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Gen.Flynn Speaks At Pro-Trump Rallies,We can't Accept This|Supreme Court|

Krunoslav 9 Dec 13
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We are supposed to look up to a man who lied about colluding with Russians?

Hey, Comrade, even Putin does not support Biden as president ---- elect. You are so far behind what is happening its not even funny. But I guess it makes sense, if you are on CNN diet. Brain turns to mush.

@Krunoslav oh no, not Putin! Why didn't I take Putin's opinion into consideration? I guess we gotta do what Putin wants. So much for Russian collusion, eh?

If you were truly a patriot to this country you would want to be certain the election was totally above board. If, as you say, it was then any evidence to the contrary would be looked at seriously and you would also want to know why courts are neglecting their responsibilities to actually at least look at the evidence instead of summarily dismissing it. An honest person would want to know the truth. If Biden won fair and square there should be no problem with any of this. If Biden won fair and square then the media would not suppress the truth, nor would big tech be so eager to suppress information. You do not care because by hook or by crook you just want a Dem government. Time will come when you too are not happy with what your crooked government does to you personally.

@torontogal4388 well Flynn definitely isn't a patriot - he lied to Congress about dealings with Russians. Krunoslav here isn't an American patriot either - he lives in Croatia and has literally no skin in the game when it comes to the election, yet he posts several times a day parroting Trump talking points... wonder why.

I am definitely a patriot. I believe in our election, and the fact that Biden won. I am not one of those who puts Trump over our country, considering him a god-king. Where was this whole "shouldn't we want to investigate to make sure everything was above board" mentality when Mueller was investigating Russian collision, and Trump was blocking subpoenas, or during impeachment investigations where Trump blocked witnesses? Why don't we investigate every state and all county for fraud, not just the ones Biden won? Why is Trump only suing swing states that went for Biden, but which have Republican legislatures, trying to get them to throw out all votes and just hand Trump the election?

@JacksonNought I'm perfectly fine with an entire country re-count. As far as the Russia collusion, that was thrown out as having zero merit, and watching Mueller testify was actually quite pathetic. He gave the impression of not having even read the report submitted under his name. If Biden won fair and square I would be fine with that, however roughly 1000 affidavits beg to differ with that old fair and square claim. Think about it, a man who hid in his basement throughout the entire campaign got more votes than any candidate in history? Gullible is what I call that. He also stated quite clearly on Oct 25, 2020 · 9:38. that his campaign has assembled the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”. Good ole Biden and his gaffs LOL


@torontogal4388 have you heard Trump's gaffes? If you want to play that game...

And how you perceive the Mueller investigation is how we (non-Trump loyalists) perceive the current vote-fraud nonsense. Rudy is getting $20k a day to represent Trump... hmmm, nothing fishy there. Speaking of Rudy, he is Trump's personal lawyer, not actually employed by the White House or campaign... yet when he got COVID he was able to get the same VIP treatment and experimental cocktail that the President did... maybe on the taxpayer's dime as well... how is that a-okay? He also clearly said, while actually in court, that he wasn't saying it was fraud, and he didn't even know what opacity or strict scrutiny was. All the "fraud" lawsuits have been laughed out of court, so the current plan is to have Texas claim the 4 swing states had different election procedures than Texas, so it wasn't fair to Texas, and therefore the votes should all be thrown out and the legislatures (hmm, all GOP, imagine that) should get to just hand Trump the victory. Yeah, seems totally legit, not an attempt to steal the presidency and nullify the will of the people.

Gullible is other people on this site (I won't name names) who think Biden is currently shaking in his boots and pleading with Trump to get a pardon if he concedes... any day now.

He did not hide in his basement, that is just more nonsense spewed by Trump during his rallies. Instead, he actually took the pandemic seriously, and didn't encourage people (while already admitting to knowing the virus was deadly and airborne) to pack tightly in enclosed stadiums without masks. I guess Herman Cain should have attended a Biden rally instead.

@JacksonNought LMAO

@JacksonNought PS: Enjoy your vaccine 🙂

@torontogal4388 I'm not as "important" as those who lie on the behalf of the president, so I'm low on the totem pole of who gets it. And of course Trump declined to purchase additional quantity, so it'll be a while before there is enough for people like me.

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