they are just bitches. That applies for all girls to me.

I love it, you know, you know what, it's not even that it's just because I happen to be a girl that's living inside of a man's body right now that's making me saying this even, or even that if I didn't that it would mean that I could be just another sexist bitch like all of the other bitches but towards this man that I happen to be and I just can't have that shit, I be a twisted fucked up up bitch if I let that happen, hell no, but on the other hand, that's what I'm trying to say, that I absolutely love the idea of it, because you know what, I just might be, but I'll be damned if I let another bitch try, because fuck that bitch, the real reason that I love it and am so saying right now is that is because of this is, I really might be, it's more important to me than those other bitches, that at least I know one man that's just one man that I know of that, doesn't even give a shit about what kind of girls that he ends up with, so yeah, I might be jus ha, but at least I'm not a fucked up bitch getting fucked up by another bitch, because I'd be damned if I let another bitch, like I don't even care, I know what I am, a devil that happens to be living inside the body of a man that also is happening to be the real Devil, doesn't even bother me at all and I'm a fucked up bitch, the irony it's just compounding interest to infinity and seems it's almost palpable even, who cares, because if I'm this messed up, I still know that no matter how much, however much that I happen to be messed up, there's still one guy that will at least look at me like I happen to be that I am the love of his life, who cares what those other bitches think, they're just fucking bitches. And that's why that I can't say that I don't love bitches in all of their wonderful glory, yes, mame. Also because, I'm already a man that knows better.

Now do you, got me, you catch my drift right, right?

I want, the most grotesque, most demented, sickest, freakiest, evil monstrous girl alive on this planet, she can be any kind of bitch that she ever pleases to want to be I don't care, I just want that, I'm already the most evil being that's living the body of the Devil on earth, just one girl, that would just make my deity. I will not, settle for anything else, I know what kind of man that I happen to represent that's why for. No bitch, is too corrupt for me, if you happen to understand what I mean now. That bitch will be mine, or I'm not a man that's the Devil Satan himself. Hehe. Fuck, all these other bitches, and, fuck all these other girls too, I want that one. I don't even know who those other girls, potentially bitches to me anyway, are, but fuck them anyway., I don't even see them that's how under my radar that they are. One bitch, that's all that I care about, and she better be the bitchiest.


I don't even know if that, any of this is, even getting through to you here right now, but let me tell you though anyways, because I'm the Devil and because that I fuck bitches too, yeah lets just goe with that, I've been looking for her too, I don't want a good girl, I don't want sleeping bitch that's only like a ticking tomb bomb of a bitch, I want, straight up, a real grown ass bitch, that way, when I fuck that bitch, and I will, she's gonna know what she did, and then, I'm just going to love the crap out of that girl, then whether or not other girls are messed up or just as fucked up evil girls as I am, as I am, then, they can all be fucked up bitches to me, and for the rest I'll just fuck them, because fuck them bitches, that's why, literally, ain't no bitch, more, fucked up than I am, and I will fuck any and all of the bitches that are not more fucked up than I am, that it, just because, because fuck those bitches, they're either messed up girls or fucked up bitches, I'll fuck them all, I don't give a shit and this fucked up bitch here don't give a shit none either, I will fuck me a bitch, and fuck those other bitches. Hahahaaaahahaaaha. I just can't wait until, the day comes. Just that one bitch, is all that I need, and I absolutely love it, because, seriously though, one bitch, that's all that I need. If I can't get a man like this, just think, none of these fucked up can neither, I'mma fuck any and all bitches, with God's honest smile on my face, like, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, I'm such a bitch, they had no idea what they were fucking with with.


and after all this you are still only limited by what you believe yourself to be and the constraints that you let others put on you by trying to please them.

KeVince Level 8 Jan 18, 2021

Dude, why do you think that you know me, and let's say judging me for it, you're not any better.. like what is your point right now?

I don't need to think otherwise I am a man, so if you're not going to be a girl that is going to tell me otherwise, then I don't care. I don't have to be not alright with what others think about me, for me not to like it, I don't like it, it's not why I try just to please people, what are you talking about, if I don't like something then I will say something whether people are pleased with it or not, like that, the reason I said all that wasn't because I am a man, I'm not some guy trying to shoot down women in the dark, Is it my understanding that what you're telling me right now that there is a problem with what I said because I happen to be thinking it, well then you're being a bitch, because what you're telling me is whether you can comprehend understand to able to understand me why I just am like this not because of how I just happened to be, you're saying that it doesn't matter because there is a problem because I'm saying it, you're not helping anyone, so might not be a girl, but you're being a bitch, that is exactly what a bitch does, say something or I will judge you, I tell you now why I said that, because I don't like a bitch like you, I had some girl calling me like I was just like a bad guy trying to rob women at gun point just because I was calling some girls a bitch, I wasn't even talking about bitches I was just calling some bitches being a bitch, what she don't know and what you don't know, I'm a woman, a woman that isn't going to let you or any bitch think that you can just put me down for being a girl too only trying to argue a real fucking point, I'm not a sexist man, do you understand me, I don't give a shit anymore what bitches think about me alright, they can poop on it all they want and call it field day for all I care but you can count me out if you don't think that I'm right. Don't just walk up and say things like that, freaken maron. You can fuck yourself, you little bitch. Is that what all that you have to say to me, I guess not, hmmm, so it's not like you're the bitch that I'm looking to hunt down anyway, goodbye.


