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Repealing the Patriot Act with Rep. Massie

On December 15, 2020, Representatives Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) introduced H.R. 8970, the Protect Our Civil Liberties Act, to repeal the USA Patriot Act and to remove the dangerous provisions from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Joining The New American to discuss the bipartisan legislation aimed at restoring constitutional protections of Americans’ civil liberties is Rep. Massie. Congressman Massie also addresses the unconstitutional provisions within the bloated and recently passed $900 billion coronavirus stimulus bill.

Krunoslav 8 Dec 24
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Good, the "Patriot" act was introduced to try to correct a problem that was caused by government. As usual it was abused and mutated into a cancer that has infected the country and left us subject to the whims of whomever happens to have power at any given time. It needs to go along with anything else that is not in the enumerated powers granted to them by the constitution.


Why doesn't this guy propose a Bill that would make it impossible/illegal to add anything to a Bill that is not DIRECTLY related to the primary reason (title) for that Bill!!!!
Boy, wouldn't that cause waves in the SWAMP???????

Serg97 Level 8 Dec 24, 2020

Well, we must account for double think syndrome found on the left and in swamp these days.

Common sense would suggest what you say, but off course the left and swamp associates like to use nice sounding, noble words and names to programs that do the opposite of what the name is. That is normally called hypocrisy, but in dystopian world of 1984, George Orwell called it deliberate political party line.... called double think.

In George Orwell's dystopian classic 1984, doublethink is the act of holding, simultaneously, two opposite, individually exclusive ideas or opinions and believing in both simultaneously and absolutely. Doublethink requires using logic against logic or suspending disbelief in the contradiction.

The three slogans of the party — "War Is Peace; Freedom Is Slavery; Ignorance Is Strength" — are obvious examples of doublethink. The act of doublethink also occurs in more subtle details throughout the novel.

Just like "patriot act" is hypocritical tool of the tyrants. "antifa" is another. Black Lives Matter is yet another. Nice sounding names, but....

@Krunoslav Try this, "1984" becomes REQUIRED reading in all high schools!!!!
How do you think the current crop of teachers would respond??????????

@Serg97 I imagine they would call it white supremacy, racist, homophobic, transphobic dangerous text. lol

Problem is that its not the teachers who should say to students what to think, but teach them how to think critically and morally. They should not teach what to read, but love or reading. And this is where most professors fail their students, even if they are not lefty, woke fruitcakes. After all they usually don't have practical knowledge themselves, they are just thought by other professors how to be professors, meaning they are parrots not independent thinkers more often than not. Similar to doctors. There are always exceptions, off course.

Usually the information passes from notebooks of the professors to the notebooks of the teachers never passing trough head of either. And with abysmal standards and inflated egos of todays system, its basically just indoctrination camp. Hell they would probably use "1984" as communist manifesto to follow these days.

@Serg97 Animal Farm too. I read Animal Farm in high school (a long time ago) for the first time in civics class. The reason it and the aforementioned civics class isn't taught now is that it goes against the leftist indoctrination.

@spiceywombat Totally agree, Civics was still required to graduate when I went through!!!!!

@spiceywombat yup.

I would like to see a bill that would make it punishable to submit legislation that is clearly unconstitutional.

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