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Did Obama use federal tax money to fund woke army? Will Biden continue?

This chart shows that shortly after the start of the Obama administration, the student loans given by the government start to rise considerably. It is currently one of the largest debt categories (see [] ). A vast number of those students majored in degrees like black-studies, women-studies, and other programs in which the highest paying jobs available to them are anti-Conservative activists and there are not enough of those jobs to go around so many of the graduates fail to pay back their loans. This is also a way to make Conservatives, who go to college at a lower rate, to help pay the bill for these anti-Conservative degrees. Double whammy. There's a reason why the fist is Blue... the whammies are coming from the Left!

The government should offer loans and grants to:

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they should get out of our lives and leave us alone.


How about giving money to no one? It's just theft, instead offer incentives... Let the free market decide with a gentle push from government.

azjc Level 7 Apr 19, 2021

How about giving money to no one? It's just theft, instead offer incentives... Let the free market decide with a gentle push from government.

azjc Level 7 Apr 18, 2021

A questionaire for officers during the Obama administration asked "Could you order your men to open fire on US citizens"
What must be remembered is that this information came via the internet so can anyone confirm?
According to the item, those who answered no were replaced.


The government shouldn't be giving out loans,period. The government shouldn't protect banks who make bad loans.


lol at fear of education.

bastion Level 7 Mar 15, 2021

Instead of loans, subsidise the cost of the courses that lead to jobs where there are shortages of skilled workers

Tom81 Level 7 Mar 12, 2021

That's communism also.

@Beachslim not really, it's specific and temporary (only a subsidy while there are shortages in that industry), and you still have to compete using knowledge and skills to get in (rather than just being able to get in because you could afford it over others). I mean, do you consider scholarships to be 'communist' too?

@Tom81 ever heard of paying your own way? Scholarships granted by private individuals is not communist, by taxpayers is communist

@Beachslim I received a scholarship to pay for tuition in nursing from the government (had to agree to work in a public hospital for a year after completing the course - as part of the deal). Have been working in a government hospital almost 9 years now. Was that communism too? I got the course paid for and they got guaranteed labour.

@Tom81 pretty much living off taxpayers, it's a form of welfare.

@Tom81 you're also doing exactly what the government orders you to do, with money they stole from others. Are you ultimately providing a net value to society or a net harm?

@Beachslim jeez dude, is everything that's government funded for the public communism from stolen tax money? Public roads, public libraries, public parks? All communist?
And I never received any money from the scholarship into my pocket, it went directly to pay tuition fees at the college. I still had to support myself by working. But having free tuition(and providing free labour in a hospital as part of the course) is living of the taxpayer?🤔
So if I live of welfare - thats communism, but if I work at a public hospital (which is the majority in Australia), that's doing what the government wants - so also communism.🤨

@Tom81 colleges do not pay taxes, they collect taxpayers money, they don't have real teachers, they are pretty much communist. I would agree that public roads, public libraries, public parks funded by stolen money qualify as communist. The idea that we can't have private roads or railroads is a lie


Think about a dog eating its tail. That's what a government loan is.

Failing getting government out of the loan business---the Feds have no business making loans to people and entities which will never pay them back.


Federal grants and loans offered to Science, money well allocated IMHO. Caveat - before bestowing those grants and loans there needs to be an open and transparent (to the American taxpayer) investigation to determine the worthiness of the entities being considered as candidates before giving them a dime.

iThink Level 8 Mar 7, 2021


Great idea!

The law was that the Tribune of the Plebes was untouchable. He could not be charged with a crime.
The oligarchs had no choice but to accept a Tribune of the Plebes because otherwise the Plebes would have stormed the Bastille and guillotined the oligarchs.

Trump is Tribune of the Plebes. Democrats don't understand this. An attack on Trump is an attack on all Republicans.

