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Amy Adams and Glenn Close are defending their new movie “Hillbilly Elegy”, which woke critics are attacking as right-wing, anti-poor and the “worst movie of 2020.”

In reality, the woke left hates that the movie threatens their core dogma: white privilege.


GeeMac 8 Nov 27
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I literally just watched it.
Was a bit freaked out when I saw this post just after finishing the movie.

It is a very good movie and some fantastic performances from Glenn Close and Amy Adams.

It talks about the important stuff... taking personal responsibility. Taking care of family.
And yes, white privilege does not apply to MANY whites.

Hanno Level 7 Nov 28, 2020

Re-writing history is not enough for those power craved Leftists. Censorship is now among the arts - the last bastion of freedom.

Vote out every single Democrat NOW. Support investigation into their fraud, vote stealing, voting machine manipulation, Deep State activities and call them on being the creators of the KKK, prejudice of every kind and elitism.

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