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I’m not really sure what to think of James Howard Kunstler predictions for 2021. How credible is this guy and what are the odds of him being correct? Geeeez...What an awful mess. Just thought I would share.


FEWI 7 Jan 2
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Predicting the future used to be a history lesson. History repeats over and over. This ended on the 16/07/1945 with the first atomic bomb test.
In the past you could count on some evil "prick" starting wars and massacring innocents, then an uprising and the "good guys" fight back. If the good guys get the upper hand the bad guy would pull out all the stops in evilness to try to win.
That went on with some differences in each case.
Now not so much! This time the good guy and the bad guy have the ability to end mankind many times over.
Do you think they won't press that button?

Somebody sent me a picture of a barely-visible noonday sun in CA during the wildfires a couple of months back and what immediately came to mind was what Carl Sagan called a Nuclear Winter. "The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light." That one too. I think you're right. Somebody will eventually push that button.


I normally have a prediction, but I'm just not feeling anything will follow the route of logic in 2021.
I just wish the fighting would start, it will get there eventually, why keep destroying western civilization on a daily basis, by postponing the inevitable?


I’d take that future, but I think it is way off. It starts off sounding like a letter to Santa and ends up sound like a dystopia movie script (for the most part). Most of that is unlikely to happen, especially if other things in the list happen. Some things would be mutually exclusive. I believe this prediction is an attempt to cover the potential outcomes of all the “what ifs”. It’s a good way to set up so they can later come back and say, “I predicted that” and quote the part that worked out.

Let me try. I think my greatest fears will come to past and OBiden will be inaugurated. Harris will take over as president and we will have seen the end of a free America. We will become one of the 3rd world countries ruled by a one-world-government. Vice President Pence will fulfill his constitutional duty under the 12th amendment and refuse to count the illegitimate electoral votes based upon the fraudulent general election (popular vote) and force a representative vote (1 per state) in the US House of Representatives. The US economy will make a gradual recovery due to Trumps actions to decrease unemployment. We will lead the world in recovery from the fear of covid virus as everybody finds out that it has a lower mortality rate than the common flu and the numbers of Covid19 deaths are exposed as numbers of people who died while they were presumed to have had the virus rather than the number of people who died as a result of the virus. The national debt will
balloon to unrecoverable heights, but due to unprecedented inflation throughout the world, nobody will be any better or worse off, except those on fixed incomes who will just die off and make more room for the next generation of government slaves.

There, lots of predictions. One or more will turn out to be correct and I can say, “see, I called that”. Never mind the fact that most won’t happen because they can’t happen of others happen.

In my cynical opinion. (IMCO)


Sounds like a worse Depression than the 1930's!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Jan 2, 2021

I know. Our parents and grandparents are turning in their graves.


Most of this will never happen.

The linchpin upon which all of this hinges on is the presumption that the Republicans want to fight this every step of the way, no matter what the cost to themselves politically. But they don't.

They have shown America that the majority of them really do not care whether fraud has been perpetrated on the American people, that they are perfectly fine with a return to "business as usual." They aren't about to put their status as career politicians in jeopardy, least of all for the voters. The few who've had the stones to stand up and refuse to accept it don't have the power within the Party to drive the effort.

So without that political leadership and the ability to exert pressure, what drives getting the election audited, much less overturned? The courts have already given the middle finger to anyone who's pressed the point. The Supreme Court is allegedly terrified to hear the case and be the cause of riots. Heck, Republicans didn't even have the political will to get Section 230 repealed while they have a supportive, lame-duck President willing to sign off on it, even though it led to catastrophically unbalanced election coverage.


Seems more like a fantasy wish list to me.

In the beginning; yes but the latter part is disturbing. A plaque in L.A.? The collapse of major corporations and economic carnage. Scary

@FEWI Anyone invested in the markets, particularly REITS, needs to be extremely cautious this year. I've seen all sorts of rumblings lately from multiple sources (not just the finance MSM) that the potential of a crash far worse than 29 is brewing. And with the Great Reset even the Banks are at risk of becoming unnecessary as the Fed would be the "banker" of all citizen's UBI.

@FEWI The plague in LA has already shown its nasty head in the later part of 2020. The 6 months long flooding in China has the potential of massive water borne diseases including the dark ages plagues. Famine is also seriously on the horizon for many parts of the world.

@toronto_Georgia LOL, you don't say!
On the very first announcement of 'lockdown' here in the UK, I said to my eldest son..."this is serious, there won't be any work!" OK, it's not 'financial speak', but it's the same fucking thing.
Anyone with even the most mediocre mind knows, that this is going to be a catastrophe, on a biblical scale!

@AdrianRainbow I agree with you totally. What I was initially referring to was the "savings" people put aside throughout a lifetime of working is also potentially being utterly destroyed. When you are old and no longer able to work... to see all your scrimping and investing go pooof is devastating as you will never again have youth and health to "do it again". You're forever shit out of luck when you most need the fruits of your labor.

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