The constitutions of Sparta, Athens, and the Roman Republic had lots of good stuff that we need now.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Constitution

Ancient constitutions: []

Yes. To vote in Athens you had to show up personally.

Admission of new citizens was rare.

@Haraldson yeah good luck w/that. for some reason made me think of the line "how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm - after they've seen Paree"
For better or for worse the general population has developed a strong taste for "better". You'll never be able to implement any kind of caste system in modern Western Civilization.

put it this way - if you destroy the "illusion" of class/status mobility in the West (mostly USA, Great Britain, Canada and Australia) there will be hell to pay for a lengthy time. IMHO the only way this happens is in the event of total economic collapse. Economic collapse (elimination of the US Dollar as preferred/dominant currency) can be or likely will be precluded by some other cataclysmic event such as War or natural disaster. If, when, after this happens there will likely be a rough caste structure. I am inclined to believe it would be more like a feudal system.


None of the above. And the reason loans went up was because of the people 45 and older that could not get jobs - so they went back to school. And their kids needed loans because they didn't have college funds left after the 2008 crash.


Seems like the majority of you want to send more money to a STEM grad the likes of me! I'm flattered! I'll accept IDW coins to start.

Well we may have to make an exception in your case.

IDW coins?

What’s that - I Don’t Work?

@parsifal This online community's original and current alternate name is the IDW (Intellectual Dark Web) Community. It gives you coins for participating that you can redeem for merchandise or cash. You can also give them to someone else.

@WilyRickWiles So, that’s a no

I've sent you enough you greedy capitalist pig - lol


The student loan business like the medical business have functioned outside any control system for some time. Any time you have unlimited demand there has to be some sort of means to ration that commodity. With conventional commodities rationing is done by the price increasing until it is balanced with supply. When the government steps in to increase supply there is little incentive to increase efficiency. The control then switches to what tax burden the public is willing to bear. This may seem to not apply to the medical business or education business but you have to remember that that we are taxed not only directly but by devaluation of the currency when the currency is inflated by supply. Because of the way the lending system works the 1.7 trillion dollars in student loans actually has to be multiplied by some factor to reach it's actual inflationary pressure. I would say around 5 but it is hard to calculate. You may asked then why not just pay for college directly which is pretty much what has been done with Medicare and Medicaid. If that were done the money would still have to borrowed but by the government not the individual removing one of the last controls.

The phenomenon of people buying what they want not what they need should not surprise anyone. The average 55 to 64 year old has $104,000 in savings and needs $1,700,000 for retirement. It would be unfair to say that only students are not rationally considering their futures in the decisions they make. The same goes for medicine where elective care that includes unnecessary vists to primary care physicians makes up a considerable percentage of the overall expenditures. It's one of the reasons that the statistics comparing the nominally free U.S. system to public health care systems is misleading. Public health care systems do not offer elective services at nearly the same level driving down the demand as the public adjusts their expectations.

Demand follows effectiveness in the case of medical care because their are objective measures that people can use to determine what services they want. The more effective medicine becomes the more demand. The situation with the medical industry is slightly different. There is no objective measure of educational benefits it is more like the entertainment industry where demand is a matter of subjective choice and pleasure. So medical care is even under the worst of cases controlled by it's effectiveness but education is only controlled by the whims of those who enjoy it. In many ways higher education has become an entertainment business. To attract more business they offer free or nearly free gyms and pools, discount meals, discount housing, free lectures and free musical events, gorgeous buildings and green spaces, discount credit cards, discount Excursions, free sporting events, free clubs, free stuff such as tee shirts to food. They offer every incentive imaginable to increase their market share. Often leaving the student with a mountain of debt for what amounts to four years of near luxury living.

Like most things the answer to the student loan crisis is to change incentives. Because value is abstract the best way to do that is a free market. efficiency is not some cold mindless and heartless beast. The industrial revolution has proven the most effective means every discover to improve standards of living. Unfortunate small minds have taken over the intellectual landscape. The lower IQ careerists dominate all are institutions. They are the administrators and HR departments, the people in the humanities and other low entrance cost fields. They drive up costs by driving up demand with little concern for efficiency and no interest in innovation.

