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Life with out Trump ?

B1967 7 Dec 27
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It will go back to being boring, for the better. No fears of WWIII starting due to some childish Tweet starting an international incident. No more kowtowing to brutal dictators, falling in love with them, trusting them over our own intelligence, emulating their actions. No more enabling white supremacists. No more dog-whistling, fear-mongering, and fomenting discord. We can go back to following science and rationality and having actually knowledgeable experts assigned to cabinet roles rather than corporate cronies.

"No more kowtowing to brutal dictators"... Except the one in China.
"No more enabling white supremacists"...
Unless they are Joe's old KKK friends.
"No more dog-whistling, fear-mongering..."
Except for the 'long dark winter' we are about to have.
"We can go back to following science and rationality"...
Except for the extended lockdowns that the WHO say don't work and do more harm than good...
"experts assigned to cabinet roles rather than corporate cronies"...
Except for the expert cronies he's assigned to cabinet positions...

>No fears of WWIII starting due to some childish Tweet starting an international incident.

I'd like to think it would take more than that to start WWIII ... like the Dems insistence on destabilizing the Middle East and becoming more involved in Syria.

>No more kowtowing to brutal dictators, falling in love with them, trusting them over our own intelligence, emulating their actions.

I think every POTUS since FDR has done that, regardless of party.

>No more enabling white supremacists.

Trust me, Trump did not enable White Supremacists. If anything, the #DissidentRight was stronger during the Obama admin.

>No more dog-whistling, fear-mongering, and fomenting discord.

I guess anti-White rhetoric from the Left doesn't count.

>We can go back to following science and rationality and having actually knowledgeable experts assigned to cabinet roles rather than corporate cronies.

I seem to recall every Dem since Clinton dry humping corporations. No diff bt the parties on that front, just a difference in flavor.

@Tom81 so you are okay with Trump and falling in love with brutal dictators in Russia and N. Korea and India, just not China? Also, you really think Trump is tough on China? At this past World Economic Forum, Trump proclaimed that he and Xi "love each other". Trump also applauded China for its "efforts and transparency" on COVID. He has a secret Chinese bank account, he forced through several Chinese trademarks for his daughter Ivanka (corruption of the office), and a Chine state-owned company is his NYC tower's largest tenat. And you really think he is hard on China?

@ZuzecaSape I would also hope it'd take more than a Tweet to start WWIII, but antagonizing a dictator with nukes isn't a great idea, nor is encouraging further divide in the country and rallying his base toward violence against his detractors. You are correct, all presidents have cozied up with dictators in the name of peace, but I think Trump brings it to a new level with his "love" and trusting them over his own intelligence agencies. Same with corporate favoritism - I agree everyone does it, which is one of the main criticisms I have with the Democratic party, and why I didn't support Biden in the primaries... but I would still prefer an environmental scientist in charge of the EPA rather than an outspoken anti-EPA lobbyist. I haven't seen any anti-White rhetoric from the Left. Asking for equality and ending White Supremacy isn't anti-White, though many White people do see it that way, as they aren't used to or comfortable with other races gaining the same equality.

@JacksonNought My biggest problem with #Trump is that he's a disingenuous buffoon. I can't imagine people were so desperate for an anti-pol that they thought Trump was a good idea. The whole term was a series of fumbles and misdirections.

To Trump's credit, however, he didn't fuck up as bad as I was afraid he might. My biggest complaint was that he half-assed everything. It was obvious he had no idea what he was doing. I honestly think he's been succumbing to progressive dementia for at least a decade now.

I really hoped he was running for POTUS just to see if he could get elected, and that he'd resign after the election, but the slow-motion train wreck continued. I thought maybe he was grooming Ivanka for a 2020 run. I could see that. She would have done well. She's smarter, more moderate. Alas, Trump decided to continue fucking everyone, himself included (this term has to be bad for his enterprises).

I didn't mind Trump going easy on Russia and North Korea tho. Russia would be our friend if we'd let them and China has plans to quash any conflagration on the Korean peninsula with regime change in North Korea (they make too much money from South Korea, Japan, and the USA to go to war with them over the DPRK). I honestly don't give a shit about China; apparently we're cozy with commies anymore, so I see no reason to antagonize them over some SouthPac islands or free speech.

I would've preferred Tulsi Gabbard on the Dem side, but Biden was my second; he's milquetoast, he won't do anything too radical. I think the EPA's too heavy-handed; Wheeler didn't bother me that much.

  • Asking for equality and ending White Supremacy isn't anti-White

True, but advocating for actual #WhiteGenocide and encouraging overt discrimination / violence against Whites is.

@JacksonNought you are just a commie simp. Your points are complete shite, and you talk nonsense in circles. Trying to reason with you is like pissing into the wind. Your only mission on this platform seems to be to troll with misinformation, since you can't answer questions or to criticisms of your ideology/preferred political leaders without lying.

@Tom81 hahahahaha. Coming from you, that's quite funny. Good deflection there, troll.

@JacksonNought you calling me a troll and saying I'm deflecting😂🤣😂. Are you projecting again? You really have no self awareness, because that sums up all your posts. Why don't you come back at me with another humourless jab, because your flagrant lies aren't worth addressing.

