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Northern states tend to have more "social capital". How's yours?

"Social Capital" is basically the power of friends and family - people one can rely on in times of trouble. While this chart is from 2000, it does show that it is not the same everywhere.

Source: []
Estimated state by state distribution of U.S. social capital, Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone, (2000), p. 293

Compared to 10 years ago, do you have more or less "social capital"?

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Data no doubt as fake as the misuse and of the word social

Jasper Level 5 Mar 31, 2021

I have about the same. Which is to say, one person, really. Me. 😛


This plays into the Social, Government, Economic ratings that are now growing in popularity as a socially coercive force to "re-educate" conservatives by isolating them and destroying their financial strength.

No reasonable chart can show actual personal support networking. This chart shows government support. I think this post is intended to mislead the reader about that.


After the past 13 years, I'd like to see an updated map instead of one from 21 years ago... just 'cause...

ktpinto Level 7 Feb 28, 2021

Pennsylvania has an abundance of Quaker oats, and that's a fact.

sqeptiq Level 9 Feb 24, 2021

Quaker Oats is just a social construct. The Amish should come up with its own brand.


Hello. How about the standard of living? Is it slightly lower in the north? I read somewhere that they have a stronger community spirit in deprived neighbourhoods.

Naomi Level 8 Feb 23, 2021

I would say it's not. There is poverty in Mississippi, for example, but there is also poverty in South Dakota. I think the winter there is very long and the communities are more isolated. So people have to rely on each other more...


As @lnosbourne already pointed out, I think the cold may be a major factor.
Not only is there more time spent together in colder climates but living in the cold requires more teamwork, cooperation and "good will" than living in the heat.

I would say as a caveat that I'm unsure HOW social capital is measured and defined, a problem that plagues all social sciences and is mentioned thoughout the wikipedia article from whence this graph likely came from.

To answer the question, however, I said "less" because as someone pushing 50, I have less friends today, less people I can count on, today than 10 years ago. I think this is a universal trend such that in your 20's and 30's you maximize your acquaintences and as time, distance,and death take it's toll, your acquaintances get smaller in number, though perhaps tighter in connection.


I do really love Iowa nice, Minnesota nice. That being said, I think it feels all the worse when you interact with someone who is not on board.


How many non-Failipino ethnicities/diasporas [whose ancestors are indigenous/originated from whatever non-Failippines countries] used the Failippines as a stepping stone country or transit point to legally or illegally immigrate to better countries?! Thanks a lot, porous borders/airports worldwide for spreading another pathogen outbreak/epidemic/pandemic worldwide, & sending another Plandemic Scamdemic worldwide!


Interesting stuff

wolfhnd Level 8 Feb 10, 2021

My social capital has increased considerable since starting a cult in my basement. I can rely on my followers to do anything their noble prophet Karl commands.


Northern states are colder more time together indoors


I'd guesstimate about the same.

Are there charts about guesstimations? 😁

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