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International Women's Day is coming up! (Mar. 8)
So, what am I supposed to do? 😂

Naomi 8 Feb 26
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If gender is a social construct, then why do feminists exist?🤔

Tom81 Level 7 Feb 26, 2021

Traditional feminist are against this gender bender you choose what you want when you want without actually changing anything.

The modern version of feminist, another story.

@Hanno I have no beef with traditional feminists, infact agree on a lot of issues. But this 3rd wave or 4th wave trash is marxist post modernism that has gutted traditional feminism and is wearing it like a skin suit. Most of the traditional feminists are older, have already won most of their battles and will get pushed out of the scene by the cannibalistic and radical extremists that are young and have plenty to prove. You could say a coup has taken place in the scene between the old and the new, and feminism has become completely redefined.
Still, gotta love the irony - the people pushing female victimhood/supremacy, are also claiming gender doesn't exist or gender is whatever (and whenever) you want it to be.


At least it gives me a good excuse to treat myself with good food and wine. 🙂

Naomi Level 8 Feb 26, 2021

I say go for it.


Imagine how many "Days" we'd have to have if the gender loopies were actually correct.


If I remember it I might congratulate my wife, lest she gives me crap for forgetting it again. But as I told her I don't recognize any UN International Day of anything. Perhaps if they had an International Mopars day I might.

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