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FaceBook's fact checkers are on the ball...again...

Obiwannosi 7 Aug 26
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on fb there was an article, muslum man with mental illness knifes jewish man to death. so i commented why, why, why, do so many muslum men have mental illness. i was checked and told it went against their rules or whatever. now a muslum man with mental illness does not go looking for a jewish man to knife to death or a christian. that is not a defence. if he was mental he could have killed his father or brother or the man next door. he deliberately went looking for a jewish man to kill. my comment should have been allowed to stay.


I have been fact checked several times and banned from FB two months also. Still on a ban now. flagrant censorship! I know a lot so they are on me like fly's on sht. I tell the truth and it is not what is being peached to the masses via media and news.

drptree Level 6 Aug 27, 2020

LoL - FB wouldn’t give a crap if that was true or not.

They would ban for using the term “biological woman”

GeeMac Level 8 Aug 27, 2020

I love when fact checking goes right.

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