The innovations we need in medicine are automated testing and telecommunication but the money is in doctor visits, testing and perpetual need pharmaceutical. Expensive college campuses should go the way of the dinosaurs. If students want to spend their money on entertainment they should not do so through student loans. A free education superior to what most students get is already available on the Internet. The branding that a college provides is like paying three times as much for the same product because it has a famous logo on it. In education automated testing is the answer to the branding issue. Free or nearly free education could also be provided to employees by way of the Internet.

The problem is a lot of midwits are running our institutions.


A vast number of those students majored in degrees like black-studies, women-studies, and other programs in which the highest paying jobs available to them

What is a VAST NUMBER?
You are making claims without data.


It would be a violation of 1A for the government to control what kind of speech, i.e. study, are permitted. Consider that a person with student loans can use it to study medicine... or religion. Physics... or photography. Law... or haircutting.

And the government should have no say that religion shouldn't be allow, but medicine should. Or that Physics should be allowed... but photography shouldn't.

If we go down the path of government ed. loans (which I think warps every facet of the market that it touches), I agree that the loan for big ED. shouldn't be tailored to this or that degree---which is still a tricky proposition. If you apply for a mortgage, you have to clear a credit check. Your house will have to pass inspection to qualify. In other words, the bank wants some collateral for the risk it's taking. And there's the rub. The "risk" that the Feds take is with your money, so it's an easier proposition to clear it.

The house has value. The applicant has means. Not so the student loan.

Likewise, and in keeping with the spirit of your comment, the Feds shouldn't be funding any entities which have academic speech codes, etc.


One school of thought is that IF the government were to prioritize student loans, it should be in fields where we have a shortage of qualified candidates and have to rely on H1B visas to supplement the workforce, such as software development.

But the problem there is that it will NEVER be more economical to employers to hire a US-born skilled candidate versus H1B visas as those guys are willing to work for pennies on the dollar. Believe me, I've worked with enough of them to know.

I believe what we should be asking is, "why do we require expensive university degrees for careers that are so low-paying that they have little hope of ever paying such loans off?" I'm going to pick on education here. You mean to tell me that a $35,000/year educator position needs a Masters degree? What is the justification for that? I mean, you just end up handing them school board-approved curriculum and standardized tests anyway, so why the advanced degree?

Agree. Better to get a legit degree in legit science than to get a degree in teaching. Not all degrees are created equal. Jill Biden's thesis proves that education degrees are less equal than other degrees.

Teachers unions want teacher pay to be tied to seniority and level of degree. Bull! That's a subsidy to teacher's colleges. That makes it impossible for a teacher who is skilled, but young and without a doctorate, to get good pay.

Teacher's colleges are bull. Democrats require certification from a teacher's college to teach at a public school, which is a bullfrog subsidy to teacher's colleges. They need to be crushed. Destroy the certification requirement. Destroy the public schools and go all private, with vouchers.

Teacher's colleges are leftist. They're weaponized against conservatives to deter conservatives from the teaching industry.

We need market forces in teaching, and teacher's unions oppose market forces. Public school teachers are public employees, yet parents and students have no voice in selecting them or in deciding their pay. It's taxation without representation. It's price gouging. Even worse, leftists teachers indoctrinate. Republicans are forced to pay leftists teachers that indoctrinate their kids to leftism.

Republicans need to enforce market forces for teachers by zapping bad teachers. Have parents and students confer and select a set of teachers that they agree are bad, and protest them. Protest them at the school, where they can't ignore it.

Have the students refuse to attend the bad teacher's class have them instead go to a class with a good teacher, a teacher that the parents and students chose. Demand that the school hire the good teacher.


Don't think the Government should be involved with handing out loans.

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