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LINK Michael Flynn Calls for Military Coup, Suspending Constitution After Trump Pardoned Him

It seems bad that the guy the president just pardoned is calling for him to execute a military coup.

The president's (recently pardoned) former national security adviser, Mike Flynn, shared a message encouraging President Trump to "temporarily suspend the Constitution," impose martial law and "silence the destructive media."

JacksonNought 8 Dec 2
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Also you have to enjoy his little tagline there. So freedom is good until your particular interpretation of your god gets in the way?

FREEDOM is great as long as the LAW, in this case the Constitution, is adhered to!!!
PS, GOD is mentioned several time in the Constitution, as you well know!!!!!!

@Serg97 actually it doesn't. Nice try though.

@JacksonNought Maybe not the word "GOD", but it does use the term "Lord" and mentions Christians at least SEVEN times!!! So, I would assume that "Lord" refers to the Christian God!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 "year of our lord" doesn't count. That also put in deliberate rights to not be a Christian, and directly contradicted a few of the Ten Commandments. The Constitution is the law of the land, not the Bible or someone's god.

@JacksonNought Let's agree to disagree, you have your beliefs, I have mine!!!

@Serg97 When one wades into atheist v believer, it becomes a different argument altogether. Flynn's call for a military coup --would one say this is overkill or the way things are bumping along (as long as Trump retains the presidency) is OK. I don't think a military coup will be a warm fuzzy moment in anyone's life - but these people are not going to go away just because Trump retains the presidency. They started emerging from their Fabian Socialist mode during the Obama years when they felt comfortable enough that they could. Americans, especially Euro/White Americans - love their rose colored glasses. There is a personality type in many parts of this country of being "NICE" - not saying what you mean, over-polite, not wanting to offend, and living in a delusion of the warm and fuzzy. Yes, religion - especially Christianity has that weakness, but I don't want to blame Christianity entirely for this. The other side is not encumbered by these disabilities. They've been sucking on the tits of Trotsky and the mammaries of Marx for generations. They are the furthest thing from "nice". Their hearts are on fire with revolutionary ardor but their brains are totally besotted in delusionary Bolshevism that has no word for stop or enough once it gets roaring. So I don't think Flynn is wrong at all - it's just NICE comfy Americans who almost feel in need of a safe space because of his words.

@Saoirse1958 Martial Law has been used SIXTY EIGHT times in United States history, that is an average of once about every four years!!!
We have survived every one of them!!! Kind of like elections!!!!
This is about having another election to over come the FRAUD in the 11-03-2020 election!!! Do you believe the PEOPLE'S voice was heard in that election????
Did you read the part about "LIMITED MARTIAL LAW" in We The People' s statement???

@Serg97 if we did an election re-do, how exactly would you change it? Would we get a couple months to do mail-ins again and early voting in states which allow it? If we don't have a clear new president on Jan 20, Trump doesn't just get to stay - he needs to leave, and Pelosi would become acting president until a clear winner is decided... unless you think we should suspend the Constitution to get around that as well? If so, then what's to stop Biden and the Dems from suspending the Constitution to reverse what they see as fraud in the appointment of the last 3 SCOTUS justices - add Merrick Garland and remove Barrett.

@JacksonNought A couple of ideas, how about requiring proof of citizenship, and vote in person, just for a start!!!!!
Gotta go, get back to you later!!!!

@Serg97 I'll address vote-in-person first. We are in the midst of a terrible pandemic, with 250k Americans already dead. Some people are immuno-compromised, and cannot risk leaving the house to go vote, especially when there are others who don't take it seriously or take safety precautions. It's unfair to deny people voting rights from this. Not to mention, there are several states which already do mail-ins, and it's never been an issue before. You then also remove all absentee ballots, including depriving active-duty military members from voting.

When it comes to proof of citizenship, or voter id, I am all for it - as long as we ensure everyone has a clear and easy path towards getting one. While we're at it, we should also make election day a national holiday, expand polling locations and hours, and abolish gerrymandering.

@JacksonNought The "KUNG-FLU" was used as an excuse to slow down the progress of TRUMP, and to allow for the instituting fraudulent voting!!!
People die of the various flus every year, have you noticed the lack of deaths from Influenza A & B in 2020!!!
Do you remember any MASKS or LOCKDOWNS during Obummer's time in the White House???
We had SARS during his time, also note, there still is no SARS vaccine!!!!
I will agree with the last sentence in your reply, and accommodations for the Military!!!!
And I almost forgot, may SATAN bless you!!!!

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