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Powderkeg. The Feds own 27% of all American land, and 61% of Alaska.
The Fed proved it will bully states over this land by banning new drilling and exploration.
States will have to secede and reclaim their land.

jaymaron 7 Feb 27
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In 2012 Utah passed an act demanding that the feds hand over all federal land in Utah to the state of Utah, including mineral rights. The feds refused.


I was shocked by how much fed govt owned.

Anyone else see an overlap with democratic voting counties and federal ownership?
If so, what's up with east coast?

There is also an overlap between government workers and democrat voters.
Democrats like big government because government workers tend to vote democrat. It's vote bribing.
It mafia government. Republicans can virtue signal that they decline to do this. Drain the swamp!

Back in the day there was market competition of governments. The Feds had to coax states into joining The Union. There was pressure to write a good constitution because they had to coax states to ratify it. The Constitutional Convention would have meant nothing if the states had not ratified their constitution.

Many of the original 13 states joined The Union on condition that The Union cancelled their debt. It was a buyer's market. States wanted to be part of The Union.

The Union proved to be pretty good, so good that the independence-minded Texans voluntarily joined. But as Timon_phocas pointed out, Texas joined on its own terms. They earned those terms by earning their own independence, by kicking Santa Ana's butt.

The film "The Alamo" is available for free on youtube.

Remember The Alamo!
Remember The Goliad!
Remember The Steal!


That's one reason Texas is such a leader in energy production. Because it was an independent republic when it joined the US, it has jurisdiction over its own mineral resources.


I had no idea the Fed’s owned that much of the western US.


No government should own land, make an amendment


Fed exceeding its Constitutional authority again. Convention of States!

Great idea. Even if secession hasn't happened, it would be glorious to see a convention of red states. Call it a caucus.

@jaymaron. Yes. Way less risky than opponents claim. They are afraid of it and use scare tactics to dissuade others - as the Left tends to do. But they stand to lose if the original Constitution is reinforced, as a COS can, and probably would accomplish. The Left would regard that as nuclear war, and would engage every nasty trick in Tsun Tsu's "Art of War" to prevent it, with utter disregard and contempt for the rights of We, the people."


Maybe this is where it is heading .

psowell Level 5 Feb 27, 2021
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