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Ok Trumpers, explain to me how and why the Democrats so cleverly stole the Presidential election, without leaving a trace of evidence, that they were unable or didn't also win a couple of seats in the Senate in order to govern? What kind of fraud is that?

N0DD 7 Nov 21
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Just because you haven't seen anything you call evidence doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
The world doesn't revolve around you ya know.

The mantra of every tin foil hat wearing nut job!

@N0DD then it is not mine....🙂
You have some ego and not a little rudeness in you.

@Lightman the rudenesss in him sstrongs is....ya rude boi

@N0DD not even star war literate eh.... ROTFLMAO

@Lightman at least you can spot sci-fi fantasy fakes, yeah that figures.

@N0DD yawn... for your info I know a great many facts... did I ask you to stop wasting my time yet?

@Lightman is that a fact?

@N0DD oh yes it is... and everybody elses as well...


Nobody can answer the simple question, if the democrats conducted this amazing fraud against the overwhelming support Trump is alleged to have, how were they unable to similarly in an undetected way acquire a few Senate seats? Simple answer please!

N0DD Level 7 Nov 21, 2020

Yes, keep exclusively following your echo chamber MSM that tells you there is no evidence and cuts away from press conferences as soon as anything comes up that may prompt some viewers to question the narrative!

I'm not saying there's no way Biden legitimately becomes POTUS at the end of all of this, but we're not there yet.

And I always expected that the one objective the Democrats had for this election that was infinitely more important to them than anything else was to defeat the Orange Man, seeing he was more of a threat to them than every Republican senate candidate combined.

Right, and they probably already thought they had the Senate won, just as they thought they would pick up seats in the House of Representatives, but they had to know, despite the line being given to the public, that their poll numbers regarding the president were wrong.

Actually the Dems had the objective "defeat the Orange Man" since Nov 2016. They have unscrupulously tried many dirty tricks in the book to deny Trump and try to extricate him from the WH. No president has ever had to run the booby-trap gauntlet the Dems laid down for Trump and his team from day 1. And please don't try to sell me the Dems and their lunatic left supporters ceased with their dirty, underhanded tricks come election time.

@KeithThroop absolutely correct. The Dems were falsely propped up with the belief that a blue wave, which failed to materialize, was going to sweep across the country b/c the MSM was pushing hard the narrative that Biden's lead was so astronomically far ahead that Trump voters need not even bother showing up. The Dems are very easily deluded with their plans of unearned grandeur they have so often failed to see the forest for the trees the past (4) years.

@NonAgrssvMight That's right - and don't forget the predicted "red mirage"... If anything, we might see the current electoral map exposed as a sort of mini blue mirage!


So far there are are 141 sworn affidavits from people around the US testifying to vote fraud/ irregularities. These are people that are willing to give testimony, under penalty of law with threat of prison and/or fines if they are caught giving false testimony. You remember all the folks from the Obama administration making countless appearances on various MSM shows telling us about Russian collusion? When they were finally subpoenaed and under oath, do you remember how many said they had proof of collusion? I'll give you a hint- the number rhymes with "hero".

rhanna Level 4 Nov 21, 2020

Exactly! I remember Schiffty Adam claiming he had "more than circumstantial evidence" that Trump colluded with the Russians. He wouldn't say that under oath, though!


If you watch, Dominion can be tampered in UNDETECTABLE ways.
Well, I don't believe that! They just need experts to see what happened.
Please look up Biden's lies. These weren't that earth shaking, but still, important.
Joe was perfectly clear, absolutely no gambling, dementia when he's recorded as saying his group effected the greatest election fraud in the history of US.
He was not laughing, nor pompous. Just fact. And totally unapologetic about it.
Hillary was found to be a career liar. Very convincing too, but lying.
It seems Joe is the male counterpart.

Even if you hate Trump, Trump won't ruin your life if you don't vote for him.
And Joe may easily decide you are dangerous. Or your group.
A wild card. Kamala is way, way worse. Doesn't need to lie, which might be good except she will have iron fisted control.

Is that what you want? China WILL move in far, far more.

Just find GOOD younger, Democrat leaders. Maybe Socialism can work.
Maybe not. You'll find out.
Nothing's working in Canada.

Hard to believe, such a short time!!


There is little doubt that there was vote tampering and fraud, how much and to what affect we do not know, there are enough people who came forward to give first hand accounts and the questions about the late night shut down and reversals in the swing states also raise questions among voters. It is in the interest of all Americans that they have confidence in the election process and results. The Democrats and the Media do a disservice to the electoral process dismissing those concerns and again demonstrating contempt for 73 million of their fellow Americans who did not vote for their man. When Al Gore questioned what he claimed were voting irregularities in Florida, both sides allowed 37 days worth of investigating before anyone declared victory. Too often these days we see in politics the end justifies the means approach (especially among progressives) democracy depends on the integrity of the system and confidence of the people in that system, ensuring that not only is the system fair, but also that the people see and believe that it is fair is far more important than partisan politics and its a shame that not everyone seems to get that.

