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It´s been a year and a half from this. It´s so sad all I´ve gotten out from trying to help you is losing the very little money I used to invest in the projects you never helped me with, and getting banned from here; all while half-starving to death. I was reading this and I simply am so right. Yet you still won´t give a shit about you being wrong. You´re still useless. What the fuck is wrong with you people? You don´t deserve what you had, you pedantic brats.

A1fredo 8 May 10
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Being a massive Country we have to work at the State level to exhaust every rational potential to attempt to address the many issues we are facing today prior to starting a civil war. Jumping into a bloody civil war puts our Nation at risk from external predators as well. If all possible resolutions fail a civil conflict may well ensue. Weighing the options with patience does not indicate cowardice.

dd54 Level 8 May 11, 2021

Im not here to doubt your word. So far, it looks loke it to me. But you know me and I know you. Iys obviously not you personally Im talking about. To be honest, I would suggest you move. There is no hope in the US. You cannot fight the media, and the government. You have no power whatsoever. Thats it. You lost. You should move out. And I hate Mexico, but it's not been affected by any of this to be honest. Perhaps it could be a good placr to move. Especially if you can do uour finances through crypto. I am willing to help anybody interested in makinh that happen.

@A1fredo I'm considering my options. Thanks for the support.

@dd54 Yeah, you got it, bro. Im happy to help


Get over yourself Alfredo...

Did you see how I described myself? I have no ego, hell, don't have dignity either. This isnt about me. But got to admit, don't I dederve any credit for it? Dont I deserve at least the respect from you to recgnize Ive been trying all this time, although fruitless? Isnt that not worth you quit being an asshole to me?

@A1fredo Get over yourself Alfredo... your post was all about you it was a poor poor pitiful me rant.

@Lightman Fine. Hate me then. Im perfectly fine with that. Haters make me cool anyway.

@A1fredo No hate involved... get over yourself

@Lightman Dude, I mean, have you looked at me? You can't expect me to get over myself... Nevermind, you wouldn't understand.


I started out with nothing and I still have most of it.

Deserve has nothing to do with it.

I've worked for everything, even punishment. Paying taxes to support narcissistic psychopaths that govern from a thousand miles away and tell me how I am to live my life by their alleged morality is just plain evil. I feel your pain.

I take exception when I have to deal with trolls, I still try to educate them in the error of their ways of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance.

If that is true, theb Im glad for you. Obviously, I can't generalize and I mean most, not all. So dobt think In trying to hurt you. I just wish people could become self awarenin order for them to be enabled to act.

@A1fredo Yes I wish that too. All people need to evolve, rise up above the entire doldrums that has been dictated or inculcated to everyone, especially the concept its no use fighting city hall.

When I say evolve, I really mean grow up, mentally expand consciousness, without it, we are all doomed to be stuck in the cycle or unable to break out of the cosmic egg that contains humanity.

Its verdad del mundo. The pendejos are your mockers and the puto mantequilla are your 'pedantic brats'. I hope I remembered my Spanish correctly, and I wish you the best my friend in your search for answers.

@Weltansicht hahahaha The mantequila is a South Park thing, right? xD

@A1fredo hahhaaha NO, I actually got that from my good friend from El Salvador. He called them the puto butter and their big ears were hand grabbing devices hahahhahahahahaaaa

@Weltansicht ?? Oh. I think it comer from South Park, that one episode where butters go to Mexico and they call him Mantequilla (Spanish for butter.) It doesn´t make sense in any other context hehe Nobody uses "butter" as a slang for "white" or "American." But I get it xD

@A1fredo it might be, I just remember my amigo Alejandro would call people that pissed him off (contractors normally at projects we worked on, we were landscaping associates basically) he called them puto mantequillas because they were good for nothing than being the axle grease for the puto lol he also said 'bujo' alot lol his background was contra from their civil war....

@Weltansicht May be a regionalism, sure. There´s lots of different idioms in many regions that I wouldn´t knwo about. Might be.

@A1fredo I think you are right, regional dialects and stuff. I can't understand Cubans, too rapidmente. Maybe 1 word out of 10 if I am lucky. 😟

@Weltansicht Even I can´t understand South Americans either


Man, the easiest way to be disappointed is to have expectations of people who owe you nothing. The fact that it might be in their own best interests to do as you suggest makes no difference to that fact.

You sound so smart. However, am I reallu the one benefiting from you acting? If you take a look, Mexico has actually remained the same, it has not been affected by your Culture Wars. Check out my Patreon, Im getting a little support now. We've talked before, I respect your intelect, but youre blinded like most smart people, to diffrrent personalities hence different hierarchies of values than your own. Realize I don't have a stake in this game anymore.

Now. Will you open your mind to the possibility that I merely care about you guys? It hurts me the injustice of it all. I am passionately motivated to help. Personal interests are not the only fuel to human actions. You should try it. It feels much better to be this way. And Id love to welcome you here.


Hey Alfredo! Good to see you are still around. The problem with democracies is that force is abandoned by the people, especially force for change. That leaves them with evolution and reason. It is not until the people realize that the government they trust cannot be trusted that they will consider the use of force but not until reason and logic has been exhausted. We are almost there. People are realizing that the blindfold of justice has been ripped off and due process will not be served. Crimes that promote the government agenda are ignored and all manner of injustice delivered to opposition.
Like all geniuses you are just way ahead of your time.

PS. You have to be forgiving of the little people in their ignorance and those that are becoming aware and can do something are reaching the end of their appeals to reason and logic and the law.

Well said and true. Thank you

Wow, I aggree. This is an awesome response. Very wise. How do you deal with that tho? Well, I do realize it is my fauly to bet on the losing team when I should know better, but I refuse to give into the mundane mentality. Sigh... Your reply was very sobering, thank you for that. Much respect.


The resolution will come when a decisive number of Americans conclude that we can't continue to live together in the country as it's constituted. A splitting of the country is likely.

sqeptiq Level 8 May 10, 2021

You are most likely right in the fact that a decisive number of Americans will bring a resolution. Optimistically though, I don't think the country will split. The haters of America, the progressive/socialist/communists will be awakened once enough force is applied against some of the big players and they are thrown in jail. Things will then calm down as western democraciesclean the communist socialists out. China is a concern to all. Russia should be concerned about China and I think they will be as well. If China cannot form any alliances it will not be able to forward its plan of world domination. Educators need to be disabused of their ideas of socialism. It is a destructive political ideology.

@FrankZeleniuk Dont you think you are being a bit too optimistic here? I can't see this happening. People act only when its too late if ever. I mean, hopefully, but... I just can't see it.

@A1fredo It will take only a little properly applied force to neutralize the socialists. Just a few top drivers of those demanding "fundamental transformation" and they will all turn into bunny rabbits.
Then some fundamental principles need to be restored along with justice. Then indoctrination and behavior modification taken out of education with university especially where fear of offending is replaced on campuses.
I think Americans are seeing quite well what the Dems are doing to America, allowing Marxist groups, like BLM and Antifa to flourish and wreak havoc in its cities, taking over the courts so they won't be persecuted and political opposition pilloried. China is behind a lot of the social unrest and Biden seems welcoming of any social unrest he can create. Hopefully, America will not be weakened too much before China makes a move.

@FrankZeleniuk I just disagree. Youre underestimating peoples ability to either not give a fuck, or to neglect/procrastinate/play dumb.

@A1fredo Yes. I am the eternal optimist with faith in my fellow man. Such a sad life, filled with disappointment but.....

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