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On Tuesday April 28, Atheists for Liberty President Thomas Sheedy was a guest on the 'Thinking Out Loud' podcast, where he discussed the negative impact of Social Justice on the atheist movement, the far left and alt right, and how we can move forward in the battle of ideas.

atheistsliberty 7 Apr 29
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That was good. I think the number of conservative/classic liberal/libertarian atheists is on the rise. If you're looking to spread out to other social media sites, I'd suggest checking out, minimal censorship on there and the site isn't crawling with progressive sjw types. This site is excellent to get your views out there as well, but I doubt your message would be well received on though, roughly eighty-five percent of the membership on there leans to the far left. Networking with like minds is key, building a network up, and producing new videos/podcasts/blogs etc. Tom isn't alone in the fight...