I sure hope that it's just not that you've read this and the decided not to reply. I am awaiting your response.

What part of bitches do exist is hard to understand, I'm only making a point, you're like judging me for talking about this, dude, bitches are real, they can be either good or bad, but you're missing the point, they do exist, bitches are real, you're just talking to me like you know I am a bad person, but those bitches are out there and they don't give a crap about what you think, they're real, bitches are real, and they don't give a shit, they will fuck you up, you make no sense, getting onto me like I'm just supposed to know I'm a bad guy for what I believe, I'm just providing you with an argument, I have nothing against bitches, do you hear me, nothing is what I have against bitches, you make, no, sense dude, I believe in, bitches, I have no reason to tell people that I hate bitches because some girl happens to think so and running her mouth telling people that I do, like I do, because I don't, this very instance right here is why I'd much rather love that bitch than hate her even though she's going to fuck me over in the end because she's a bitch, is that wrong of me, because I don't want no little girl talking like she fucking knows me, I'm going to side with the bitch over that girl,100% of the time, if you think that you can't be a girl that could do that willingly like me, then you have no business talking to me about girls, I believe is the point that I'm making, bitches really are real, you know that, alright.

@Caseyxsharp2 I don't have much time to spend on here so that is why the response is a little slow. you may be whatever you want to be, it just mystifies me why you would take the hard path. I grow up with three sisters one of them chose to be a bitch and was always in conflict with everyone she came in contact with. There was no need to bring conflict to relationships but she always did still to this day she has continued this behaviour and as a result has no friends only mutual combatants she continually argues and fights with. you may be whatever you chose to be I just don't understand why anyone would chose this path.

@KeVince well, that's what I don't understand why you say to say things you do, you say that I can be whatever I want to be but that my way of life is harder, I said things because of girls they can not only be bitches or be bitches that hate men and call them bad while claiming bitches aren't real, but it's not right that men should be hated just for not liking girls that are bitches, I'm not though just trying to say that because or is that girls can be bitches that, there is anything wrong with girls being bitches, do you not understand the difference?

I know, I can be anything, I am actually a girl living in a boy's body who just happens to be the real Satan, but I know what I'm talking about, I know because, because it still isn't right that girls hate anyone that just tries to point out the problem of girls sometimes, it doesn't matter if they are men or not, that I don't understand why do girls get upset over other girls being called bitches, it's not I'm saying bitches are bad, it just doesn't make sense, and it's wrong, I am a girl and, I don't care what men think, why does it have to mean what you say matters to him, why is he who you say taking the hard path because bitches exist to hate and to be fucking bitches ok, ok, he can do what he wants ok, you're right it is the hard path, because it must be real fucking hard to be a man that has to care for and love a bunch of bitches that only like to want to hate men, are you fucking serious right now, but let me guess the bitch isn't at fault right, I'm saying the same thing because it's true because bitches exist and it's no one's fault, it's not his fault and it's not girls' fault, that's why you're fucking wrong, there is nothing wrong with girls being bitches, if you were a girl would you be asked and be able answer, don't you think that there are different qualities of women, there are, so couldn't the same apply to bitches, what makes you think that being a bitch is bad, have you lost your damn mind, I don't get it I maybe don't know because I'm the Devil but that don't make no sense, I feel bad, for your sister, your not a bitch that understands, you just say well she's a bitch, I don't understand, I don't understand, you should real quick right now, that means nothing there's nothing wrong with bitch, or this man that can see the truth isn't at fault at all and yet he still loves bitches like they were more than just a bitch, how are you any better, because you're not a bitch, oh that's right, I get it, you're not a bitch, are you, boom.

Bitches are why, you fucking exist, and persist to be such a stupid bitch anyways, you have no reason to criticize this man for believing that bitches are not what you think they exist to make sure what that what is happening to you and your sister doesn't happen, or do you just not care, about a bitch, someone at some point one girl must have really fucked you up didn't she, oh, I know, because she was a bitch, yeah, she's a bitch.

Is it, answer me, is it so, bad, to want to or like to love bitches, just because they are just bitches, well, guess what I am a woman, I don't think it is, I'll ask you again why is there a man that is being hated because bitches exist to hate him, it's not right is it, so then, then why do bitches exist, I you have ya answer.

You wanna fuck with me, you do, you wanna fuck with women, you do, you wanna talk about the easy fucking God damn path, do yourself a favor and just strap a cow's bell, around your neck, and then start mooing until the bitches come home, because yo a bitch, alright. Fuck. You're lucky the man that isn't me don't care for you, as much as he might me. If I was a bitch like that, well I don't know, because if it was me, I'd be dead right now. That is, not a bitch, right, there, you have no idea. I want to make it clear to you though that, I am allowed to hate bitches too, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, either.

@KeVince choosing the harder, path, yeah right like that is a thing for a real man, or a bitch like me. You bet your sweet ass, bitch. It's just me the Devil and this bitch, and It's the best thing that I ever imagined could happen to me, that could happen to me, and it's all, because of that bitch. What do you got to say to that? I know, bitch! I'm out!

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