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Oops... how quickly reality changes for some people

Edgework 8 Mar 5
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No sense in calling out the left as hypocritical or having double standards. They'll just say it's like taking an old car off the road or some such illogical comparison. I think the intent of the books was basically to entertain and help children to learn to read. Does anyone think Michelle Obama now realizes the racist content of the books and wonder at why she was not smart enough to have seen it earlier?

Or maybe "the left" calls out your bullshit cries of "cancel culture" when the Dr. Seuss organization retired only six of their books of their own volition, and they aren't even ones that many have heard of. Same with Mr Potato Head - the company made a decision. Same with Looney Tunes - the company made a decision to throw up a message, no different than the ratings on movies and TV.

You also realize that Michelle is not "the left" nor is Biden.

@JacksonNought Are you in a wheelchair?

@FrankZeleniuk that is the second time you have asked. I am not sure what that means or is supposed to imply? Are you in an iron lung?



@Edgework wow. Such a well thought out rebuttal. The height of engaging civil discourse.

Aren't you the one who consistently floated Q conspiracies and claimed Trump would be inaugurated? How'd that go? Oh right, the real date was the 4th. Oh yeah, how'd yesterday work out for you? Oh right, it got moved again to the 20th. If you want a clown, you may want to look in the mirror.

@JacksonNought It's just a question. I'm not in an iron lung. I do understand what that question means and what you are implying.

Remember that post of yours that equated the CPAC stage with a fairly forgotten and unknown German rune used by the Nazis? The stage was designed by some Democrats and I wouldn't be surprised if they tipped off the press about it as well because who would have noticed and made the connection. Someone into symbology perhaps, but not the general public and certainly not attendees at the convention. I sort of had to look at it from a few angles before I could see the connection.

Anyway, I'm not here to debate you. Debating leftist activists is tedious and unproductive.
I'm sure you feel the same about debating the right. I am more interested in learning about yourself and where you are coming from. Who would you consider your primary political mentor? Or, being a Satanist, are you mostly concerned with religion?


Are you in a wheelchair?

You are right here but you overlook 2 points.

1 Dr Seuss may well be an outlier example.

2 So the reason people are hypersensetive is you have either totally lost the narrative or 1, the outlier is the wrong focus.

iow your point does nothing for your case.

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