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[] - So where is msm on this?

parsifal 7 Dec 18
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Good PR firms, like the MSM, won't disclose damaging shade for one of their "clients". If they were promoting a particular car model would they reveal a transmission problem that might result in complete failure in ten thousand miles?.. They'll readily hush this story as "disinformation" much like the election irregularities discovered in recent weeks despite myriad examples of evidence and sworn testimony to prove the validity of shenanigans. "Move along, nothing to see here..".


Good thing we didn't elect Hunter to be the President.

We can worry about this if Biden tries to act like Trump and force his children into the administration, despite not passing security clearances.

YOU really don't get it, do you????????????????????????

@Serg97 do you get it? Ivanka and Jared were forced into the administration, and given high-level security clearances despite failing the vetting process. Once Ivanka was a part of the White House, she was granted several trademarks in China for her fashion lines, clearly only fast tracked because of her connection to the President. Members of the administration have violated the Hatch Act to use their platform to tell people to buy Ivanka's clothes. Yet rather than give a shit about the blatant nepotism and corruption in the Trump administration, you want to focus on potentially fake stories about Biden's son, who will not be involved in the administration in any way.

@JacksonNought I'll stand by my original comment!!!!!!!

@Serg97 good for you. Stick to your guns in the face of clear evidence to the contrary.

@JacksonNought Just like YOU!!!!

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