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my file went missing at an uic office. the boy at the desk was not white and said he knew nothing about it. the file was missing three months and finally the manager decided to look in the boy's drawer and there it was, my missing file.


and the kiddies in China and India and Russia are all marked on merit...

Hanno Level 7 Feb 27, 2021

San Francisco Board Of Education VP: Meritocracy Is A Racist System. Politically correct progressives running SFUSD advocate an intersection of woke political theater:

  • Punish success.
  • Reward failure.
  • Encourage irresponsibility and dependence on government handouts.

San Francisco's school district is run by progressives with one of the most favorable tax dollars to student ratios in the United States. Avoided by a majority of those living in San Francisco, 50% attend private school, only 11% of whites attend public schools. Anti-meritocracy is one of the tools of the racial spoils system. Lowell High School is the Crown Jewel of SFUSD, it is the next target to dismantle. Nerdy kids do very poorly in schools dominated by hood academics, they will end up spending most of their time avoiding getting beat up instead of studying. That is what Lowell is about and what the board is aiming to destroy.


The Trump DOJ launched a lawsuit against Yale for admissions discrimination, and Biden killed it.
Biden formally endorses apartheid.


Harrison Bergeron holding on line 1...


I finally read that today. I think I saw 1961? It's amazing how, when looking back, one sees so many looking forward but so broadly ignored. Rebuked even.


We've become Khmer Rouge Cambodia.

Advanced programs are necessary to cultivate scientists and mathematicians, and to empower nerds. Democrats are racist against nerds.

SAT bias at elite universities:
Asian -140
White 0
Hispanic +130
Black +310

This is apartheid.


Advanced programs are necessary to cultivate scientists and mathematicians

Not anymore. Now the thinking is that math is racist and that teachers need to understand ethnomathematics.

Apparently, grading for correct answers and the ability to demonstrate how you arrived at that answer is considered racist.


Feels like we've gone beyond even forced equality and now stupidity is being virtue signaled.

Totally unacceptable and likely to result in an equal and opposite backlash.


I don't believe they see it as stupidity; they see it as perfect balance. A world where someone who has ability, drive, and ambition now has the same chance at getting a job as someone who has no desire to do anything except smoke weed and play X-Box. Perfect societal equity.

I am really starting to believe that the greatest sin of white people - and Asians are being rapidly thrown into this group - is they try "too hard." That the cultural practice of having a strong work ethic inherently creates an unfair advantage vs "cultures" - and I use that term very loosely - that aren't oriented to work hard.

After all, they've already said that punctuality is a form of white oppression. If you can't even show up at an agreed upon time, what does that say about the "culture" you subscribe to?

@jaymaron , @Alysandir this is not about equality. Its about equity social justice style which is a zero-sum game.

@jaymaron, @Alysandir they want power and if they achieve it equity will be the last thing on their minds. They are so wrapped up in their cause they forget they are dealing with real people that when they have had enough will fight fire survival.

I agree that it's about power. In a society that respects merit, merit has power.
Leftists don't want anyone else to have power. They attack all other sources of power.

Meant equity rather than equality in my earlier statements.

@jaymaron 👍

Is anybody watching, you could put down black, if your Asian just put down Hispanic. I would think ivy league will check as they are carefully limiting admission. But you never know you might just get let in and get some school money. I suppose tring to game the racial spoils system could work to a point. It worked for Elizabeth Warren.

Universities factor in your neighborhood and social credit score in admissions.

Praise the lord that we have Turning Point USA to provide a social network for republicans in college.
I agree. Any republican that gets a full tuition scholarship at a leftist university should go, just to be a nuisance. I agree that it's fair game to game the system.

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