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More than two-thirds of American students have no idea that six-million Jews were put to death in the holocaust.

The hard left has gutted the education system to a degree where the only history remaining focuses on the sins of America. More and more of the hard right, meantime, enthusiastically embraces anti-semitism and holocaust denial.


GeeMac 8 Sep 16
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The Holocaust wasn't the first genocide, it wasn't the last genocide, and it wasn't the biggest genocide. It's questionable whether it was a genocide at all. It's an event shrouded in lies (e.g. human soap, human lampshades, gas chambers, 6 million dead) and in many parts of the world, illegal to question. Yet, it's the only one that matters. You'd think all the big brained folks around here would wonder why, but few do.


Oh please.

There isn’t a major city worldwide WITHOUT a “Holocau$t Museum”.

The leftists are most Jews, at least their very top tier funders and ideological sustainers.

Open your eyes people, the press is 98% controlled by them.

Anyway, too many people know already. Very smart, locking down people worldwide with the internet being so commonplace nowadays.

Black5 Level 4 Sep 17, 2020

This would be a good opportunity for you to present and refute some of the arguments made by holocaust deniers. Would you like me to direct you to some of their resources so you can debunk them for us?

Walking through the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin at dusk was profoundly moving; however, most of the kids today think it’s a parkour course.

I can accept Holocaust deniers who at least have done some research and engage in debate. The young, uneducated masses, sadly, are simply ignorant.

@GeeMac Jews call the fake holocaust the greatest crime ever committed while ignoring their own people murdering tens of millions of Russian Christians and helping Mao murder a hundred million Chinese.

Those kids giving it the respect it deserves.


So they didn't know about an event that didn't happen?

Slugo Level 6 Sep 16, 2020

I know this. Netflix and Prime and others cannot have enough holocaust documentaries and movies it seems. There are also mis-titled films that lead you to believe that you are going to watch some other events about WWII and before you know it magically here comes the holocaust. Yes, the much larger events of Communist murder are seldom to be seen if at all. Some claim that 6 million is highly overestimated. We know the toll of communist is at least 100 million and counting.

I researched and at GREAT risk found absolutely no evidence for this. None. I COULD list some, but people vehemently arguing just get worse. Those agreeing are quiet.
There's a merging here bcuz Jews did suffer, were definitely hated and thus abused. Many starved, died from very harsh conditions.
This is related to how Soros made his money. His father was involved in taking everything from the Jews.
Jews taking from Jews, yes. Quite horrible.
These were death camps bcuz the Jew l8st everything, became a slave for Hitler's war effort, were targeted with the HEZD of Nassau being amongst the worst Antisemites.
But world population records show the Jewish population went down by around 380,000 from
1942-1946, very approximate, sorry.

This torture, and there WAS of the Jews enlarged way bigger.

This tremendously offends some but as many wrote, absolutely no RECORD at the time by Eisenhower, the Red Cross, and they had no reason to hide anything that massive, that enormous.

It's not unlike the masks today that have no science backing, yet are demanded by so many, believed without proof.
I used to go along with the party line until someone challenged me, and I thought, 'sure, I'll prove it'. Except I couldn't '. It's worth the research.
But they put people IN JAIL for saying so!
Like criticizing Islam.

Also true that more than 100-million people died at the hands of Communist regimes in the Twentieth Century and that’s been ignored totally. If young Americans knew the truth they wouldn't be worshipping AOC, Bernie and socialism and hating their own country.


Solomon Adler
Israel Epstein
Sidney Shapiro
Frank Coe

Look up these names. Our media is run by their relatives. That's why they don't talk about Mao.

Rosa Luxemburg
Kurt Eisner
Paul Levi
Leo Jodiches
Ernst Toller
Erich Muhsam
Emil Barth
Gustav Landauer
Eugene Levine
Karl Radek

These are why they don't talk about communism in general. Most of their friends wound up in American media.


It's a shame that the history of the Holocaust is being glossed over or, just as important, the events which led up to it. It should also be remembered the Nazis goal of exterminating the gypsies and political dissidents not to mention the physically and mentally handicapped. I guess with the generations of soldiers entering the concentration camps passing away so does the insistence of memories.

I guess the failure to remember the genocides by Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot or the hostilities of the Red Guard go against the indoctrination of the left who idolize those political systems.

What led up to it was communist agitating in the streets of Germany in the 1930's. Similar to here today. Also the sexual debauch as seen here also.


According to the study of millennial and Gen Z adults aged between 18 and 39, almost half (48%) could not name a single concentration camp or ghetto established during the second world war.

Not surprising as it was close to 80 years ago.
How many adults can name a single POW camp during vietnam or a single campaign offensive during the Korean war without looking it up online or in a reference book?
I bet you it would be less than half. 😉

Almost a quarter of respondents (23%) said they believed the Holocaust was a myth, or had been exaggerated, or they weren’t sure

That's a lot of different answers to lump together. The first is egregious; it's not a myth. The second is plausible: it's possible it's been exagerated not due to malfisence or politics but merely shoddy records or liberal estimates. The third is reasonable; if they don't know or aren't sure what the numbers are, it's good to admit that.

Eleven per cent of respondents across the US believed that Jews had caused the Holocaust, with the proportion in New York state at 19%, followed by 16% in Louisiana, Tennessee and Montana, and 15% in Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada and New Mexico.

This is interesting. If you look at the map on the actual survey [1], you'll note it's very spread out with no (seeming) rhyme or reason for why NY is 19% and montana 17% but IL and IA are 8% and 6% respectively. Very odd.


Well that would be something interesting to do in your own class room.

I asked my kids and the girls did not know much but the boy did. Although only as much as it involved the WW2 games his been playing.

What concerned me most was that they did not know what happened in Rwanda or Soviet Union, Cambodia or China.

I also don’t think you can compare what happened with the Jews with details about the Vietnam POW camps and Korean War offensives.

You are right about the silly 23% answer. It says nothing.

Was the poll taken in the U.S?

Yes. The original study even breaks up their results on a state by state basis

@TheMiddleWay No surprise really. Education has been underfunded for decades in the states. Devos is in the process of doing exactly that now.



That’s sad for sure, but I’m sure even more students are unaware of the atrocities that Stalin and Mao committed in the 20th Century. The death tolls were much much higher. Of course, the hard left doesn’t want to teach the students that the hard left is a dangerous ideology

and Pol Pot.

Right on.

That may be true for the U.S educational system. In Europe, the standards of education are higher.

Also true that more than 100-million people died at the hands of Communist regimes in the Twentieth Century and that’s been ignored totally. If young Americans knew the truth they wouldn't be worshipping AOC, Bernie and socialism and hating their own country.

We’ve allowed leftists to rewrite history, to the degree that only an anti-American or anti-Western narrative makes the lesson plan. America must be cast as the criminal at all costs.


The eduction system has been the most infiltrated, most modified system in the march of the Left through our institutions in the West. Closely followed by the media.
this means children get indoctrinated from an early age almost every day and when not at school get indoctrinated by a widespread media assault.

Is it time to say the cult of diversity, inclusion, and equality is a full fledged secular religion.

@wolfhnd I've said it for years........

@johnlondon Multiculturalism and, mass immigration policies are simply invasion policies.

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