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Weltansicht 7 May 9
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This is BS. Why would the left kill off a base that is, clearly, so willing to blindly follow?

not sure, they gaslight and use plausible deniability subterfuge, or they are going to use it to cast blame on the opposition which has been used in the playbook before hmmmmm


@timon_phocas, @iThink, @jaymaron, @Terence57, @Serg97, @Songsport - In a new study, researchers created a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by SARS-CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins, but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this pseudovirus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls.

So if the gene-based treatments that people are being injected with makes their bodies a factory for S-spike production how much damage will they do to a person's body especially with booster jabs?


dd54 Level 8 May 10, 2021

good question - haven't got a clue. I can only say that I refuse the vaccine. They will have to force it upon me.


Howdy @Weltansicht,

I shall die and it looms closer all the time. I don't think it will be from the COVID vaccine, however.

The very idea that our leaders, however inept they are, would deliberately intend to kill 108 million of their citizens is preposterous on its face. They want to control the wealth of a great nation, not the shattered pieces of a devastated one.

If they are this monstrously evil, however, then I shall go rejoicing that my Lord is taking me home.

preposterous or not, take a read through 'The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War' and not a problem to sacrifice large portions of the civilian population part....



In WW2, a typical battle between Germany and Russia would produce 10 times as many Russian deaths as German deaths, yet this was strategic defeat for Germany. Russia could afford to lose soldiers and Germany couldn't.


Politicians first commandment - Thou shalt never let a crisis go to waste - and its adendum. If there is no crisis then invent one.

I submit that if the Novel virus had come along a few years ago (COVID16 maybe?) we never would have had an "opioid crisis".

iThink Level 8 May 9, 2021

Did you see the news about China discussing weaponizing the coronavirus, years ago? I am not alarmed by it because I am sure the US has done it with other countries as well, despite international treaties on biological warfare.

The opioid crisis is manufactured (lol no pun intended) by the pharma syndicate of course.

@Weltansicht yes I saw that earlier today. China is trying to provoke a response - they think they know that the Biden admin is a sick and weak administration and will do NOTHING when China moves on Taiwan. China is just dipping its toe in the pool right now...they'll take the plunge soon enough - then what. Scary shit man - scareeee shit


China is sloppy and plague prone. When a plague erupts in China, the polite thing to do would be to tell the rest of the world immediately, and give the rest of the world the opportunity to restrict travel, but they don't. Instead China hides the existence of the virus and encourages virus carriers to travel out of China to the rest of the world. The CCP is a bunch of jerks.

China uses the WHO to amplify plagues, not destroy them.

The world should formally charge the CCP with biological warfare. Nations should bombard the international war crimes court in The Hague with charges against China.

China is so plague prone that it's reasonable to level the charge that they are creating the plagues.

@Weltansicht, @iThink @eschatologyguy

We need to form PATO, a Pacific Treaty Organization. An attack on one is an attack on all.

@jaymaron I'm pretty sure we already have a formal alliance agreement with Australia, New Zealand, Japan...and a sketchy alliance with Taiwan

@jaymaron First rule of political leadership - socialist. communist, monarchy, democracy...- never accept responsibility or blame for bad stuff that happens.

@iThink @Weltansicht @eschatologyguy

Seems like this topic warrants expansion. What is the state of the Pacific Alliance?

@jaymaron []

@iThink I think its called ANZUS not sure on all signatories or coverage of who what where, or if Kissinger threw it under the bus when he got the PRC formal recognition....and not sure with regards to status with Korean & DMZ....a formidable mess created for bureaucrats to be run by bureaucrats to be controlled by bureaucrats....just like East Berlin West Berlin East Germany West Germany


I'm not getting the vaccine, but this is some bullshit.


The left has established that it is unrigorous in its conspiracies. Most of their conspiracy theories prove wrong. This has consequences. It means they don't deserve to launch new theories. They're the boy who called wolf. Leftists launch new conspiracies to deflect attention from their past failed conspiracies. Don't let them get away with it. Keep attention focused on their failures.

Given that leftists wantonly launch unrigorous conspiracy theories, Republicans are entitled to retaliate. Putting aside the question of if the above document is true or not, it's fair game now for Republicans to launch an avalanche of conspiracy theories.

It's fair game.

Also, it doesn't matter if the above document is true or not. What matters is that leftists are censoring. Whoever is doing the censoring is the evil one. Shell leftists for censoring.

That reminds me of the accusation that Biden is your president, which I said no he is not. Now when Obama was in office< i could say our president, even though I did not vote for him, he was our president. Then we had 4 years of Trump and the well known leftist mantra about his tenure. Then, with arrogant audacity, to tell me that Biden was my president, NO. The left already broke that ground with Trump, and at least I can say Biden is the president, but the left could never say that about Trump. hook or crook or dead voters and massive fraud, at the moment, Biden is the president, but not mine.


So wait 3 years and take over the world

Do not want the world, not interested!!!
Do not want the "JAB", either!!!!

@Serg97 It was a joke. But I don't want the jab either


A page of type give me nothing but questions!!!!
Provide more facts!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 May 9, 2021

I have been a looking, thoroughly. Somewhat difficult when he's being censored severely. Reminds me of the vote recount and subterfuge, if you won by such a large margin then why are you blocking the results and transparency of the facts?


@Weltansicht I understand, " Facts, what facts"!!!

@Serg97 just the facts or information....should not be this difficult to get a straight truthful answer without gaslighting and delusional subterfuge

@iThink I pre-ordered her book and will provide feedback when I receive it in September. I am by no means surprised at what the CCP/PLA, the NIH/Fauci have done with GOF on sars-cov as they started these experiments before 2015 after the initial sars outbreak im china. Bio-warfare will bring about pestilence that makes the Spanish flu look mild. They should all be tried before an international tribune and executed but we know that's not going to happen.



I’d like to know where this came from and what resources back up what’s being said.

Seems to be which side of the fence you are on or being compelled to believe. A fact chucker source.


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