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What’s the deal with Bill Barr?

Conventional wisdom holds that he’d evolved into the official administration tree stump, any usefulness long since exhausted, and not very pretty to look at either. He certainly seems to have punted on Spygate, along with his leading henchman, John Durham. And for an agency that shifted into high gear investigating a fake noose, the FBI has been missing in action since November 3, despite a host of red flags across the country screaming, “Investigate this shit!!!” One could be forgiven were they to assume it was intentional. But whose intentions were guiding events?

Let’s not forget, Barr was the lynchpin of the process that ultimately saw Michael Flynn pardoned, his security clearance restored and his reinstatement on the Trump team. This was huge. There’s a reason Obama wanted him taken out. Now, thanks to Barr, he’s right where he’s needed most.

For all the public grousing about the ineffectual John Durham, Barr quietly made him a special prosecutor. As a Federal attorney, he was restricted in the scope of what he could actually prosecute. As special prosecutor, he can pretty much go where he wants and do what he wants. Apparently what he wants is to stock up on additional prosecutors.

Where’s Hunter’s laptop? Where’s the Hunter Biden investigation? Well, turns out it’s been active since 2018. You didn’t know about it? Gee. Guess that means there might be a few areas of government that don’t leak to the Washington Post every chance they get. And yes, the laptop is being used. You know, the one that implicates our “President-Elect” in criminal deals with Burisma and China. Oh yeah, that laptop. All of which must be unsettling to a Biden camp that thought the media had buried the story.

And speaking of leaks, someone decided to let the story go public. The assumption is that Biden’s usefulness now over, they are preparing to throw the whole family under the bus in preparation for a Harris presidency.

The problem with that is, CNN and Chris Wallace notwithstanding, they haven’t closed the deal yet. The time to leak the dirt would be after Biden’s rotting carcass was dragged over the finish line. Truth is, it wasn’t leaked at all. It was announced. Having it come out now does The Old Groper no favors, and instead feeds into the rising flood of revelations about the threat from China.

Perhaps this is why Barr decided to exit the scene. Trump is threatening to declassify everything on China. Everything. While that would likely screw up any investigations in progress, the shit storm would either end Biden’s farce, or the mere threat would have the same result.

And if he still hangs tough, DNI Ratcliffe’s report on foreign interference in the election, and the willing cooperation of Democrats, will be sufficient to trigger any of the extreme options available to Trump: options that would have been politically impossible on November 4, but which now will be seen to be a welcome relief.

Possibly Barr didn’t have the stomach for the impending chaos. It seems his replacement will have no such reservations.

The fat lady won’t be singing for another act or two.

Edgework 8 Dec 15
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Maybe Barr finally grew a conscience, and couldn't stomach the corruption of Trump anymore. Maybe gassing innocent people for a photo-op finally got to him.

By golly, I’ll bet you’re on to something. You just keep on thinking, Dude; that’s what you do best.

@Edgework coming from the guy who is so sure Biden will be conceding any day now...

By golly, I’ll bet you’re on to something. You just keep on thinking, Dude; that’s what you do best.

@Edgework wow, a direct copy and paste. So much originality.


Listen to Fash the Nation.

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