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Why hasn't anti-Muslim sentiment gone down after the spike due to 9/11?

Source: FBI Crime Statistics

Over the next decade, do you expect anti-Muslim sentiment in the US to...

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My opinion, ordinary people are tired of being branded as racists for voicing legitimate criticism of the ideology of Islam. I think too often the SJW wokies on the Left conflate criticism of Islamic teaching with an animus towards individual citizens who happen to be believers.
I also suspect people are tired of the phrase Islamophobia being hurled at any criticism of radical Islam which, by any any reasonable standard, is entirely legitimate.
I think the term Islamophobia needs to be challenged. A Phobia is broadly defined as an irrational fear. But a fear of the extreme intolerance and authoritarianism of strict Islam is not at all irrational. And regular people know this.

Well said. Reminded me of a meme I had seen and I went hunting for it.

@Weltansicht Yep, that nails it


In a country where one political side claims - in all seriousness - that their "violence is speech," while their political counterpart's "speech is violence" - and in some circumstances, their "silence is violence," as well - what then is a hate crime any more?

I mean, when De Blasio had the gates to Jewish parks welded shut to keep Jews from congregating, was that a hate crime? Based on the lack of reaction from the MSM, apparently not. But cracking down on BLM protests that became violent, IS a hate crime. Insisting that police are necessary for the community, IS a hate crime. Hmmm.

When people react to the lack of government concern in the UK when immigrants "groom" (read: sexually assault) young women - going so far as to suggest to the victims that they should keep quiet about it - it's labeled "anti-Muslim rhetoric." Why is that? Why does it cease being concern about a serious crime committed and becomes instead about where the alleged perpetrators are from?

Given the manipulation of language and the political narratives being pushed, is there real anti-Muslim sentiment? Or is it a resentment of our media and our governments for promoting this manipulation that both excuses bad behavior and punishes any reaction to that excusing of bad behavior?

That is, are we truly anti-Muslim, or are we upset with how the MSM and government are treating Muslims as a protected class, to the detriment of others?

De Blasio had the gates to Jewish parks welded shut to keep Jews from congregating,

They were city-owned public parks closed during a time when all city parks were closed to the public, not to prevent "Jews from congregating".

is there real anti-Muslim sentiment?

In the USA, I think so.

26 May 2017 -- A man fatally stabbed two people and injured a third on a MAX Light Rail train. The Portland Police Bureau's report said Christian directed his inflammatory remarks at two young Muslim women, one of whom was wearing a hijab.

12 March 2017 -- A Florida man who attempted to set fire to a convenience store told deputies that he assumed the owner was Muslim and that he wanted to “run the Arabs out of our country.”

13 September 2017 -- An Orthodox Jewish woman and her daughter were allegedly beaten up at a Queens subway station by a drunk who mistook them for Muslims

24 March 2019 -- A man set fire to a mosque in Escondido, causing minor damage to the building. Police discovered graffiti on the mosque's driveway referencing the Christchurch mosque shootings shooter,

23 April 2019 -- Isaiah Joel Peoples while on his way to a Bible Study Group, intentionally ran his car into a group of people because he assumed that they were Muslims and repeatedly said "Thank you Jesus" after crashing into them.


They were city-owned public parks closed during a time when all city parks were closed to the public, not to prevent "Jews from congregating".

Come on now; did they weld shut parks in other neighborhoods? And this was hardly the only example of extra scrutiny given to Jewish neighborhoods.

Also, just because you provide examples of actual anti-Muslim sentiment, that neither proves that there is an overwhelming anti-Muslim sentiment, nor does it discount frustration people have with the MSM/government narrative.

Parks have been closed since April 1.
In that time, the locks to that park were cut 25 times.
Welding was temporary measure and locks were put back in place after I think a few days...
... only to be promptly cut again.

No other park that I could find had it's neighborhood do the same to their closed parks that I could find.


Also, just because you provide examples of actual anti-Muslim sentiment, that neither proves that there is an overwhelming anti-Muslim sentiment,

You are moving the goalpost.
Your original quote...

is there real anti-Muslim sentiment?

... made no mention of overwhelming, merely if there was anti-muslim sentiment which clearly there is..


