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Powell's Krakran Accepted By The Supreme Court,Georgia To Check In!

Krunoslav 9 Dec 19
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Haha, what a load of crap.

First the whole loyalty nonsense in the beginning. Trump is loyal to a fault? Are you kidding me? Is that why he agreed to pay contractors for work in his hotels and casinos, and then when the bill came due he refused and sued them to he wouldn't have to pay, essentially bankrupting several small businesses to the point that no one will agree to work for him? Is that why he kept throwing people under the bus to protect himself, like Cohen, Bolton, Bannon, Tillerson, Mattis, Kelly, Sessions, Sondland, McMaster, Scaramucci... I could go on. His obsession with loyalty is a one way street, where he expects people to sacrifice everything to support him unequivocally, no matter what he does. A true leader would be humble and accept criticism and being told when they go astray - Trump only wishes to be surrounded by yes men and an echo chamber. Also this notion that people who support Trump are "patriots" and those who don't are "traitors" is serious authoritarianism.

I thought you people didn't support polling and predictions? Yet now you want to claim the election must have been fraudulent because Trump should have gotten 80 million votes and 400 electoral college votes, while Biden should have gotten only 20 million votes and 100 electoral college votes? Where did you get these numbers from, a crystal ball?

Are we really supposed to just take Trump's incoherent Tweeting as fact, and throw out millions of valid votes and just hand him the election? Again, pure echoes of dictatorship.

The cognitive dissonance here is mind-boggling. Now you want countless investigations and you think we should want to ensure the integrity of the election. But of course when we were investigating Russian collusion and the Ukraine call, it was all a "sham" and a "hoax" and a "waste of time" that should have been blocked and shut down immediately. Funny how you only pretend to care about integrity when it is in an attempt to benefit yourselves.

Also, this video is straight-up misleading. Just like the Texas lawsuit, Powell's lawsuit is docketed with the SCOTUS - there is no guarantee they will hear it, and they will most likely throw it out for similar reasons: no standing, and a total lack of evidence.

Just accept it. Trump lost, Biden won. You'll have at least 4 years to to complain and fear-monger, what you do best. Though you, Krunoslav specifically, are not a US resident or citizen and have absolutely no skin in the game, so perhaps you should stop trying to commit foreign interference in our election.

Shouldn't you be at one of those antifa 'autonomous zones'?
Firstly, what happens in the US shapes what happens in the rest of the world (whether we like it or not), so we all have a little skin in the game.
Secondly, Biden is not the president till Jan 20th, IF it happens. Unless you have a crystal ball, you can't say either.
Thirdly, nonsensical tweets? Have you heard Joe speak? The man is barely makes sense. Not that it matters because everyone knows it will be Harris presidency.
Fourth point - you can criticise Trump all you want. Some of those are fair points you made. Have you looked into Joe's ties and dodgy business dealings? Probably not, because you support him, right?


Ignoring the proof at this point would be an admission of corruption by the judges.

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 19, 2020

Yes, I think its obvious to most voters the Judges are corrupt and I don't think there is much trust in the system itself no matter the institution. A republic or any country cannot function like that, so outside of armed conflict or purging of corrupt far and wide, this will not stand.

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