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In peacetime, there are many factions.

When war breaks out, the factions sort out into 2 sides. It's like the quantum mechanical collapse of a wavefunction. In war, there can be only 2.

When World War III breaks out, what will be the two sides? Which factions will be on which side?

WW3 is inevitable.

Apocalypse Now.

The Democratic party is not unified. The only thing holding it together is hatred of Trump. Now that we are a 1-party state, the Democratic party will fission into factions. It's a powderkeg. Light the fuse.

In most European wars, there were two factions. England joined the weaker faction and kicked the stronger faction's ass. Most European wars have the world "coalition" or "entente" or "alliance" in the title. Whenever a European power got too mighty, the rest of the Europeans ganged up to smash it down.

James Bond: The CIA really carved up this country, didn't it?
Felix Leiter: Coming from a Brit, I take that as a compliment.

jaymaron 7 May 12
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Same idea from a different direction, I've been looking at news. Media will state something obviously false with even the slightest fact checking. One side believes and the other argues it's false.

I keep coming back to this poorly restated quote:
"The more ridiculous a claim, the more useful it is to control the population. It defines the level of obedience by a population."


@eschatologyguy @HistoryCorner @adriaan23 @Mechanic

Andrew Yang took a stand on Twitter in support of Israel and then was attacked by Democrats. Yang was accused of being a white supremacist. Yang backed down.

Democrats hate everyone. Whites, Asians, Jews, Christians, rurals, blue collar workers, and men. I see a grand alliance forming against Democrats, because Democrats are jerks.

Democrats are imperialistic. They try to conquer anything they can. They won't leave anyone be. They're even trying to bully states like South Dakota with their transgender bull. They want to flood Montana with illegal immigrants. They bully Wyoming with bullschist water laws. Democrats are installing sleeper agents in rural territory in the form of pro-crime DAs and sheriffs. Jerks.

Democrats are like Spanish conquistadors. When they conquer, they insist that the vanquished have to convert to the Democrat way. There is no flexibility in the Democrat way. It's as rigid as the Spanish Inquisition. They're like the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. And the Democrat way is dumb. Republicans will never want to live this way. The territory that Democrats conquered is seething with rage.

When empires like this emerge, people tend to form a coalition to oppose the empire, like what happened in WW2.

Excommunication is a powerful weapon, up until the point where the excommunicated form their own protestant church, and then it's game over. Excommunication only works if used sparingly. Democrats are trigger-happy with excommunication and they way overdid it. They excommunicated most of the world.


Just as there were allies and there was an Axis in WW2, I believe it will be the same for WW3: 7 revived Empires which are now all under Islamic rule, vs. (the remnants?) of the 7 (Micah 5:5, ref Ezek 28:7) "terrible of the nations" (global non-islamic military mights), as prophesied. And what of the Woke? They'll likely be swallowed up by the new Axis, be made to recite the shahada. They're not totally incompatible, save the LGBT crowd. But the kicker is, when the Axis is defeated (and they will be), the "second (red) horseman" saunters in "to take peace from the earth, that they should kill one another". The new "allies" end up at each other's throats. This, after the "second horseman":

Isaiah 25:5
"Thou shalt bring down the noise of strangers, as the heat in a dry place; even the heat with the shadow of a cloud: the branch of the terrible ones shall be brought low." (note: "brought low", not utterly destroyed)

Isaiah 29:5
"Moreover the multitude of thy strangers shall be like small dust, and the multitude of the terrible ones shall be as chaff that passeth away: yea, it shall be at an instant suddenly."

Almost half the earth - the "meek" among the nations - survive. That's my best guess. First a third are cut off, then a fourth of that are cut off. With Israel, 2/3 perish.

Adendum: before this great war happens, there will be 42 months (3.5 years) of relative global peace. If you're still around at that time, know that the peace is temporary.

@eschatologyguy @HistoryCorner @adriaan23 @Mechanic

Gingrich wrote a set of fiction novels about the contemporary spy world. They have the flavor of Tom Clancy and "24". In the novels, Israel and Saudi Arabia team up against Iran.

Democrats turned America into an apartheid state, with whites and Asians at the bottom of the totem pole. Whites and Asians will ally against identity gangs.

At Berkeley, a gang of black students blocked the front gate and forbade whites and Asians from passing.

Antifa is a hot potato. Put Democrats to the question: Are you pro-Antifa or anti-Antifa?
Make Antifa the axis of the war. You are either for or against.

Put moderate Democrats to the question: What is worse? Christian evangelicals, or Antifa? Chose your side.

Choose the most heinous factions in the Democrat party and challenge Democrats to renounce them. If they don't, tell them that silence is endorsement. Shame them for their endorsement of Antifa.

Democrats and Oligarchs are trying to start a war where the axes are bull. Democrats are trying to trick good people into fighting each other. Don't let them do it. Republicans need to take control over the axis. Identify the evil and bite into it like a pit bull and don't let go.

A standard Democrat talking point is: Trump is bad, and you voted for Trump, therefore you are bad.

Hold up the hypocrisy mirror.

Antifa is bad, and Democrats endorse Antifa, therefore Democrats are bad.

The ultimate axis is the CCP. You are either pro-CCP or anti-CCP. Republicans can virtue signal that they are anti-CCP, and they can shame Democrats for being pro-CCP.

Hopefully the CCP axis will inspire the creation of PATO, a Pacific Treaty Organization. An attack on one is an attack on all.

The Mayor of Portland previously endorsed Antifa and now he declared war on Antifa.

@jaymaron Republicans first need the intestinal fortitude to be Republicans. If that were the case the situation might turn out better than now. Because if the left is successful the USA will no longer be.
Pit Bull would be the right way to see it, but will they?


Is that a picture of Sutr?


Can you brief us on the mythology of Sutr?

The Dungeons & Dragons book "Deities and Demigods" is great.

@jaymaron first; Im sorry, I spelled it wrong. It's supposed to be Surtr not sutr. Surtr (the black one) is the guardian of Muspelheim, the hottest of the 9 realms in Norse Mythology. He is foretold to light the earth (Midgard) on fire with his fire sword during Ragnarok.


Mystics : The Eagle and the Bear will fight the Dragon.
As for the left in America. It will form a totalitarian state and then eat its own or fail and splinter.
Antifa and BLM are both a big plus for the left initially but an impediment to any government. So in the end they will go.


That’s the million dollar question, or with inflation perhaps the trillion dollar question.


Dr. Evil: One billion dollars!


Dr. Evil: One trillion dollars!

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