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This makes me sad, because its true.

RaithRoguestar 7 May 10
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I got out of "COP" work over 20 years ago!!! Part of the reason was the LIBs were taking over the command staff levels of the department!!!
The more control the the LIBs got of the upper levels of command, the more control THEY had on who got hired!!!!
Guess who THEY wanted hired???? Libs have proven that their will go along to get along!!!
So, why are YOU surprised at what is happening these days??????

Serg97 Level 8 May 11, 2021

The corporate government exists because conservatives have been sitting on their couches. All fingers should be pointing back at ourselves for our own apathy. Why blame cops when we can't even stop using facebook and twitter (etc...)?

Yeah I feel very stupid. For a long time I was a corporate supporter but eventually as I saw more things happening with these corporations and our politicians, and as I got new information I changed my mind. Thats what any American should do regardless of political belief, always be receptive to and examine new information and be willing to change your position if it doesn't line up with the facts.

@RaithRoguestar and more importantly, get involved. Leaving our police, military, teachers, etc... in the hands of these agenda driven Utopians is how we got here. I remember one of our school board members asking for us, the public, to come to a meeting and show support. She explained that the teacher's union was well organized and would typically show up at the board meetings. Their voices were heard while the silent conservatives stayed home.

Don't forget Citizens United.


The problem is, in the real word cops have other concerns such as mortgages and families and health insurance an retirement plans...
Many cops go into the field wanting to help, to protect and serve and help the helpless... and then just wind up trying to survive. That is if they don't, sadly, eat their guns.
People should cut them some slack.

ktpinto Level 7 May 10, 2021

True. Maybe if there was some way we could provide some sort of protection to police officers and their families and allow them to make decisions to not enforce unconstitutional laws or orders without being fired or penalized in some way.

@RaithRoguestar sounds like unionization and socialism!


Dude, I think the police deserve some time off from copping the boot don't you think? I am so glad I never joined the police force! Could you imagine standing there being screamed at in the face by a rabid feminist and just having to stand there and cop it?

Hamulus Level 7 May 10, 2021

I'm not trying to bash the police. I wouldnt last a week trying to do their job. But in some areas there is nobody doing their job especially them. I think there's plenty of blame to go around, City Hall, Unions, whatever but the fact is there is one group of people who are getting fucked over more than anybody else in this country, the average American just trying to play by the rules and go about their lives! These people get harassed by ANTIFA cucks then get arrested by the police for resisting the people actually breaking the law. This is BULLSHIT.

@RaithRoguestar What can they do dude? Acting against an Antifa mamber is a hate crime isn't it? They can lose their jobs just for saying the wrong thing, and we expect them to go out there and what? Every move they make and every word they say is like walking some impossible tightrope. They likely get more actual policing done when they are off duty. Less risky.



Police have no legal duty to respond and prevent crime or protect the victim. There have BEEN OVER 10 various supreme and state court cases the individual has never won. Notably, the Supreme Court STATED about the responsibility of police for the security of your family and loved ones is "You, and only you, are responsible for your security and the security of your family and loved ones. That was the essence of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the early 1980's when they ruled that the police do not have a duty to protect you as an individual, but to protect society as a whole."

"It is well-settled fact of American law that the police have no legal duty to protect any individual citizen from crime, even if the citizen has received death threats and the police have negligently failed to provide protection."

And if I marry someone, I have no legal requirement to love that person. What's your point?

@Hamulus I don't know about his point but my takeaway is that everybody should therefore have the right to own firearms for self protection. I wonder what the SCOTUS' stance is on the right to self defense.

@Geofrank Dude, don't you think every takeaway is that people should arm themselves? lol You know what that would lead to right?

Headline: Everyone arming themselves. Women most affected.
Also, I'd like to ask what are your gun's pronouns?

You got that one right!!! That is ONE of the reasons OUR FOREFATHERS gave us the Second Amendment!!!!

@Hamulus clearly it is a complement to the original post, where it insinuates cops will not stand up and protect citizens. Because they aren't legally obligated to. Which is a problem we have been talking about for a while.

@JacksonNought I'm not sure if we'd want that. If you make the law you invite legal actions. Why would anyone want to be an orificer then? I mean a cuntstable. It's hard enough now getting decent recruits.

@Hamulus I didn't say everyone should arm themselves. I said they should have the right to. Read the words carefully. There are those who do not believe that you have that right and some of them have established that the police do not have the duty to defend you. if you haven't the right to defend yourself who will?

@Geofrank I know dude sorry. I see a button I press on it. I'm a compulsive shit-stirrer. Tag, you're it.

@Hamulus OK. That's cool. There's a place in the world for a shit stirrer 'cause sometimes if you don't stir it it will fester up bad and blow out and a shit blowout ain't no fun.

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