I think people aren’t anti-Muslim, as much as they are Muslim-fatigued.

There was a wave of hatred for Islam after decades of hijackings, bombings, kidnappings, hostage takings, embassy attacks and even tossing a wheelchair bound American off a cruise ship and into their Mediterranean, capped off by the 9-11 attacks. Its ridiculous to pretend this is religious prejudice - people are outraged at the savagery. Many of the world”s 57-odd Muslim-majority states and Islamic Republics are ranked among the most dangerous places on earth: hell holes of violence, tribal infighting, grinding poverty and a hatred of western modernity.

Why can’t we move on, like we did with the Germans and Japanese after the horrors of WWII?

Simply because hard leftists have declared Muslims an aggrieved victim group to be placed on a pedestal and protected from any and all criticism. The same empty headed woke-progressives who fight for the rights of women and homosexuals, are also fighting for Islam, where gays are tossed from rooftops and women are stoned to death in the public square for adultery.

Today’s anti-Muslim sentiments are driven not so much by Islam as by the actions of two-faced progressives who insist on placing a token, hijab-wearing woman, front and centre in every medium, and delighting in any negative comment from the public to support their theory that every westerner is a knuckle-dragging racist.

As with most other post-modern narratives: the left exploits the victim group to attack the West and achieve their progressive objectives.

GeeMac Level 8 Feb 20, 2021

The Muslims have not changed their rhetoric or renounced their imams, certainly no Christian is going to change their opinion of them. The unchristian population probably will, over time, change its view from negative to positive because of State control of speech and assembly. The short term future for the citizens of the world is gloomy indeed.


LOL, 'changed things for American Muslims'. Oh the poor fucking dears.


Political correctness drove the US culture to bend over backwards to accept any group perceived as disenfranchised - often at the expense of the regard for the majority. Anti-"white" prejudice is a current example. The twin towers brought greater awareness to more in the US of the call for violence against non-Muslims, and even moderate Muslims embedded in the Quran, as opposed to the knee-jerk reaction that everyone should be accepted, no matter what their beliefs.

In the future, if political correctness continues to accelerate under the current cultural climate in the US, we can expect that awareness to dim considerably, once again providing the opportunity for Muslims to more easily create damage to our culture, as has happened many times in the past. Reading Winston Churchill should bring that to light.

If, on the other hand, light begins to shine on reason in the US, as more of us say "enough" with the political correctness, Muslims could more rightly see increased hostility in the US.

"Political correctness is fascism disguised as manners." - George Carlin.

I like George. I got his album Occupation: Foole when it came out early 70s.

I wish he was around.


Sorry these few will be a bit off topic but someone made a comment that needs to be fleshed out with some facts.

A doctrine of black supremacy is as dangerous as a doctrine of white supremacy. God is not interested in the freedom of black men or brown men or yellow men. God is interested in the freedom of the whole human race, the creation of a society where every man will respect the dignity and worth of personality.
— Martin Luther King Jr., Speech at the Southern Methodist University, March 17, 1966.


Better question ... why hasn't it continued to rise?


Expect the globalist media to step up their thought reform efforts.


A group of people that would oppress others will experience push back from those they are trying to oppress It matters not the group, the push back is even stronger if that group uses violent means to force others to conform to their wishes or beliefs. When the leaders of a group encourage violence to farther their cause it will bring push back against the whole group even though only a few practice violence.

KeVince Level 8 Feb 22, 2021

It'll depend on "peace in the ME"
The stance of various Muslim countries towards the US
The number of Islamic terrorist attacks globally.


The sentiment will probably remain the same.


The anti Muslim sentiment is totally justified though!

MarcW Level 5 May 5, 2021

Its not like 9/11 was the only terrorist attack they did. There have been many terrorist attacks around the world that originate with muslim terrorist groups. Also, they have been caught doing horrible things to their own people in the name of islam, such as decapitating people or brutally torturing Christians. Until they stop doing that and renounce the parts of their religion that call for that, there will be fully justified anti-muslim sentiments in America.


It will Increase, especially during the Biden/Harris administration. 9/11 was a false flag, like C-19 outbreak. Staged AF, It's just sad that people are so stupid to fall for that!

