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Face it. The PC culture.... The SJW... The Femenazi.... Antifa... The extreme left is on full force.... I dedicate this group for all the time they fail... And we love memes here. let it flow.

Face it. The PC culture.... The SJW... The Femenazi.... Antifa... The extreme left is on full force.... I dedicate this group for all the time they fail... And we love memes here. let it flow.

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CNN's Don Lemon supports and defends Pedophilia. Thoughts?

DeplorableToo 7 July 30
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They are just flat out sick. Don’t have any sympathy for it.

Makes me wonder if he isn't involved in Pedophilia. It wouldn't surprise me at all.


Wow, A black mr. Peanut...emphasis on the nut part....all he needs is a top hat.


Well when you go over the edge and invent and normalize and legalize trans stuff, you are not that far off from pedophilia. Its the next logical step. It will happen for sure, unless we sane people don't get a giant butterfly net, scoop the lot up and ship them off to laughing academy. A place where they keep the rooms with rubber wallpapers so they don't hurt themselves.

These days lunatics are running the asylum. Quite literally.

KrunoS Level 6 July 30, 2020

Just look at him

M1959 Level 7 July 30, 2020

He looks like he is stone cold serious about it, doesn't he? 🤮


And finally the life’s work of the nonces has arrived. Even the slogan born this way. It seems uncanny or canny to have predicted this exact moment over 10 years ago it seemed inevitable that seeing the gay movement coining this term would open up a can of worms for tolerance. I’m in two minds about this frankly. One side knows there has and always will be nonces and they are forced to hide away and really have a good case of being reviled and persecuted justly so more than any other platform there is at the moment always screaming their discrimination which is non existent but because of the movement for absolute tolerance they seem to have the best case of all of them and I do not think this is a coincidence. On the upside I am sure they will all come out of their nests with pride and we will at least know who they are and where they are so we can keep our children away and not support people in power who think the time is now which will be a bonus to us Brits who currently are not allowed to know their whereabouts

What concerns me more are the vulnerable children in care homes in the uk which have been a hunting ground for generations who are not supported by our care system. The Uk government passed a bill at the start of this covid shit to take even more of these lost children’s right away in fact it was one of the first things they did. The fact that the Family Court is secret here and the children are cash cows for the authorities makes this even more disgusting and evil.

I became disillusioned with criminal law because of the sheer number of nonces and if anyone is wondering it is because their papers used to state “not of normal criminal element”. I got tired of 6 week supervision orders, being placed back into the community to live sometimes across the road to schools. Angry fathers and mothers getting criminal sentences for their reaction to their children being abused by these protected individuals. I got sick and tired and put it all behind me and I know how they operate because I was the fucking clown who wrote their mitigation and one was work, but we became the nonces choice and let me tell you there are so many out there all looking like butter wouldn’t melt playing the victim game and all the bull shit about loving relationships.

This is long I’m sorry but I am so pissed off I could go on and on and I have but no one bothered to listen perhaps they will now Don’t get me started on colluders

I too said years ago, this was a 'slippery slope' of 'born like this" that Anerica decided to slide down. I have read of Germany's perverted ideas of placing children with pedophiles, but didnt know that the UK was doing so as well. Helmut Kentler, a psychologist whose Pedagogical Center in Berlin, set forth the massive sex trafficking of children with the complete knowledge and approval of Berlin authorities. I hope he rots in Hell.

I like your informed perspective on this.
I say fine, let's normalize it, destigmatize it or whatever, and bring them out in the open so we know who's who. BUT we DOUBLE the penalties as a strong detergent to them acting on their perverse tendencies rather than seeking help. What Serg97 suggested works for me.

@Anglerhunter the problem is there is no seeking help so they go to their own who encourage and normalise their behaviour it’s like asking a drug user to stay clean in a slop house but it is a very real problem with awful life consequences for those abused. There is no clear pathway in my experience just the individuals stuckidness in their first sexual attraction which they find it impossible to grow out of and equally impossible to disclose to anyone but sympathisers or preferably colluders or procurers. There are so many the only way is for them to own it so we all have the ability to look after are own and other children. The sexual exploitation of children needs to have clear and criminal guidelines of zero tolerance which we are led to believe is the case but is not. I am at a loss to know the way to go but to bury your head in the sand just leaves your arse exposed to a kick in


Pizzagate? Why won't you confront pedophilia (or as they like to call it "ephebophilia" ) in the libertarian community?

So they should focus on an insignificant political party instead of one supported by media, Hollywood, and vast wealth? You know, the type of people who can afford jail and also spent a shit ton of time in the company of Epstein.

Are you paid to distract from the crimes of the political majority or just do it for free? I seriously hope you're getting something out of this.

@ThomasinaPaine Is that what Pizzagate is? Lol.

@WilyRickWiles Pizzagate was the over 400 emails on Wikileaks (something Democrats loved during Bush) about "pizza" and comet pizza. Once it hit Twitter the Washington Post literally called the owner of Comet Pizza and asked "Do you run sex trafficking out of your basement?" He said "no" and that was the end of the story. I would never have even thought it remotely possible that Pizzagate was real until I saw how they handled the story.

Its like hearing the thousands of stories about priests raping kids and then calling your local church and asking "Do you guys rape kids over there?" Them saying "no" and the Post saying "Good enough for me!"

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty but that is a very very odd way of handling a charge that was so serious. They didn't ask why they had creepy photos of their adopted -infant-daughter dressed provocatively. They didn't ask about the paintings in the store of abused children by the same artist that did Tony Podestas. They didn't ask him why he painted kids in cages. They didn't question him when he said "we don't even have a basement" tho the basement was on their Instagram (also it was freshly bricked over within days of the story). Nothing. Just "Are you guys running a major felony operation out of your basement?"

It was very very strange.

For the record it also implicated Republicans in the emails. it wasn't all Democrats and infant split pretty evenly. Also who pays $15k for a cheese pizza or has 4-5 different people asking if this six year old would still be swimming at the party for entertainment.

Whether they are pedophiles or not these people are fucking strange.


Eeeeeeew... supporting pedophilia is totally wrong.


I always thought that this was one of the end goals of liberalism as what else can explain the insanity. As the culture falls more deep into dysfunction, sociopathic tendencies and geneal insanity, all of this can only worsen and a lot of it is coming out lately not even counting the religious and cult organizations. Basically at bottom it is people who cannot get attractive sex candidates on their own.

It is disturbing to see people empathizing with people who sexually assault children. I agree that as we see cultural dysfunction grow, this will be minor compared to what is to come.


The SYMPATHY I would give to some Pedophiles would be a single shot to the head rather than stoning!!!!!

Serg97 Level 7 July 30, 2020
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