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This is interesting

Edgework 8 Nov 20
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Yeah, but at Rudy's presser, she wasn't sure who got them, the good guys or the bad guys? Is there a link to the Beck interview?


The whole server story smells like BS. Where is she getting her info from?


ok so if this is true what will come of it. will they find a court or someone in the Justice dept to who will give it a fair hearing - will the Trump team get a legal and fair chance to make their case?
I'm inclined to think they will not - it will be thrown out - not heard not adjudicated...Trump/the Trump team isn't paranoid - the entire swamp really is out to get him/them.
Like the assassination scene in Julius Caesar. Knives are out and on all sides - Julius Caesar will be killed.

iThink Level 8 Nov 20, 2020

I'm inclined to agree. I can't help but wonder if the powers that be are afraid a Trump victory at this stage would set off a literal civil war. Nobody wants that, so why tempt fate by giving Trump his day in court? Either way, those on the right are pretty much screwed. If Trump wins, the left will do everything possible to make our lives a living hell. If he loses, Biden et al will take most of what we've gained.


So is this: []

I'm sorry, but this "stolen votes" theory is like trying to prove that ghosts exist. If you desperately want it to be a ghost, then you will look at every shadow and see a phantom.

A logical mind will look at evidence presented and then draw a conclusion based on that, not the other way around.

This "Tom Clancy" server thing is either evidence that points to where and how votes were switched or the end of the election challenge from Team Trump. At this point, evidence presented amounts to a bunch of people going to jail but the election going to Biden. If the server thing is real and shows it conclusively, then it is the foundation for the theft of our lifetime. Keeps things interesting. We will see. Seems like a "Will our heroes survive? Stay tuned for next week's show"

@RobBlair Well said. And IF the server thing is real and turns out to be evidence, I'll obviously have to change my opinion from "stolen vote BS" to "stolen vote tragedy." But that's an if. Right now, it sounds like another conspiracy fact. I'm sure you can understand my heavy skepticism.

@RavenMStark - right there with you.

I agree. They should just shut up - go to court - and prove it. Stop dribbling into the media inbox.

@cRaZyTMG Thank you! Well said.

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