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If anyone here belongs to the ACLU could they please ask executive director Anthony D. Romero what a “racial justice reckoning” is?

Andyman 7 Apr 7
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I used to donate time and $$ to the ACLU but they are straying into social rights more than civil liberties. The whole basis of civil liberties is the right of any individual to do with their body, mind, and voice what they want unencumbered. To even attempt from a top down approach to mandate some sort of ancient to modern justice against today's citizens in such a manner as to force them to pay for someone else's crimes is the opposite of justice. It's indiscriminate punishment that lacks reason or mercy. Even during the height of slavery there were non-slave owners who laid down their own life to make another, a stranger free. They are not accounted for and their sacrifice has been ignored to appease a political position.

Very eloquently put!


You've all lost your minds.

How so?

@Andyman When dealing with people who prove that they lack logical reasoning skills it is best to not waste time looking for an intellectual response. Had he wanted to use his brain to reflect upon the idea of a "civil liberties" organization promoting non-libertarian views he would have done so.

No, the modern left is just the equivalent of "Ur dumb" and "Drumpf is dumb" regardless of whether the person is pro-Trump or not. You are "OTHER" to them and everything you say is blasphemy.

@ThomasinaPaine sadly you are correct.

@ThomasinaPaine Welcome back!


My personal interpretation of this, garnered from other things I’ve heard leftists say, is that they intend to destroy predominantly white areas of the country by introducing low income housing and seeding those areas with non white “immigrants”. This is what the left mean by “infrastructure” and this is where they’ll focus those trillions of dollars.

Yes, the effort to rid the burbs and rural areas of single family zoning is a blatant assault on non-urban communities.

The plot quantifies that Democrat cities are weaker than Republican cities. Never let Democrats forget this.

Democrats can't blame anyone but themselves. Democrats have total total control over the cities they drove to failure. Never let them forget that it's Democrat's fault.

Love the Klacic videos.

Democrats will flee their failing cities like refugees and try to carpetbag in rural territory. Never let them forget that the city they're fleeing from was their fault. If they try to tell rurals how to run things, tell them to shove it up their ass.

Personal experience: I have been approached by the ACLU 3 times while walking about New York City. In each case, their opening statement was: "We're the ACLU and we're fighting Trump".

This is what's going on on the street. Don't let the ACLU squirm out of the fact that they have taken a side politically, and that their goal is no longer civil liberties. Do not let them virtue signal about civil liberties.


It means exactly what you think it means. Unless you openly question it, and only then is it you who misunderstood what it meant.

When Coca-Cola tells its employees, "Try to be less white," it means exactly what you think it means, right up until the press questioned them on it, at which point it's been "taken out of context."

I am NOT an identitarian. Meaning, even though I am white and am male, I do not identify as a member of the "white" group or the "male" group, because I think the idea of my "groups" dictating what I'm supposed to believe and do and think is utter balderdash. For better or for worse, I am a demographic of ONE.

But even I see that the mob wants blood. And eventually the people in charge are going to give it to them.

I of course understand the sinister connotations leftists like this Anthony Romero are making but I often arrange my posts as a question to get others to think about it.

I’m an individual too that just happens to be a white male but while I may be an individual that doesn’t change the fact that other non whites have decided to make myself and others like me the scapegoat for all of their personal failures.


Pretty sure it involves being killed in your shop and the shop torched. As long as the people doing it hold the violence to under 3% of daily activities we should be fine with it.

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