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I’ve often pondered the possibility that not only are we heading towards civil war, we're already in the midst of one. I take it back. This is not a civil war. That’s the disinformation circulated to convey the idea that we are at war with ourselves. Not true. This is a revolution, instigated by hostile foreign powers that have spent much effort to infiltrate our government and all the pillars on which the culture rests, aided and abetted by traitors within.

The narrative has moved way past the question of vote theft. That was always a distraction. The appearance of spineless leaders seeming to acquiesce to the inevitable march of history and preparing to make peace with a Biden administration will be turned on its head.

Tough times ahead. Stay strong.


Edgework 8 Dec 31
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In general, in any given country, there will be a faction favoring independence
and a faction favoring bending the knee to a foreign power. Why does a
knee-bending faction exist? Because the foreign power gives them stuff. The
knee-benders tend to have an advantage over the patriots.

Once upon a time Iceland was independent, but a faction emerged that favored
bending the knee to Norway. A civil war occurred and the knee-bending faction
won, because they had the help of Norway. Iceland was thenceforth a vassal of
Norway, and Norway rewarded the knee-benders.

In England in 1700 there was a Catholic Jacobite faction that favored bending
the knee to France, and they were supported by the French. The Jacobites tried
to usurp the throne but the English patriot faction won. Parliament cut
Catholics out from the royal succession, allowing only protestants.


Yes, education is a great place to fight locally.

The teachers unions are a mafia.

They oppose private school vouchers. In other words, they oppose fair competition.

They discriminate against good teachers that are conservatives, often
forming mobs to try to fire them. I formally level the charge that they are anti-education.

They tie pay to seniority and level of degree. Bull! The only legit pay scheme
is fair competition and student choice. Their pay scheme entrenches bad
teachers and blocks entry to new teachers. It's an unnecessary subsidy to the
teachers college industry.

Scrutiny of Jill Biden's thesis has exposed the fact that there are many teachers with an
Ed.D that suck.

To teach at public schools you need certification from a teacher's college. Bull!
Teachers unions embrace certification as a way to exclude competition, which they can't handle.
There are lots of great teachers that never attended a teacher's college.
Plus, teachers colleges suck because they're full of leftists. Why give money to these

In fact, if you have a REAL degree as opposed to a teacher's degree, you are likely to
be a better teacher. They make the principal's job easy. Just hire a physicist.
He can teach any science or math class. If a physicist wanted to, he could teach a
history class better than most history teachers.

Teacher's unions indoctrinate students to leftism, and they attack conservative
students. They hold leftists protests and let students out of school to
engage in leftist protests. Their goal is power, not education, and they are using
public resources to do it. This is political looting. Public school teachers should never indoctrinate. This is way way way not okay.

A smart red state would embrace vouchers and go all out in creating badass private schools.
Frustrated parents from blue states would send their kids to the red state's boarding schools.
What an industry!

A state's resources tend to get funneled into a leftist flagship university. Take that away.
build Institutes of Technology in rural territory. Leave the deadweight humanities departments
behind. We can read literature and study history on our own. Leave the tenured proessors behind.
There's no shortage of energetic young postdocs out there.

Teacher's unions oppose reopening schools. Lame. They like online teaching because they
don't have to work as hard. Lame!

There is a business called "MasteringPhysics" that offers online homework tools, and it costs
$80/student. In the old days, professors did the work of grading, and it was included in
tuition. Now, students have to pay extra for grading, and professors are doing less work. Lame!
Whenever I teach a class, MasteringPhysics calls to offer their services and I tell them
to bugger off. I'm not subjecting my students to extra costs, and it's a point of pride
that I personally grade homework.

I've taught hundreds of university classes and wrote 30 textbooks.
I'm waging war against the teacher's unions.


Maybe, we should start this REVOLT in OUR school system and put a stop the the way OUR children and their children are being educated!!!
This is one of the few things that we can truly get started at a LOCAL LEVEL!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Dec 31, 2020

i feel it's more like a revolution than a civil war as both side democrats and republican minded people must end the corruption and start with maybe a new way of electing a president.....

The old way works fine. It is the cheating and the corruption that's causing the mess.

@eschatologyguy for the old way which was the last election mail in ballots has to be cancelled electronic vote telling must be checked and double checked etc. i say a new way....but your right the old way of paper ballots with honest bean counters....some say the bean counters have been in charge for the last 100 years and they might well have been there's a lot of power to own bean counters....

@1patriot all those newfangled voting methods were part of the cheating process. The subverted were running the whole show.

Yes, old-school voting is better.

In Ancient Athens, to vote, you had to show up personally.
You dropped either a black or a white stone in the jug. Everybody got one stone.

Many offices were chosen randomly, by lottery, and they had fancy machines to guarantee that the lottery was fair.

Most offices had a term limit of 1 year and they couldn't be repeated.

Athens had strict citizenship requirements and rarely admitted new citizens.

You need ballots made of paper or stone. You can't trust bits.

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