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Let me get this straight.

On eBay, you can presently buy "Mein Kampf." You can presently buy a number of books by Louis Farrakhan. You can buy Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses," a book so offensive to the Muslim community that a fatwa was issued on him.

But allegedly you cannot buy one of the six Dr. Seuss books that were recently announced to be racist and problematic, because eBay will remove the listing under its "offensive content" policy.

EDIT: The books seem to be available for sale on the US and UK eBay sites, so perhaps this is someone acting without authority at eBay?


Alysandir 7 Mar 4
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Some left leaning sites are claiming that the books were not actually banned. That it is a right wing conspiracy theory. Obviously you are not the only one confused.

I exist in a state of confusion.

But on the bright side, that apparently makes me more qualified to be President some day.


I think the Germans called this 'BOOK BURNING"??????????
Is anyone paying attention??? Does anyone know THEIR history??????????

Serg97 Level 8 Mar 4, 2021

Mm. Just checked on and one of those books is still there. The prices though...

Perhaps this is someone acting on their own within eBay? Or perhaps they already reversed the change realizing what a kerfuffle it would cause.

EDIT: Also possibly limited to the UK version of eBay, since this is a UK news site?

Mm outrageously expensive in the UK too. Perhaps it has not been found whoever burns bad books yet.

I was thinking that I should really get a nice copy of Ovid's Metamorphoses before some notices it is very non-PC.


Well, if you'd like a recommendation, I'm told Shakespeare's works have an appalling lack of representation. I'm sure they'll be targeted soon enough.


So how many offended people does it take to get a book banned on eBay? I wonder if anyone, or a group, has declared offense at Mein Kampala, Satanic Verses, or Farrakhan’s books. I’m guessing it took only a news report to ban Dr.Seuss.

Garsco Level 8 Mar 4, 2021

I imagine it took literally no protest at all. This is Big Tech we're talking about; I'd guess someone at eBay did this on their own.

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