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Should women on death row be treated differently? Or does this fall under a reverse sexism mentality?

The execution of Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row, has been delayed a second time.

Montgomery, 52, got the death penalty in 2008 for killing a pregnant woman four years earlier and stealing her fetus. The baby survived.


toronto_Georgia 7 Dec 26
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I got into the legal system over 50 years ago!!!
IMHO, the whole legal system has been on a down hill slide for that entire time, and it is getting worse!!!
The court system claims to be protecting US from racism, sexism, and all the other "isms", but the court system continues to create more and more "isms"!!! How does/can that help???????????????????????

Serg97 Level 8 Dec 26, 2020

It doesn't. Simple issue, did the person being tried commit the crime based on evidence presented. It does not matter and never should have what race, gender, or any other criteria making the individual charged unique. Either they did it or they didn't. Case closed. Sentence according to the crime with no other consideration tempering the final sentence.

A close friend of mine worked in law enforcement, would risk his life to catch the perpetrator only to have the Courts throw the case out for stupid reasons. I have no idea how law enforcement people can begin to cope with the irrationality of Judges.

@torontogal4388 It is hard and NOT fun!!!!
I got out over 20 years ago!!! Good Luck with what you are getting now!!!


Should women on death row be treated differently? No. Is this delay in execution a sign that women are being treated differently? I don't think so.

Don't death sentences get delayed all the time? A quick Google search brought me this article: [] A chart on there shows that in 2008, the average waiting time between sentencing and execution was 139 months (about 11.5 years). It looks like that time is just going up and up. The last recorded number in there is 243 months (20.25 years) in 2017. It's a long wait!

Interesting. Thanks for finding that. Rather ridiculous that they even hand down such a sentence. I still hold that women should not be treated differently .... but waiting 11 to 20 years for the actual sentence requirement is just pointless.

@torontogal4388 I agree with the absurdity of such a lengthy process. For that reason as I've gotten older I no longer support the death penalty. All it serves is to enrich lawyers, tie up our courts and thus bleed more money from us overburdened taxpayers. The convict derives no benefit from the lengthy appeals process..they're not going anywhere. It's just a game to them. Let these scums guilty of such death-deserving offenses stew in a 6x8 for the rest of their miserable existences 24/7. Just take them out shackled once a week to get hosed down for hygiene purposes. They can't hurt anybody else, save themselves or each other, and the public saves a ton of bucks in legal expenses. But don't give me the "cruel and unusual" argument for such treatment. Each of these dirtbags have impacted perhaps dozens of people by their actions. Speak with the families and friends of their victims and you'll get more "cruel" than most of us can ever stomach.

@torontogal4388 Oh, and as for the women?.. F**k'em... they're just as nasty POSs as the guys.


"Should women on death row be treated differently? Or does this fall under a reverse sexism mentality?"

Well, by many metrics women are treated with less harsh punishments for a long time in the west and in other societies. Time in prison, for same crime. Restrictions and conditions of prisons. Reduced sentences. Courts more likely to bealive word of a woman than a man in various disputes, especially domestic disputes. Divorce laws are far more favorable to women etc. That being said, not all men are treated the same for same crimes either. There a various discriminations not related to men or women, but other factors such as class, corruption, celebrity status etc.

However since the rise of feminism, its not that only punishment were reduced in favor of women, compared to men, but far more damaging was the fact that bad behavior was rewarded when it comes to women, and good behavior was punished when it comes to men and women. This is part of the large societal and cultural problems. However much of it can be traced to feminism being the main driving force. It is poison to any society. Men and women suffer, but no one more than children cought in crossfire. Like the baby that survived in the case you mentioned.

I think it should not be matter of men or women or anything else, but plain old fairness. Everything else is unfair.

I agree. Women should not be given preferential treatment in the commission of any crime.

I'd really rather not get into the whole family court thing as that is a vast and separate issue.

White collar vs. blue collar crime is also excessively skewed and perverts our entire court system.

I do note that criminal sentencing is badly skewed in favor of women and should not be. The crime alone should dictate the sentence without concern for the feminine or masculine ... heinous crime is just that regardless of who committed it. This particular crime was utterly vicious and she should not be saved from the sentence handed down.

@torontogal4388 Agreed.

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