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“Finally, a Presidential Ticket that looks like America” says Variety magazine, apparently forgetting the eight years Barack Obama was President.

Clearly the woke media is drunk with joy that Sen. Kamila Harris has joined the 2020 Democratic ticket. And the choice is crucial, since Joe Biden will be 78 years old by Inauguration Day.

Sen. Harris was nominated for two reasons: her skin colour and her gender. Those are the attributes you’ll see repeated in every headline; but who is she?

The real Harris is an old fashioned, ruthless politician who’s willing to do anything to achieve her ends. She’s neither a true moderate, nor a true progressive; and she’s more than willing to fake it for either camp.

She knifed Biden in the primaries by smearing him as a racist, while portraying herself as a classic victim. A “little girl in California...bussed to school everyday...”, while Sleepy Joe cavorted with segregationist monsters. Although willing to play up racial tension for personal gain — the go-to, woke-progressive tactic — there’s also centre-right Harris, whose law-and-order career as a prosecutor angers the hard left of the Democratic Party.

Those contradictions play into her meaningless approach to health care, a confusing mess that tries to placate everyone.

President Trump welcomes the appointment, and has a long list of criticisms ready. He seems most angry, however, with Harris’s attacks during the Kavanaugh hearings, something the President says “I won’t soon forget.”

Kamila will say or do whatever is necessary — including sleeping with the boss — to get what she wants for herself. Her major qualifications, gender and colour, make her the best fit for the moment.

Sen.Harris is the logical pick for the Democrats, and the worst choice for America.

GeeMac 8 Aug 11
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Harris is as hollow as Biden is vacant. Either one will let the far left of the Democratic party dictate their decisions, this has already been shown since both have capitulated to the change of platforms they stand for. We'll see Biden and Harris let the government overtake our constitutional freedoms into a quasi socialist/communist experiment.


Tulsi ripped her pretty good here


You can sense the panic at the DNC: knowing they had to pick a Vibrant Wuman Of Color, but averse to a scary Commie Afro monster like Stacy Abrams or Karen Bass. Kamala is the right skin tone to fool the POC, while being fully corporate owned and incapable of rocking the Deep State boat.

I want @ramzpaul to be merciless on KAMALA HARRIS. She has so much material it should never ever stop exposing this FUCKING BITCH. Joe Biden can't even find his depends diapers so basically that ticket winning means we have a President Kamala Harris.


Initial impression, she is not good for the ticket. Unlikable.

Gotta say she’s one of the most unlikable candidates ever

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