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USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Gives New Interview Detailing Coercion Tactics Used By Fed Agen..

Pennsylvania postal worker Richard Hopkins took a financial hit after coming forward with ballot back-dating allegations, but fortunately for him, there’s crowdfunding.

Mr. Hopkins, 32, had raised as of Tuesday more than $233,000 on Give Send Go, the Christian crowdfunding site where he posted a campaign last week after being suspended without pay from his job and kicked off GoFundMe.

He added that his employer, the Erie Post Office, “has already been threatening my employment and trying to silence me. I am scared for myself, my family and those closest to me.”

Mr. Hopkins, who first made his allegations anonymously to Project Veritas, said that mail carriers were told to collect and turn in late ballots, and that he overheard his postmaster and supervisor talking about backdating ballots received after Nov. 3, which the postmaster has denied.

House Oversight Committee Democrats said Mr. Hopkins recanted his allegations in an interrogation with federal investigators, which Mr. Hopkins denies, while the committee’s ranking Republicans have demanded all documents related to the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General investigation.

GoFundMe, the top crowdfunding platform, took down Mr. Hopkins‘ campaign after it had collected $130,000 and refunded the contributions. The website did not respond to a request for comment on why it did so.

Mr. Hopkins was placed on “off-duty/non-pay status” on Nov. 10 pending the investigation into his allegations, according to a letter posted online.

Project Veritas president James O’Keefe touted Monday a clarification from app creator William LeGate, who had accused Project Veritas of paying Mr. Hopkins $130,000 for his claims.

Mr. O’Keefe, who said that Project Veritas did not pay Mr. Hopkins “anything,” reported that Mr. LeGate deleted the tweet and retweeted, “Clarification: Project Veritas claims that $130K was raised for him via GoFundMe—regardless, $130K was raised and he claimed voter fraud.”

Mr. LeGate later tweeted that making the Project Veritas “Wall of Shame” was a “badge of honor—it’s Project Veritas we’re talking about, after all.”

Other Project Veritas whistleblowers have also raised money on crowdfunding.

“These whistleblowers take tremendous risks when they come forward and these risks are not just to their career, but their friendships and people in their family,” said PV communications director Neil W. McCabe. “The fact that people want to support them is a good thing.”


New USPS Whistleblower in Philly suburb Elkins Park Details Orders To Stop Delivering Pro-Trump Ma..

Krunoslav 9 Dec 1
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Yeah, but fuck the Ukraine call whistleblower, and fuck Lt. Col. Vindman for speaking out, right? They were clearly lying, and deserve to be retaliated against and dragged through the mud and have their lives ruined, right? But not this guy, since you agree with him, right? Is that how this works?

You should post this on Twitter. I'm sure you will find people who think like you do. I'm not one of them.

@Krunoslav typical of your side, you want your nice little undisturbed safe-space echo chamber. You can't stand conflicting opinions.

@JacksonNought Hardly. I've spend the time talking while the other side spend their time laying and insulting and than censuring. Talk does not work. You can't reason with unreasonable people. How do shake hands with clench fist? BTW, genius who was that invented "safe spaces" and censorship unless it follows the narrative? Why do you think this site was created in the first place? lol I suppose you still don't get it , do you?

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