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LINK China's greenhouse gas emissions exceed all developed countries: report

Hey Greta! What about China? Ms Thumberg! Hello??


WorldSigh 8 May 7
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China already has communism; there's no work there for her masters to do.


Miz Stunberg would fade into oblivion if people failed to mention her name for a day or two.


I certainly hope you have the same "strings" criticism with other children.

How do emissions equate to abortion? Perhaps as a method of reducing populations in China?

@WayneHawthorne this isn't about emissions. It is about seeing "strings" on children taking political stances.

@JacksonNought Okay, gotcha. Putting up kids as political props is a bit like hiding behind a glass window hoping nobody will break the valuable glass.

I certainly do!

@WorldSigh I certainly do too!


Jackson, sometimes I forget just how much you despise God.
Go in peace my friend, He still loves you.

@WorldSigh why would I despise something I do not believe in? I don't despise unicorns or leprechauns.

Sometimes I forget just how much you despise gay people.


I know lots of gay and lesbian people. I don’t despise any of them.
Forgive me for thinking that you despise God. Your constant denigration of His people can be a bit misleading... Jesus loves you, JN!

@WorldSigh I can criticize or "despise" the despicable actions taken by god-believers without believing in or despising their believed-in god. And Jesus does not love me, he has no idea who I am, he died thousands of years ago.


I must have missed the “despicable actions taken by god-believers” you were criticizing...
Jesus is alive and well. And, He loves you.

@WorldSigh lol. You're wasting your time.

You’re worth it Jackson.

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