LukeGP Level 7 Mar 28, 2021

They hate us, they are abusive to women and they hate dogs.


Weatherman, also known as Weathermen and later the Weather Underground Organization, was an American left wing terrorist organization that carried out a series of bombings, jailbreaks, and riots from 1969 through the 1970s.
Not based on Christianity.

Of course there are lots of Terrorist groups that are non-Christian and lots that have nothing to do with "white supremacy".


The Washington Post article from where that graph comes from makes it a point to state that Jews are the most targeted with hate crimes with Muslims being second. and if you look more closely, you'll see that other religions are in third place with anti-christian hate crimes coming in forth. Yet all together, the top three non-Christian hate crimes comprise over 80% of all the hate crimes recorded.

Given that there was no Jewish 9/11, I think there is a common denominator: the top three religions targeted for hate crimes aren't Christian.

So I hate to say it but I honestly think that the reason there has not been a drop in Muslim hate crimes is because they are viewed as a scapegoat for any ill that befalls a christians... Be at lost job opportunities, difficulty finding a house, perceived loss of culture, etc...
... similar to the way that Jews are targeted as scapegoats whenever a Christian doesn't get what they feel they are entitled to get.

Geez they are scapegoats eh... not that certain Islamic groups (Muslims) actually perpetrate terrorist acts etc?

In the U.S., which is the context of this post [from link below],

  • 64 victims were killed in 34 terrorist attacks by white supremacists and white nationalists (all Christian) between 2015 and 2019.
  • 7 people were killed in the U.S. during the same time period as a result of Muslim extremist terrorist attacks.
  • And none where killed by Jews.

So the hate crimes are inversely proportional to the number of terrorist attacks

  • Jews no terrorist attacks, most hate crimes.
  • Muslims kill 7 in the US, second most hate crimes
  • Christians kill 64, fourth most hate crimes

So yeah, Jews and Muslims are scape-goats.


@TheMiddleWay Not being a crt fan I actually look at it as people being killed. Innocent people.
Does 9/11 ring a bell, ISIS... The war for the Caliphate, Bin Laden, Yemen, the list goes on and on and on and the deaths are in the thousands not just a handful or a hundred or so (over years)
I never even mentioned Jews...
As for scapegoats...
Learn to pronounce
noun: scapegoat; plural noun: scapegoats

  1. a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.

I suggest many in the Muslim world, those we call Islamic radicals are not scapegoats. They would live among you just as they live amongst us. We have ethnic enclaves here and I can tell you first hand we had many "ordinary" Muslims dancing in the streets and proclaiming a victory over the US when 9/11 happened. Scapegoats? Not likely.
We don't have white supremacist groups going around killing people here but hey we don't talk in colours like you people do. We have had many thwarted terrorist activities though and the occasional one where a few innocent people have been killed, but not by white supremacists.
We have things like the Islamic Youth group who preach racial superiority and division etc, etc, etc... these were mainstream and right in front of us if only we cared to look. This is what Multiculturalism fosters.


  • 9/11 explains the uptick in the chart in 2001.
    It doesn't explain the steady numbers for the past 19 years.

  • Continued terrorism in the US could explain the steady numbers but there have been more christian-based terrorist attacks than muslim-based terrorist attacks since 9/11 in the US.

  • You didn't mention Jews. Bravo. I did. In my original post. The one you were repling to. And I did so because they actually suffer more hate crimes than muslims despite not having any 9/11 event, or any terrorist attacks, on US soil.

Based on the lack of Jewish terrorist attacks on US soil yet their being number 1 on hate crimes
AND that muslims have perpetrated roughly 10 times less terrorist attacks than christians on US soil since 9/11, my conclusion: given that the majority of Americans are christian, Non-christians are scape-goats.

Simple ol' fashion religious intolerance; nothing new or novel.

@TheMiddleWay Doesn't it... when did Islamic terrorism start and when did it have a decided uptick... the tail doesn't wag the dog...


How the hell do you know that the perpetrators who killed 64 between 15 & 19 were Christian...?.

