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I don't have an opinion as to whether LGBTQ people or women should carry arms for safety. I have no interest in ever owning a gun. I wouldn't be able to shoot anyone anyway, but I'm just not going to live in fear that someday someone will want to break into my house and steal something. If they want it that bad it's theirs. I literally leave my front door unlocked every day. I have been robbed before, but it's just stuff. And as for someone wanting to kill me, or rape my wife or daughter, I suppose that's a possibility. But neither of them want a gun in the house either, and it's extremely rare that a stranger breaks into a house to rape someone they don't know. That's not how most rape works. In terms of the risks, I take a much, much bigger risk when I drive on the freeway everyday. I can't live in fear of every possible harm which may come to me.

Is the second amendment outdated? Yeah, I think so. But it's still part of the Bill of Rights and I am concerned that undermining it will undermine the integrity of the B of R as a whole. My fellow leftists have told me that I'm "inconsistent" because I oppose here the gun controls I'm fine with in other countries. Other countries don't have a second amendment in a bill of rights.

I oppose bans on handguns and basic rifles. I support bans on hand grenades and howitzers. I am agnostic on everything in between.

I am a leftist. I guess I identify as a socialist, but there is a lot of discussion about what that means. I think a great deal of "woke" culture has gone bonkers. I have conservative family members and friends I love dearly and I think that conservatism has an important place in any given society (though it means something a bit different in each). I haven't dated any conservative women, but I have dated libertarians. Political arguments were sometimes foreplay.

Drummond 3 Mar 29
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I would add something else for you to think about. if someone broke into your house or just walked in and wanted your stuff, you are right none of it is worth your life and I agree with that to a certain extent. The guy taking your stuff isn't wearing a mask, he isn't going to want some one who could point him out alive, you stepping between him and your family just makes it easier to knock all of you off or worse, you survive but your family doesn't. What do you do? hard question for you I know, personally if someone is going to harm my family I am going to put them down and the easiest way is with a weapon, just a personal preference, nothing against you but I would take a bullet for you and your family if I could protect you and yours because you are an American and someone threatening to take your right to life away is not "right" in my eyes and the Constitution. Bur alas I am not there.

You know, I could worry about that happening. But every time I drive on the freeway I'm taking a much bigger chance with my life - much more likely that I will be killed that way. But I'm still going to drive on the freeway, and often with my family. To me buying a gun is to live in fear. Can it happen? I guess. It's possible that a bear might kill me on the street. Or that a piano falls on me when I'm walking on the sidewalk. The vast majority of murders are committed by people the victim knew.

I'm willing to die for my family or you if it will save them. I just see a gun as false comfort against a speculative problem. I'm much more worried that my kids will get sick, or get into trouble taking stupid chances with drugs, alcohol, etc. I'm worried about something happening to me that isn't covered by my life insurance and my family not having enough money to maintain their lifestyle. I'm worried about my 80 year old parents. I'm worried that my cat might get eaten by coyotes. But I'm not going to keep my cat inside all the time. I'm not going to fret when my parents go out. Etc.


You know there were a ton of people who wouldn't carry weapons in WWII and some in the Vietnam war, that didn't mean they did not serve in other roles. People have the right to think and say what they feel only because the 1st is protected by the 2nd. I would never hold against you your stance on weapons or anything else you would say or think. That is because even if we disagreed you and I both could stand together against those who would take away the rights we have. As I have said before the word "American" doesn't say anything about each individual personally, not color, sexual orientation, ethnicity or anything else. What makes an American is believing in the core of our rights and freedoms for EVERYONE who is an American


Its interesting that you bring up the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers thought the most important thing in a free society was the rights laid out in the First Amendment. They realized it was so important, the people needed to be able to defend it, as well as everything following after.

It's also a common argument used by anti gun owners to say "well what's the chance it'll actually happen?" The chance of something in my house catching on fire is very low, but I still keep a fire extinguisher under the sink. As always, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Xaran Level 4 Apr 1, 2020

I have a fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, and even a carbon monoxide detector. The latter was here when we moved in and I probably wouldn't buy one. Usually we sleep with windows open. I could probably find a hundred items to make me safer in some way. I just really don't want a gun in my house.


To answer your question is the second amendment outdated. I would say no it is not and here is why.
Also to chime in. The second amendment is purpoesly written open ended. A lot of liberals make the argument that " Well it was a law that was thought up when there was muskets." That argument holds no water. Our founding fathers specifically said " The right to bear arms" for a reason. It was purposely worded that way because they knew with time comes advancement in technology. They were very very smart

Well, even then there were many different types of arms.

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