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Oh boy, was this originally on video? I haven’t seen it so I wouldn’t know if this has been photoshopped.

FEWI 8 Dec 3
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Have you never worn an air-boot before? If you have a minor fracture, something that doesn't require a full immobilizing cast to heal, you get an air-boot. You can still put pressure on it. I suffered an avulsion fracture a few years ago and wore one of those boots, and was still able to put pressure on it. He's clearly not standing there on one leg for an extended period of time, he is walking and the picture is a freeze-frame to stir up a conspiracy.

Remember when W Bush was bruised from choking on a pretzel and fainting? Biden actually got a bruise back when he was VP from playing with his dog. Strange things can happen.


Never heard of someone breaking a foot falling to the ground ? He probably kicked something

Each foot is made up of 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, all of which work together to provide support, balance and mobility. Here's a look at the main structures of the feet.
Its a common grammatical misnomer when people say "he fell and broke his foot". In all likelihood he broke his foot and fell.

There are countless ways a person could "break his foot" - sometimes foot injuries are quite painful other times foot injuries are a minor discomfort - very little pain.
It also should be pointed out that Foot injuries are often treated with cortisone injections which completely mask pain. It is possible - likely even that Biden would plant his injured foot with full weight because he can't feel pain in the injured foot.
If you've ever had a foot injury you would know this to be true.

Here I must tell you that I am NOT a supporter of Biden - I'm a Trump voter. But I know a thing or two about foot injuries and the Biden story is plausible. At this point I see no reason to believe that Bidens foot injury is fake.

@iThink I can believe his doctor prescribed him some really good pain meds... you know the ones that work, the same ones the government says we can’t have.

@FEWI Cortisone injections are available to everyone. You can get strong painkillers with a prescription. I don't have a problem with that.

iThink is right. It's possible to break a foot bone and still be able to put weight on the foot.
If he's juiced on painkillers then he could do it. If you break an ankle bone or the heel then you can't, and so the photo restricts the possible types of injury.

I play rugby and I've experienced these kinds of injuries. I once tackled a heavy dude but it cost me a foot bone.

I wrote an anatomy textbook, which includes visuals of the foot bones. []

That being said, I flat out do not believe the media narrative that he broke his foot playing with his dog.
It would be nice to see an MRI so we could speculate how it really happened. Let's go full Zapruder on this.

Trump needs no meds, and he works 20 hours a day. Biden and Hillary work much less.
Trump doesn't even need alcohol, nicotine, or weed. That's damn impressive.
I would like to see doping tests for Biden, and in fact it should be required of all presidential contenders,
as it is for Tour de France contenders.

There is no question that Hillary was doping.

Go full Zapruder. There are videos of Hillary having epileptic seizures. There are videos of Biden having "senior" moments. Watch every frame of Biden.
I hypothesize that Biden has further undisclosed flaws.

@iThink Not here in my state. I had some extensive dental work done a few years back and was denied percodan, a pain killer usually prescribed to me because I’m allergic to most of them. I was told they are now only given to patients in a hospital setting. The ones prescribed to me were no more effective than if I would have taken a double dose of over the counter pain killers.

@jaymaron I think drug testing should be mandatory for every government employee. I suspect that a few would flunk it.

Maybe the boot is to hide an ankle monitor.

@jaymaron yeah, i just can't think of playing with your dog and coming up with that,, lol I have a warehouse full of x-ray that we scan,, most of them are orthopedic surgeons x-rays,, none of my close confidants who deal with this on the daily agree with that being the story behind the injury,, not saying it isn't an injury,, but i wouldn't be surprised if it was a monitor either after all the shit that has been happening..

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