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List of corporations that have cut off support for republicans over capitol riots:

Dow Inc.
Wells Fargo
Boston Sci

This is REALLY hurting the republican party badly now! Trump has really damaged the party and this is LASTING damage. 🙂

bastion 7 Jan 12
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Thanks @bastion for a list of the corporations we need to boycott!

why would I care?


@Bastion: I realize you hate Republicans but, why does this not bother you? If the same thing happened to your group and yourself, how would you view it them?

You don't need to answer. I really want you to reflect.

it doesn't bother me, i think it's funny.


I doubt that Trump has damaged the Republican Party. I suspect that his genuine support among Republicans is exactly what is was before and is as strong as ever and that those who never really liked him just feel free to be more open about it now. I seriously doubt that any of these corporations won't give to the same RINO's they have been giving to all along. Frankly, though, I almost wish it were true that they wouldn't. It might be a good thing if funding for some of these people went away. Then maybe they would go away as well.

The GOP was already on life support when Trump came into the picture


Wow thats a long long list of communist organizations!

N0DD Level 7 Jan 12, 2021

If you think they will protect some trans online looking for a bathroom and you think this is republican vs democrats you have lost the plot Bastion. But than again, you don't seem to ever knew what the plot was. So there is that.

i don't think that lol, nice weird strawman attempt.

you guys and your obsession with bathrooms and trans people is VERY odd.


Trump is leaving. This too shall pass. Not lasting damage.


Globalist short list...

2peros Level 8 Jan 12, 2021

Is see Trump in the future - bigger than ever!


Guys, The leadership bldg of the most powerful nation in the world was "breached" within hours by people breaking glass windows and using the provided "barriers" to climb walls? And you believe this shyte?

Is shite with a Y a "special" kind of shite? We love you go home!

@N0DD May ye be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows you are dead.


How many protesters actually invaded the Capitol? Maybe a few dozen of overzealous people. For that, the whole Republican Party will suffer. What happened to balanced thinking?

Overzealous! Yep thats the word for it.

@N0DD hypocrisy at its finest...

@2peros yeah spot the difference careful now its not easy to see, on the one hand the incumbent POTUS incites a riot to attempt a coup and overturn a democratic election in his own country (thats definitely a first!) on the other hand loads of protesters take to the streets following murder of unarmed or mentally unwell black people, rioting and looting breaks out etc. Thats been going on for decades.whatever point you think you are making hypocrisy doesnt come close.

@N0DD nice tin foil hat you have there...

@N0DD I agree. Your overzealous corrupt leftists that managed to hijack the entire peaceful process. Amazing what a little TDS can do!
Seth Rich is dying to tell his story!
You leftits are beyond the word evil, you are marinated in evil!

@Rick-A TDS more infectious than corona.

@N0DD You should know, you are the evidence that TDS is more dangerous than your engineered virus.
You do know that you are showing signs of TDS? Just a heads up for you.

@N0DD I think that caption was meant to say, “Joe we shat in the basement because we know you stole the election and we also know the Hunter is up to his “ass in young underaged girls”.
You missed all the that stuff NODDy boy. Convenient hey, your selective focus on Trump has been induced by DON LEMON and the ASSHOLE COOPER.
The good news is Hearing AIDS has almost been cured!
PS Start watching NewsMax it improve your life dramatically!

@Rick-A "selective focus on Trump" the twitter storming attention seeking narcissistic dumbass that loudly proclaims his conspiracies, and lies, incites a riot to overturn a democratic election in the seat of his own government! Not much focus needed there.

The difference between a monkey and a human is this. A monkey gets things right 50% of the time. A Democrat gets things right about 10% of the time. Solution: let 4 Democrats vote and maybe their success rate will be 20%.

You clearly need serious help! You buy all this crap as easily as you buy a bag of fries from McDonalds.
I have a bridge for sale!
As you admit, your not focusing or paying attention to anything.
Can you focus long enough to say this, “No Fraud here? Goooood!
Now can you say, “Hunters laptop?”
That is getting better, good.
Now can you say, “Don Lemon?”
Can you say, “NWO, UN, and Soros?
You are now fully converted to the Biden faith! You country is now their country.

@Rick-A yeah that seems pretty coherent, try again when your sober.

Hello 2peros. I'm not taking sides, but even if the list is correct, why look at the poor behaviour of the others and feel better about yourself? No matter which side, those who resort to violence should be condemned, surely, no?


Will it fall to Kamaljoe to ask corporations to start funding the toothless opposition again?

sqeptiq Level 7 Jan 12, 2021

No this is a managed show, when the MSM and FUCKERberg get recognized for the evil that they represent good people will say, oh my god , we made a mistake. The pendulum principle, only one way to go - UP!


Ever sense the capitol moved to DC the intentions of the federal government have been to enslave the whole of the USA, as DC has never been part of the USA, that's right It is the District of Columbia a separate city state just like the Vatican.

KeVince Level 7 Jan 12, 2021

Nail on head hit! That'll be your own head so no damage done.


The swamp wasn't only democrat we all knew that. Now they are out of the closet...


@KeithThroop Now we know them by name!

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