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"The COVID-19 crisis has caused government — federal, state and local — to strip away many basic liberties."
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What are your thoughts pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic?

atheistsliberty 7 Apr 13
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This quarantine business is getting out of hand, and there's no shortage of documented cases of police abusing their power. As April 30th draws closer (the supposed date for when the quarantine was to come to an end), now I'm hearing that could extend well into May, which makes me wonder when is this going to end? The government handling of the pandemic has been anything but stellar, but all in all I think President Trump has been doing his best. The governors of certain states that saw the highest number of Covid-19 cases (namely NY and NJ) bear responsibility for how their respective states handled things, and looks like they haven't exactly done that great of a job, but of course the mainstream medias won't focus on that though. Anyways, I can't help but wonder when all of this is finally over if the state and local authorities are going to relinquish the restrictions they put in place that in some cases limited our constitutional rights?