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Face it. The PC culture.... The SJW... The Femenazi.... Antifa... The extreme left is on full force.... I dedicate this group for all the time they fail... And we love memes here. let it flow.

Face it. The PC culture.... The SJW... The Femenazi.... Antifa... The extreme left is on full force.... I dedicate this group for all the time they fail... And we love memes here. let it flow.

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It was bound to happen. Now the BLM and antifa groups are accusing the "Wall of Moms" of being 'racist' toward blacks.


DeplorableToo 7 July 31
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Okay, I just read the article - twice - and I have no idea who is accusing WOM of racism and what exactly they did or didn't do that was anti-black racist (as opposed to the anti-white racism they've already been showing).
Can someone translate into unwoke-speak?

ktpinto Level 5 July 31, 2020

Don’t Shoot Portland (a group of BLM made up of predominantly black people) accused the Wall of Moms (mostly white people) of "overlooking the safety of Black protesters during the demonstrations and not being truly invested in the cause." They claim the WOMs are "anti-black". They are also accusing the 'racist WOMs of conspiring to help the federal agents because the WOMs filed to be a non-profit organization without approval from the black leaders. The DSP group said that because of the WOMs filing as a not for profit, that, "The lies are finally clear and we are sad but ultimately not surprised that anti-Blackness showed its ugly face with Wall of Moms". (I kid you not)

@DeplorableToo Weren't the WOM the once that stood "against" the police so people can riot in peace?
Is WOM a branch of BLM? If not, what's the big deal about them looking for NP status?
I'm sorry, I'm using logic and that doesn't apply to articles like this...

@ktpinto there is no logic in these domestic terrorist groups. They appear to be turning on each other like rabid dogs.


Ohmygawd! I love when the 'woke' get cannibalized...
(Goes to find her popcorn)

ktpinto Level 5 July 31, 2020

But, they are wearing masks, so they can be identified as "under control"!!!

Serg97 Level 7 July 31, 2020

Hiding Behind Your Mommy..Or Your Mommy in Drag...Inside a Protected Democrat City...During an Election Year....All the Work of Racists, Marxists, Ignorants and Fools....Pouty children All...


Well...Antifa is racist...

White people causing violence in the name of black people? How about burning down black neighborhoods and stealing from their community in the name of injustice? Utilizing black death to start your insurrection? You don't need white hoods to be white supremacists and just because you have a guilty conscience doesn't mean that you're not one.

Fascists are racists. Guess what, moms can be fascists too...


Nothing left to do but go back to being moms, now that they are failed, racist, anti-racist rioters?


Purity spiral


I'm now completely lost in the sea of blm factions, counter groups, supporting groups, and fracturing causes that I'm confused as to why this all started in the first place. Race? Sex? Police? COVID?

So, WOM is anti black for not protecting black bodies but needs to be kicked out because blacks are being marginalized for not being at the front. I'm really not intending to be sarcastic. I'm confused.


It has never been about black lives mattering. This organization is an extension of the original Marxist movement of the 70s, under Asanta Shakur (called the Black Liberation Army). Their goal is well defined in the Pan Afrika agenda as: seeking monetary reparations, establishing a separate country in the lower US states (that they feel is owed to them) and abolishing authority over them.

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