@Tom81 uh huh. Do you have any actual arguments, or just Conservative troll buzzwords? In the month or so you've been on this site, have you contributed anything of value? You live in Australia, never lived in America, but seem so ingrained in the Republican party and an unwavering Trump supporter. Your first posts were all about the election, seems like you are just trying to spread discord and false information and be a corrupting foreign influence on American politics.

@JacksonNought "Conservative troll buzzwords"??? Like what? I've used leftist buzzwords against leftists. And I'm not a conservative, just anti socialist (and the democratic party is packed with them) and anti authoritarian. I could not care less about republicans. You simple mind can't figure that there's more to political beliefs than left and right.
I may live in Australia, but what happens in the US affects policies here, and no doubt around the world (can you wrap your feeble mind around that?).
"have you contributed anything of value?" - have you? I don't see your posts getting many 'likes'. And I see other members laughing at you too. You only post to troll, you can't debate any point without using lies and misinformation. Your insults aren't funny or witty. You're historically illiterate. You can't answer to any criticism of the democratic party without deflecting to what republicans have done. You just regurgitate MSM garbage. So what's your contribution? To be a low level nuisance? A Biden/democrat cheerleader?


More Islam.


More taxes, less freedom, more gun laws, more overseas military involvement, more corruption, more climate change bullshit, less freedom of speech, more socialism, more unemployment, more welfare, did I say less freedom?

You people said the same nonsense when Obama was elected.

@JacksonNought And it was true!!!!!!!!!

@JacksonNought what do you mean by “you people”? You don’t know what political affiliations I have if any at all. Prove my statement wrong during Obama’s horrible 8 years n

@Serg97 it was true? So he confiscated everyone's guns, as the right-wing pundits shouted about? Hm, must have missed that.

@73jazzbass I take it you are a Republican and/or Conservative. So yes, Conservatives fear-mongered about Obama, with most of their lunatic predictions never coming true.

  • Taxes: Trump lowered taxes for his millionaire buddies, and we will all be paying for it.
  • Guns: Trump banned bump stocks - he was actually stricter on guns than Obama.
  • Military: Trump didn't start any wars, but he didn't actively end any of the currently active wars in the Middle East - however, I am no fan of the failed promises of Obama re: war.
  • Corruption: You do realize Trump is one of the most corrupt presidents in history - he personally lined his pockets with the presidency, engaged in rampant nepotism, and used his power to go after his political enemies.
  • Climate: Nothing wrong with taking initiatives to combat climate change, it is a serious issue we should be dealing with, instead of Trump putting corporate cronies in charge of the FDA and EPA to remove regulations and allow corporation to pollute without consequence.
  • Freedom: Trump wants more freedom? Are you serious? He gassed people on the street so he could pose for a photo op. He attacks the press and calls them the enemy of the people. He actively tries to destroy the 1st Amendment and is letting his evangelical base try to impose Christian theocracy in the US. He wants to remove sec.230 protections because Twitter lets people be mean to him. He called for the firing of athletes who kneel. He fell in love with Kim Jong-un and constantly praises brutal dictators. He wants to subvert the will of the people and install himself as president for life. There is nothing about Trump that represents freedom.
  • Socialism: So people like Bernie wanting to give people $2000 is socialism, but Trump wanting to give people $2000 isn't? Do you even know what socialism is? Do you see that we already have degrees of socialism in our society already? Do you see that Biden won, not Bernie?
  • Unemployment: Trump failed spectacularly with the COVID pandemic, resulting in massive amounts of unemployment. If he took action to try and fight the disease, and encouraged people to take it seriously, we would be recovered like many other countries. If Trump took things seriously and acknowledged the virus was an issue, as he privately said in Feb, he would have won the election easily. But instead he treated it like a hoax and encouraged people to pack together in stadiums for his ego parties. He is personally responsible for killing Herman Cain.
  • Welfare: See above. Trump bungled it, resulting in more need for welfare. While we're at it, Trump is one of the biggest welfare recipients there is, getting the taxpayers to pay for his golf trips and for his Secret Service to stay at his properties at increased rates, personally lining his pockets, while he avoids taxes.
    Freedom Again: Yeah, this is a joke.

@JacksonNought all of your bullet points are wrong and typical liberal bullshit. Dig a little deeper for your research. Do I know what Socialism is? I’ve only studied the effects of collectivism for thirty three years. If you on the other hand knew anything about Socialism you would not make the ignorant remarks I see posted here all the time. If you actually read my post I said there will be MORE taxes and LESS freedom and MORE gun laws, etc, etc, etc. it was a relative comment regarding life without Trump. But as most liberals do you misinterpreted everything

@73jazzbass typical, insult me, call my argument bullshit, but don't actually refute anything I say. Uh huh.

Sure, you can say this is regardless of Trump's policy on anything, it's just the direction the next administration would go. Well then in a similar statement, I could say with a Republican administration following a Democratic one, there'd be more theocracy and Christian favoritism, more wealth funneled to the richest 1%, further erosion of the middle class, more bigotry expressed by elected representatives, more destruction of the environment, and yes, less freedom - attacking bodily autonomy, marriage rights, non-Christian religion, etc. Whether you think your predicted outcomes are good or bad, or mine are good or bad, would depend on which side of the aisle you sit.


Do you mean the new Socialist States of America????

Serg97 Level 8 Dec 27, 2020
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