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Stop the crap about Sydney Powell. This woman has bigger balls than most men in positions of leadership. She's had a spectacular career, and a stellar reputation, neither of which she's going to risk by making claims she can't back up.

She's been saying for the past few weeks that she has proof of deeply entrenched election fraud. Just because CNN and Twitter refuse to give her a platform doesn't mean she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Now the evidence is coming out. And she wasn't kidding.


Edgework 8 Dec 2
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Bigger cojones than most of the GOP



Have you ever receive a single 🆙 or ⬇️ Or anything in between?
Isn’t that some sort of message.

@Rick-A Are you talking about likes? Of course! I've received 3,298 likes, comments, and replies!

BS your nation can’t count and the results are done in Germany.

@Rick-A My nation?


Tucker Fucking Carlson offered her as much un-edited time as she possibly could have wanted to present her evidence. She had nothing to present, and when he asked her, she threatened him and told him to stop contacting her. The Trumpists then turned around and tried to lump Carlson into Pizzagate conspiracies. So fuck off with this idea that she was refused a platform. I've seen her NewsMax interview, she still has yet to produce anything other than wild conspiracies with nothing to back them up. It was enough for Rudy Giuliani to distance himself. Imagine that, someone as gullible and nutty as Rudy thought Powell was too much.

Trump sycophants like Brian Kemp, Doug Ducey, and now even Barr are dismissing any allegations of fraud.

Face it, Trump lost, fair and square.

Would you want your lawyer going on tv to lay out your case for the other side to see what ya had?.. I think not. Even TC should have known that. Of course, if Old Man Murdock wanted this narrative run what's little Tuck gonna do?.. But anyway, if China Joe won fair and square, well, heh heh.. square anyway, what's the problem with checking out all the obvious irregularities?.. DJT is still President for a month and a half..

@MDonaldson you do know that in court, all evidence must be shared with each side before being presented? So the "other side" would see it anyway before the public. Also, if this is the argument, then what's to stop any ridiculous claim from being given equal weight? Let me go on mainstream media and claim, with no evidence provided, that Trump is working directly for Putin because of the infamous pee-tape blackmail.

Remember when Trump claimed he had private investigators in Hawaii digging up "unbelievable things" about Obama, and he would be releasing this Earth-shattering evidence to prove Obama was not born in the USA? I'll remind you if you forget: []

What ever happened with that? Nothing. Cohen even claimed he lied about it. So how is this any different?

Trump is the most hyperbolic person possibly in history. Everything about him is "amazing" and "the best" and "the greatest". He has "perfect" phone calls. He has "the best people". He uses "the best words". He is the "most presidential" person in history. He is the "least racist" person in the room. He is the "healthiest" president in history. So forgive me if I don't believe this is "the greatest fraud we've ever seen".

@JacksonNought Your lot already tried the Putin thing and disrupted the government for 4 years.

Prove it.... you make the claim.... so prove it.... there are affidavits galore and you say no evidence... no proof... so far just crying no evidence doesn't make you correct

@Lightman nope, burden of proof is on your side. Either show your evidence that Biden stole the election, or shut up.

@JacksonNought Nope.... I'm not on a side... not american... no skin in the game... you make a claim time to prove it... or allow a proper investigation...

@Lightman the claim is being made by the Trump side with no proof. That's how burden of proof works. I'm under no obligation to take them seriously without evidence to their claims.

Let's have investigations in every state, not just the swing states Biden won in. West Virginia and Oklahoma or both 100% red - not a single blue county. That seems like blatant fraud to me, we should do full investigations.

@JacksonNought Not on a talk show. Being Murdoch's attack dog doesn't give Tuck special privilege to the evidence that Syd claims she has. And not to you or I. Only to the court and it's officers at the appropriate time, and in legal proceedings.

@MDonaldson until that evidence is seen, there's a concept of "innocent until proven guilty" that we have. So until the actual damning evidence is released and vetted, everyone can shut up with their false narratives.

@JacksonNought That is a cop out and you know it... there are 2 sides to this argument and you have to prove yours just as much as the other side has to prove theirs...
I gather you think all those affidavits are criminally wrong and all the people who made them should be put in jail.... come on.... prove your case. prove there was absolutely no malfeasance on behalf of Biden, the Democrats and their supporters...

@JacksonNought LOL innocent until proven guilty eh... how does that work? Blame someone of collusion with Russia for years and then Impeach him? hmmmm. Hypocrites one and all...

@Lightman my "side" accepts the election results. Your "side" is saying it was massive fraud, and Trump won by a landslide. My proof is the election results. Now the burden of proof is on you to provide actual evidence that it was fraudulent.

Also, the impeachment had nothing to do with Russia. If you want to treat this election thing like the Mueller investigation and impeachment, go right ahead - the Dems can block all investigation and obstruct justice, and then claim they are totally exonerated.

@JacksonNought I don't have a side.... how many times must I tell you that.... ???
You are simply brainwashed and biased.
I see things without your bias...
Good grief I knew you'd be an idiot and misunderstand my point re Impeachment... I know they are 2 slightly different attacks on Trump... my point was your lots have been attacking the man since 2016.

@Lightman uh huh, you don't have a side... yet you agree with Trump lockstep and parrot the party narrative. And feel the need to inject yourself in USA politics to endorse Trump.

And you think you have no bias. Pure hilarity.

@JacksonNought I'm not a Trump fan, never have been... you'll find numerous posts of mine calling him a buffoon actually. His constant tweeting... has been frankly... stupid.
But unlike you I don't ignore the good he has done or blame him for everything wrong in the world.
You can't see the forest for the trees...
I've never parroted party policy... I'm not american... how many times must you be told... and as a non-american I can, with an unbiased eye look at what is happening and call it for what it actually is. Unlike yourself.

@Lightman uh huh, which is is why you repeat the "fake news" line. I don't blame Trump for everything in the world, just the terrible things he has actually done. And being an actual American, you can see the direct effect of what he has done. You seem to blame liberals for everything wrong in the world.

@JacksonNought Really how many times have I REPEATED the "fake news" line... once? twice maybe? What was the context eh... you are a dope.
I blame Progressives for all their stupidity... I blame anyone for their stupidity. Trumps tweets his stupid corona virus flip flopping etc, etc, etc....I blame stupid Americans for not social distancing and wearing masks where appropriate etc, etc, etc... I blame china for their lies and expansionist foreign policies etc, etc, etc I blame islamic extremists for terrorism and IS. really.... do you want me to go on...
How about you try to say something nice about Trump and mention a few of the reall6y good things he's done...


[] works. Tried and got hung up. Keep it coming Ms. Powell. Not there yet.

Indivisible's scorecard was just a rating of the Democratic primary candidates... I read it at the time it was released.

Indivisible also wasn't formerly ACORN. Some former ACORN groups because part of the Center for Popular Democracy. ACORN was stabbed in the back, btw--it was a sham to appease the Republicans.

Indivisible also has nothing to do with Obama. It formed as a loose coalition of local civics-oriented groups after Trump's election.


It’s true, the problem is going to be removing people like Barr a fuvking traitor snd a turncoat.
The deep state has got to be destroyed, Trump needs to bring in the military and clean up what he started.

Rick-A Level 8 Dec 2, 2020

Barr's a traitor? Say WHAT?

@WilyRickWiles That’s another F.
I mean as in fail.

@Rick-A I just don't understand your 5D logic I guess! That's what you call it right? Trump is a hyperdimensional being!


Great... I'm pretty sure we've all been waiting just for that. I know I have.

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