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I gotta admit, though, that this is the best "Biden gaff" mashup video I've ever seen.


Biden is a stutterer. This sounds like stuttering to me. But I admit, I'm not a medical professional.

I am on board with someone giving him a test for dementia, though. He's an old man and he's going to be our president for crying out loud. Trump took a test for it, why not Biden too? And I wish they would release test results and medical records for all presidents!


This is the guy who would potentially have to meet with world leaders, and they'll know America is baked and ready to serve with a cold drink.


They should reject his security clearance until he test for dementia.

Xtra Level 8 Nov 20, 2020



First of many. Just a brain dead puppet for the communists.


DEMENTIA AT ITS FINEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY CHINA JOE, WHO IS YOUR BOSS????????????????????? KAMALA????? GEORGE SOROS????? BERNIE?????AOC??????


THAT IS THE COVID COUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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