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Obiwannosi 7 Apr 9
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Politicians should be forced to farm, because farmers have to wrestle with reality, and politicians need this experience.

What counts is calories/$ and protein/$. Protein calories tend to be 4 times more expensive than fat or carb calories.

In the homeless system, they have poor awareness of calories/$ and protein/$. The food they serve is inefficient. They could serve twice the people for half the cost if they did the math.

Cows are great. Cows turn grass into dairy products. Without cows, the world economy would collapse. There is much land that is not suitable for farming but is suitable for cattle, hence we need cattle to harness this land.

What counts for feedstock is protein. Soy is the king of protein feedstock, and America is the king of soy. This is one of our Trump cards, and we should use it. The chief importer of soy is China.

For carbs, you need sauce, and the expensive part of sauce is the fat. Fat sources in fat calories/$:

Peanut oil 1450
Sunflower oil 1060
Butter 810
Heavy cream 460
Cheddar 280
Pork fat 370
Milk 180

The best option is butter. This is butter's cosmic purpose, to most cheaply harness the fat produced by cows.

The most efficient way to feed people is with:
Chicken and pork for protein, and extract the gravy for the carbs.
Rice, because it's the cheapest carb.
Use butter for carbs, because butter is a cheap source of fat.
Use spices for the sauce, because a little bit of spice goes a long way.

Feedstock is important, and politicians should study it. The fundamentals of an economy are energy, feedstock, minerals, and water.

Bird seed, food, animal feedstock, fertilizer, and biomass: []


Never turn down feedstock. Use the cheese to raise a goat and then eat the goat.


My single parent Mom got blocks of this for our family and probably clogs my arteries to this day. Not sure what it actually is but we called it "Cheese" in our house.

It's a LOT of years later to start putting together just how much she did to keep us going.


I think the US government did this in part to help the dairy industry. The proverbial "two birds with one stone" approach.


so you are longing for gov't provisions? they used to provide a lot of food products - butter, canned goods, powdered mild...

is that what you think gov't ought to do?

iThink Level 8 Apr 9, 2021

That made awesome grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese!


That is not cheese. That is floor sweepings mixed with milk powder and whey. Velveeta was one of them.

The kind that Hunter smokes?


We had that in our house when I was growing up and we were often on welfare, also had to bring a form to school so the teacher could sign for us to get school supplies...that part was always embarrassing as she would make sure the entire class knew I was on welfare. Back to the cheese, I loved it! It was a lot like Velveeta back in those days but in a block. It was tasty and creamy and nothing quite like it today as far as I know. I haven't had processed cheese in a long time. My mother used to put the government cheese in chicken noodle soup, a practice I continue to this day but the cheese it Kraft or Philidelphia cream cheese. Actually the cream cheese is my go to when having chicken noodle soup these days, don't knock it please because it is a small comfort to me at times.

vangr Level 6 Apr 9, 2021

Knock it hell; I'm gonna try it!

@govols I use a teaspoon in a good sized bowl.


So...we never got gov cheese directly, because my mother was denied benefits(1), but we did get it indirectly from the schools that received government subsidies, in that they'd let us have stuff they were going to throw out.

Honestly....I liked gov cheese. I know that probably sounds weird, but I did. It had a texture to it that I have never found in another cheese or cheese product that, every once in a while, I'll find myself missing.

(1) Which is another story entirely.

Store brand substitutes of Kraft deli select is as close as I've found. Not generic"cheese food," but the generic American cheese.


Yeah! Now that you mention it, the Deli Select is pretty close, but not as...melty? Creamy? Not sure what the right word to use here is.


Yes, I think Kraft does something to simulate the texture of cheddar, but the generic ones usually have the less crumbly texture of the pre-cheese-food-prodect traditional American cheese.

Its was a little firmer than processed velveeta but it melted far better than cheddar cheese. Cheddar cheese will melt if you add to a cream or milk roux and cook over low heat. Makes great mac and cheese.


Agreed; Velveeta is way too soft by comparison, but did have the same melting characteristics. (1)

(1) Or at least it use to; I haven't had Velveeta in over 20 years, so I don't know if the product is still the same.


See, I think that's what happened to deli deluxe; they started adding oils and crap to processed cheese until it became cheese product, and when regulations made them admit it was no longer cheese they had forgotten the old 20s-70s recipes.


My mother and sisters were on welfare when I was young, and they got a lot of government cheese. It never looked very good to me.


Do I want to know what that is?

So, back in the 70s and 80s there was a big government effort to subsidize dairy farmers and the result is that folks on welfare got a block of government cheese as part of their periodic food allotment. Folks would make jokes about gov cheese being a sign of poverty, but at least in my experience, the cheese wasn't really that bad.

Let my boy Homie tell it to you (you can stop watching at the Happy Birthday song; it was a quick joke):

@Alysandir ok. Ok. And... Ok. That doesn't sound absolutely insane at all (yes it does).

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