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It is a generally accepted fact that America is hyper-polarised. I wonder, though, how many people in America feel this way... (I spotted this meme shared on FB.)

Naomi 8 May 15
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Where I am the Democrats generally disgust me. The republicans disgust me often enough to leave many voting slots blank.

Probably time to start writing in: None Acceptable.

Hello there. Interesting that you mention "none acceptable". In the UK, you are allowed to "spoil you ballot"; you do this if you don't agree with any political party, and your blank or spoiled ballot is still counted in.

@Naomi I like that. I think it's important for the scumba... politicians know just how many constituents they lose. Our system lacks that.


I have had many friends in both parties and have had respect for their views even when I haven’t agreed fully with their perspective, but now I would have to say I’m neither democrat nor republican; I’m a conservative that can no longer trust politicians on either side. The only exception is that I now understand that if it is something the democrats are for, it is likely wrong, harmful and even evil. A neighbor that was until recently my closest friend is a democrat. I would still do nearly anything for him, but I no longer trust him. I’m concerned that he would turn me in to the tyrants as an anti-Vaxer and anti-masker if he were asked to do so. So I guess the DemonBrat party has succeeded, to that extent, in dividing the people and increasing their power.

Hello there. Thanks for your input. I can mingle with all sorts of people despite different political views. There is much more to life than politics - that's all I have to say about that.


That's why I fly the red flag.


You can have views across both right and left. For example: support legalized drugs, open international borders, no taxes globally, abortion allowed, but female must abort if man doesn't want the baby, no welfare programs, everyone works/contributes to society, eliminate all laws that initiate violence, etc. These go across both left and right views.


If you gauge the polarization of America on social media, you'd likely think we're mere minutes away from all-out civil war. But in practice, it is not a mischaracterization to say the vast majority are blissfully ignorant to the sheer levels of partisanship going on.

Why? Well, for starters, there really is no such thing as a "red state" or a "blue state;" if you break down voting tendencies by county, the high population urban centers are left-leaning and pretty much everything else is right-leaning. This means that if you're in the city, you probably live and work in the city and hang out with other people who live and work in the city. And if you're not in the city, well, you MIGHT commute to work in the city, but you don't live or play there; you go in, do your job, and then go home.

This means that the vast majority of people are spending their off hours in communities that largely think exactly the same way they do. If you're urban, you hang out with other urban people, and you all probably think conservatives are the problem. If you're suburban or rural, you hang out with other suburban/rural people and you think progressives are the problem.

Then on top of that, our media is tailor-made to cater to one bias or another. So if you're the urban person, you're probably watching CNN and reading the NY Times and think FOX News & OANN are a bunch of racist liars. Conversely, if you're not urban, you're watching FOX and reading the Daily Wire and you think the progressive mainstream media is utterly insane.

So I think it's fair to say that most people don't immediately feel that the country is polarized; they think that most of the country agrees with them and that there are simply some loud, dishonest malcontents making trouble for everyone.

@Naomi @Alysandir @Bendingo @sqeptiq @Rick-A

The data well supports Alysandir's characterization of cities and leftism. In the left hand plot, text size scales with city size. The X axis corresponds to state vote and the Y axis corresponds to city vote.

Most red states have a big blue city. The only states that don't are Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. These will form the core of secession. Rural counties from neighboring blue states will secede from their states and join the red states.

Sections of cities will secede from the city and form a new independent city.

The largest red city is Oklahoma City, but the downtown section is blue, and the region around U. Oklahoma is blu. The right hand plot is an election map of Oklahoma City, and the blue patch near the bottom is U. Oklahoma.

All states have a flagship university that is leftist, and it sucks up the resources of the state. Defund the flagship universities. Destroy them and start over. They're too deeply infested with leftists to be saved. Establish Institutes of Technology in rural areas and ditch the deadweight humanities departments.

The rural sections of America and Canada will secede, and they will merge to form Camerica.

A good analysis there about political leanings.
Apparently, 71 million voted for Trump. 79 million for Biden? So, the total is only 150 million. The population of the US is 332 million? Surely, there are many people who hold independent views.

"There are simply some loud, dishonest malcontents making trouble for everyone." I think so, too. Left or right, these people are trouble-makers. They have devious motives.

@Naomi The non-voters are much like the rest of the electorate, but contain significant portions of the young, diverse working-class, and leftist. []

Among voters, the petit bourgeoisie are overrepresented.

Hello WilyRickWiles, The same in the UK; according to the Office for National Statistics, the largest increases in the number of electoral registrations are often found in areas with large student populations. I think it is important that young people vote; it's important that they think about their future seriously.

Incidentally, in the UK, you are allowed to "spoil you ballot"; you do this if you don't agree with any political party, and your blank or spoiled ballot is still counted in.


I don't have a political party. I'm an American Patriot first and foremost. I don't vote in pay lines. But yes I'm reasonable and use thought not blind obedience to political labels. Anything or anyone who exposes the right values I can support. Trump is my president. Lying cheating bastards are most politicians. Saying whatever to get elected. F'em


Americans are not alone in celebrating diversity: Israel's Jews and Arabs, and India's Hindus and Moslems do it, too.

sqeptiq Level 8 May 15, 2021

Yuh but?

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