"There is little doubt"....there is also no evidence and the question remains, if the tampering could be achieved so clandestinely without detection why not take a few Senate seats as well? If you faced facts you might get the answer!

@N0DD 1st off the judicial and/or electoral system does not operate on the timeline of a television drama, nor does it rely on supplying proof to the mob. Prior to the election numerous democrat controlled jurisdictions hastily altered voting rules, those rules and the process require scrutiny. There are many analysis of mail in voting that indicate its potential problems both from the US and from foreign countries, there are numerous first hand accounts which indicate some of those identified potential weaknesses might have been exploited by election officials. It will take some time to gather and organize this information to make it legally presentable as evidence, in the end it might be insufficient to change anything or demonstrate significant issues, but it is of critical importance that the process be embraced by all sides.

The 2nd point you seem to entirely miss when you play the role of judge and jury ( which is standard practice for progressives) demanding evidence and dismissing sources as unreliable instead of arguing the substance of the discussion. But questions about the integrity of the electoral process MUST be taken seriously, reviewed judiciously and presented transparently otherwise the legitimacy of the process remains in question. If the public does not believe going to the polls to elect representatives is done fairly then it's only a matter of time until we slip into anarchy and people band together into mobs to seek their own justice. Seeing what has happened on the streets of America this past year based on the left /progressives attempts to questions American institutions and values is a small scale demonstration of lost confidence/ mob rule / and manipulation of facts.

@dirtbill so Trump, the Senate and the Republican Party knew all about this fraud as it was being planned and executed over an extended period and in spite of having power to stack the judiciary in their favour, hold the levers of pwer they do nothing about it and are unable to substantiate any of it! As we used to say, " pull the other leg, it's got bells on it!"

@N0DD Unfortunately your mind is closed and you refuse to see what your own eyes can see, you are letting your partisanship override common sense and your sense of truth and fair play. What is interesting is that the left in general is quick to dismiss contrary information as right wing conspiracy's, yet they continue to state as fact the long list of unproven allegations against Trump without seeing the hypocrisy. It's like debating the divinity of L Ron Hubbard with a scientologist.

@dirtbill as a metaphor for con artistry and gullibility Hubbard and Trumpism is not so far out.👏

@N0DD “A generation of the unteachable is hanging upon us like a necklace of corpses.” ― George Orwell

a good description of the progressive left

@dirtbill by Ceorge Orwell prophet of socialism, a man who actually fought Franco's fascists, alongside the Anarchists, and took a bullet in the neck for his trouble, read Homage to Catalonia for his account of the Spanish civil war, Animal Farm for a critique of Stalinism, 1984 critique of totalitarianism, The Road to Wigan Pier for a critique of capitalism, there is no equivalent body of work from the right, in fact there is little or no right wing literature or art unless you consider the imperial propaganda of Roman architecture or the patronage of Popes.


It's not fraud - it's treason.


By whom?

@N0DD The same group of radical progressives who have done everything in their power ("whatever it takes" ) to undermine Trumps presidency and try to oust him from office without a shred of substantial evidence, which is why they face planted with every underhanded attack they embark on. So now Trump is just supposed concede b/c there is apparently no reason, never mind the mounting evidence in such a short period of time, to believe, even after (4) years of the most unscrupulous dirty politics, that there is any foul play at hand with regards to the election.

If you have turned on you blinders to all the red flags raised surrounding the electoral process being uncovered then you are, I am afraid, simply being dishonest.

@NonAgrssvMight red flags indeed all conveniently raised by guess who? Oh yeah thats right Mr impeached President himself! The stable genius who along with his followers and GOP opportunists believes that only explanation for losing is that the others cheated. Maybe he'll get to share a cell with Ghislaine Maxwell in some luxury Floridian open prison.

@N0DD Have you ever researched your avatar or read the lyrics to "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" ?

@N0DD so let me guess, when Hillary advised Biden to never concede under any circumstances, if the tables were turned I am assuming you were in total agreement to never concede. Only difference is Trump and his supporters are going about it the constitutional way whereas I have no doubt cities would have been burning and innocent citizen assaulted or worse if the tables were turned. BTW, I use history as my guide to make such assumptions.

The fact people like you and too-far gone progressives do not even want to consider the improbable results of the outcomes in many Dem controlled states and districts, such as more votes than eligible voters in some districts, lost votes that were miraculously discovered when pushed, the valid questions being raised about the validity of the Dominion voting machine, the mounting number of affidavits from people close enough to the process to leak serious concerns surrounding the voting/count process. And that from people still bold enough to come forward as whistle blowers, how many more might be inclined to step forward with additional supporting accounts if they were not feared of the scare-tactic-repercussions that the lunatic left has so readily (almost proudly no?) used in attempts to silence anyone who does not align or agree with their totalitarian agenda? AOC being the most recent example of such heinous dirty tactics, suggesting how who helped or aided Trump's ascension needs to be documented so they can later be held accountable. Really?

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