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American, Protector of the Realm. Once upon a time America courageously opposed evil in the world.

World War I
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
The Berlin Airlift.
The Barbary wars. Europe couldn't control the Barbary pirates so Jefferson crushed them.
Yom Kippur War of 1973. Nixon and America saved Israel.
Trump crushed ISIS. Trump turned ISIS into WasWas. Obama failed to crush ISIS.
The Cold War: Opposed the Soviet Union, leading to its collapse.
Gulf War 1. America kicked Iraq out of Kuwait, and the Saudis welcomed America to build
military bases in Saudi Arabia. At the time, Iraq had the 5th largest military in the world
and was considered a formidable foe. Turned out they were sitting ducks.
Texas Revolution. Americans rushed to help Texans.
Civil War. Slaves emancipated.
Kosovo War: Croatia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina were liberated from Yugoslavia.
Panama War: Liberated Panama from a dictator and restored the Panama Canal to operation.
Bombing of Libya: After the bombing, Kadafi behaved. Kadafi exposed the secret
nuclear trade involving Pakistan and North Korea. Kadafi paid up for the
Lockerbie bombing. Kadafi built and aquefer irrigaiton system without
incurring national debt.
Granada War: Liberated Granada from a dictator.
Haiti War: Liberated Haiti from a dictator.
Trump sanctioned Iran.
Trump sanctioned China.
Spanish-American War. America liberated from Spain the territories of Cuba, The Philippines,
Puerto Rico, and Guam.
America crushed the Taliban.
Trump enforced a stance against chemical weapons, with real cruise missiles in Syria.

Biden destroyed America's legacy as Protector of the Realm. He will cripple
American strength to the point where we will be unable to help the world.

Trump: We're going to win so much, you'll get tired of winning.

Lombardi: Winning isn't every thing. It's the only thing.

Kirk: I don't like to lose.

The left doesn't like to win. I miss winning.

jaymaron 7 Jan 25
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If Biden keeps as many of his promises as TRUMP did in his first four years, you well may see REFUGEES from the USA!!!!
I may be one!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Jan 25, 2021

The only one on your list that I have a problem with is the Spanish American War. America overran the Republic of the Phillipine Islands after helping them be independent for 3 or 4 years. We gave Cuba back, because at the time, it was a concern of having an offshore state in the Union. Takes a lot of digging to get into the quagmire of the politicking involved.

There was a US military police action in the 1950s in Morocco .

Libya and Kadafi were trying to get off the world globalist system, on the gold standard, had all sorts of achievements in culture & society. Tried to create the greater Africa Union. There was even pictures of the advancements of agriculture in Libya in the National Geographic magazine. I am not so sure he was the boogeyman that the powers that be portrayed him as.

Overall though, I love the post and the meme.

Gadaffi warrants study.

Once upon a time there was a secret nuclear collusion involving Libya, Pakistan, and North Korea. Qadaffi reported it to the United States and handed over all his nuclear material to the United States.

Qadaffi established an aquefer irrigation system without incurring national debt.

Qadaffi established free education, including college.

Qadaffi provided free health care to all Libyans.

Qadaffi improved Libyan literacy.

Chairman of the African Union from 2009-2010.

Gadaffi was granted a 15 minute speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations, a great honor. Alas, he overdid it by speaking for 90 minutes.

Qadaffi held power over Libya for 34 years. Not easy to do.

Hillary screwed it up. Things were going well in Libya before Hillary, and went poorly after.
Poor nation building. Hillary was one of the worst Secretaries of State of all time.

@jaymaron I believe his personal bodyguard were all women, they could be trusted. He also gave women equal rights and footings, I thought.

Subsidized and gave land to people who just wanted to farm.

Send sick people out of country to get the best medical attention, if they could not do it themselves.

He was humanitarian is some aspects, quite liberal for the stereotypical dominating muslim man.

Thank you for your comments and insights.

America built itself into a great nation, and America is also a great nation-builder of other
nations. America manufactures greatness and exports it.

America conquered and ruled many nations. In almost all cases America restored
independence to the conquered nation, and the conquered nation usually
prospered. Lately, our nation-building sucks.

Successful nation-building:

The South after the Civil War
Texas (Became a state)
American Samoa (Source of football players)
Cuba (Was doing well before Castro)
Kosovo War: Croatia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina were liberated from Yugoslavia.

Nations that didn't prosper:

Philippines after the Spanish-American war
Philippines after WW2

@jaymaron Yes! The Texas one is a real good one too. Look at their contract to join the Union, and they exercised a clause when they joined the Confederacy. But I am more referring to the legal ability to break up into 5 pre-approved states. 10 senators, ect. It would reshape the House of Representatives 'disturbation' for sure. Also brings to mind the state of Jefferson ( Northern Cali and Southern Oregon). Excellent thread my friend excellent.


swiffer it all!

RDion Level 4 Jan 25, 2021

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