Not all Christians in the USA are White Supremist/Nationalist.
But all White Supremist/Nationalists in the US are Christians, mostly protestant (WASPs)

Which active and popular white nationalist/supremacy movement in the USA does not have a Christian foundation?

If you are going to cite a logical fallacy, please do yourself a favor and inform yourself on proper ones.

When did you stop beating your wife?

.. is known as a loaded question (see link below), not a strawman.


KKK, aryan nation and the chruch of jesus christ christian, proud boys and christian fundraising, the NAAWP and church groups...

Not all christians are white nationalists in the USA.
But in the USA, all white nationalists (the ones that commit more terrorist attacks in the USA than muslims) are christians.


none of those organizations are considered to be fundamental Christion orgs steeped in the religious theology

Never said they were fundamentalist. Merely that they were Christian based.

Not all Christians are murderers or white supremacists

Yeaup. Said that two or three times already.

not all white supremacists are Christians who believe that God is their Lord and Savior.

I've shown all that are.
You've yet to show one that isn't.

You can continue to paint this with a broad brush, but I will counter you each and every time on this one!

You've yet to counter this one by providing an example of a white nationalist group that doesn't have strong ties to Christianity in contra to my presenting those that do.


Therefore, while they might be Christian, it is far more likely that they are not, you yourself conceded, they do not fall within the fundamental Christian core beliefs.

Sounds like No True Scotsman at play here: "No True Christian would do those things therefore they are not Christian"

I think their association with Christianity is no different than a jihadists association with Islam. At the end of the day, if they work using Christian or Islamic principles, no matter how corrupt their interpretation is to other Christians or Muslims, it is right that their actions be judged against that religious backdrop that even allows such interpretations.

To bring it back to my original point, I can think of no other reason why Jews would be the number one target of hate crime if it weren't because they are targeted for their religion . And in a country with roughly 70% Christians, let's say there is a 7 in 10 chance that religion is Christianity.

Just my opinion. You are right that I cannot look into the hearts of men to true motive and I have no particular dislike of Christianity: born and raised roman catholic myself. But that is just how it reads to me.

@Lightman trying to answer your 'when did Islamic terrorism start' I would say RFK assassination by Sirhan Sirhan OR The Barbary Pirates Wars 1800s as in 'From the Halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli'

@TheMiddleWay Not sure if this helps your understanding, but it shows why a undercurrent of resentment exists possibly.


I thank you for the link; great summary of actions that showcase said resentment exists.
But I'm not seeing a "why" from that summary. After all, opposition from people to teach Islam in public schools is no different from opposition from people to teach Christianity, or any religion, in public schools.

Personally, I feel if a public school teaches Islam as a comparative religion... giving Christianity, Judaism, and other major religions equal play... it's totally ok.
OTOH, if they are singularly teaching Islam... or christianity or Judaism, etc... then it's not ok.

@TheMiddleWay Yes I agree, they use to teach 'comparative religions' when I was in school, to be inclusive and understanding, but I grew up as a military brat so exposure to others' ways of life was natural, never derogatory. You might squirm or go eww! on some food selections, but it was just somebody else's way of life. Of course we had to hide under our desks during nuclear bomb attack drills, so go figure. lol

The only 'why' was the push of the Islam when the Christian concepts are abhorred and outlawed, even lawsuits. That may contribute to the rise in resentment, which inevitably may all be controlled by the social engineering and direct manipulations of the Oligarchy/plutocracy/corporations.


Why the Hell aren't Conservatives advocating the forced removal of Muslims across the West? Just what they Hell have they conserved????


Without constant reminders of terrorism, how will we justify the TSA, NSA, and other authoritarian bullshit? With constant reminders of terrorism, who wouldn't have anti-Muslim sentiment?


9/11 had NOTHING to do with Muslims. It was an inside job by the Jewish Neocons in DC and Zionist Lakud in Israel.


It’ll probably stay about the same.


I know enough muslims to know that like any "religion" there are peaceful and zealots.....
America's corrupt gov't had to have a someone to blame for their crimes

Brandi Level 5 Mar 3, 2021

As the definition of hate crime becomes more eroded and lenient, the more hate crimes will go up.

Like how when "rape" started to cover more and more actions, the higher the rape case numbers got in universities.

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