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LINK SJWs Are Bullying Kids Who Support Donald Trump - YouTube

@DaisyCousens new video guys, check it out.

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KanjaG 7 Oct 16
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I agree. Keep children out of protests and politics. And that applies equally to both sides.


When I was a kid (10) I was at a booth giving out HTVs for my dad who was running as a local council Independent. I knew very little about politics then.
But the ALP had in those days been running candidates for years, using local government as a training ground and publicity for their candidates. In fact they were the only party in our council area that did.
Most people were fine, they either took one or didn't.
But one guy... an ALP voter took one, waited till I turned around in his direction and ripped it up in front of my face... as if that would hurt me or something.
That was my first lesson about LW Progressives and who they vote for and their childish attitudes.

These guys are scary, I don’t know how you could possibly treat a kid like that.

@KanjaG Yep... psychos...


They are attacking in every area on all levels because they are losing. Great video Daisy.

guru Level 7 Oct 16, 2020